About us

Big Daddy’s Creations is a 2-people team of creative individuals – Marek Pańczyk and Łukasz Łazarecki. Our main goal is to create high quality iPhone and iPad apps. Spend a while and find out more about who we are and whom we worked with.

Marek Pańczyk
Former editor-in-chief of the Świat Gier Planszowych, a Polish paper magazine about board games. Founder of GamesFanatic.pl – the oldest Polish board games blog and Planszostacja – first Polish podcast about board games. Experienced in C++,C#, Java and Objective-C languages. Games, desktop applications and software for embedded devices developer.

Łukasz Łazarecki
Experienced in Java, C++, C# and Objective-C programmer. Object Oriented Programming is the only way of thinking he knows and he feels good about it. Creator of software for almost all possible devices – mobile phones, specialized embedded devices, STBs, PCs. Now he wants to add the iPhone & iPad to this list.

People who helped us with some of our games:

Magdalena Gieniusz
Has a wealth of experience developing web applications and possess skills in mobile applications development. She has excellent command of Objective C and Xcode, strong background in working with Cocoa Touch and deep knowledge of the Apple platform. She cares deeply about optimal solutions, quality results and thrilled users.

Marek Rutkowski
Graduated in physics but decided to become a graphic designer and an illustrator. At the beginning of 2010 he started his daily routine of uploading pictures to his blog and his life accelerated. Now he sells his works online, designs graphics for mobile devices, draws comics for a Polish board games magazine and this is just the beginning. He is inspired by comics, movies, games and general pop-culture.

Michał J. Zieliński
A versatile creator; illustrator, printmaker, architect and an amateur bookbinder. You can see more works at www.verdinegro.com. In the depth of his soul – a post-impressionist. He admires boardgames especially for their social aspect. He doesn’t remember his own cell-phone brand and writes down other peoples’ numbers on a piece of paper.

Bartosz Ciechanowski
Creator of Portaball – unique, portals based, iPhone puzzle game. Despite not having any formal education in CS, he enjoys coding and learns programming on his own, getting better every single day. Loves good graphic design even if he rarely crafts one himself. Apple and Helvetica fanboy.

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