Eclipse v1.1 released

Update:Version 1.11 is now available for download. All bankruptcy bugs have been fixed, so please update.

I’m not going to make it any longer than necessary. Eclipse v1.1 with all the fixes from this list (the crossed out ones) is now available for download. It’s also on sale, so if you haven’t got it yet, you can now do it cheaper. Enjoy!

PS. Please update if you want to play online. This version is not fully compatible with the 1.0 version, but (due to my oversight) our servers will allow v1.0 and v1.1 to log in. Sorry for that!.

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  1. Thank you so much for this update, I can’t wait to get back home I get playing this great game again.

  2. Yay! Brilliant news.

    What does this mean for games that are part way through now! Do we patch or not?


    • Oh wait, just seen the tweet. Still not sure what to expect, mind!

      • Łukasz Łazarecki says:

        Games started using the previous version will probably appear as broken and need to be cancelled :/

        • Ok thanks for the clarification.

          The Planta had gone bio/hazard in my current game so I’m not disappointed if it breaks :-)

        • AHHHH.


          Come on, man, I mean, I’m glad we got an update and everything, but you really need to warn people about this sort of thing. My friends and I were on TURN NINE, and now the month (or more) long game that we’ve been playing is crap. Is there absolutely no way to upgrade existing games? In my company, when we make an update like this we are also required to provide a data script that will update all existing data to be compatible with the new software – can’t you do something like that?

          VERY frustrated right now…

          • I updated but my wife did not. We are finishing our game on her iPad (I created a login on it) to finish our game then she will update.

          • I couldn’t agree more… How can you not tell people about that issue.
            Now all my ongoing games are gone, if I just knew I would have waited with the update.

  3. i luv u

  4. Please implement a game timer! Or else async multiplayer just doesn’t work! Thanks for a otherwise great game!

    • +1.

      Played for several times – it was a headache to resolve 2-3 mobes of a 4 player game – every player though for 2-5 minutes ocasionally disconnecting =( Some kind of a turn timer (may be that can be switched to 30 sec [blitz variant], 1 min, 2 mins or unlimited)

  5. Thanks for the update.

    I noticed that if you bankrupt yourself and cannot pay by removing influence, there’s no option to resign and there’s no way o advance the game. I imagine this will halt a multiplayer game.

    • Łukasz Łazarecki says:

      Are you sure about that? It asks you to remove more than you can?

      • The situation I was in is that it was impossible to cover my expenses by using my money storage, trading and removing all of my influence from the board (I went overboard on actions). The game was “stuck” because I could not pay and there is no way to resign (see page 24 of English rulebook).

        In the unlikely event that you do not have enough Influence
        Discs to remove, your civilization has collapsed and your
        game ends here. Count your score and return all your game
        components to the game box.

        Send me an email if you need more info.

      • So in this case I had 7 sectors (all with money colonies) and had overspent by two influence. As I removed influence from my sectors the game continued to say I needed to remove 2 (which is expected). Once I only had one sector left, the message switched to “You’ve uninfluenced 6 sectors and are now able to pay for the rest” with the check mark button disabled. Uninfluening the 7th sector changed the message to 7 but still no check mark or place to go.

      • Thou can easily reproduce this by spending up to -30 on turn one in a 2P Local Game…

  6. I tried a 6 player game single player after downloading the update. When the planta player went bankrupt and tried to remove influence the game crashed. Any attempt to resume the game crashes the program immediately. If there’s a way to send in the game log, let me know and I’ll be happy to do so.

  7. Strange situation. 2-player game of teran (me) vs teran (peacefulAI). The AI lost in the fourth round because it bankrupted itself.

  8. Love the upgrade from what I’ve been able to play so far, but I haven’t been able to play through an entire game versus the CPU because it crashes when the CPU needs to remove influence due to bankruptcy. Not 100% of the time, but when it occurs, I cannot resume my game without an immediate crash again.

  9. Addicted to Eclipse says:

    I have lost 2 multiplayer games created after the update, something never happened before.

  10. Addicted to Eclipse says:

    I mean i had 2 game, started after the update, ended with a “game error”

  11. When if at all is the android version going to be release because i’m itching to play it on my android tablet.

  12. I have a notification stuck on the app icon. I’ve entered and exited he game multiple times, I don’t have any turns pending, etc, yet the notification icon remains on the app icon. An ideas?

    • You can clear this using iOS rather than Eclipse. Pull down the notifications from the top of your screen (swipe down from the top edge); find Eclipse in the list, tap the X, it turns into a “Clear” button; tap that and it should be gone. hth

      I think it’s probably something that Eclipse should clear itself when you’ve taken your turn so its probably still a bug.

  13. In the middle of the game, during a ship combat, the combat screen crashes in some point when the enemy fires then appers the window points and I lose the battle and all my ships. i tried to reinstall, but stil happens, I am playing solo 4 players, me as Hydran and the others AI humans. I will try other numbers of players and differents races to see if happens again.

  14. Game has started to crash much more frequently since the patch. Have just had my second 5 AI game reach a permanent crash state during the end of turn phase. Not sure how to reproduce but game is becoming unplayable.

  15. Eagerly hoping you will do a kindle fire release.

    • Łukasz Łazarecki says:

      It probably won’t. Amazon Store is terrible in term of exposure, promotion and sales. We’re not making any money there and will probably withdraw Neuroshima Hex. But we’d like to port Eclipse to Android and probably will at some point, but we will distribute it via Google Play.

  16. In all three of my last 2 player games vs the A.I., the A.I. has gone bankrupt and defeated itself, even on ‘hardcore’ …

  17. Łukasz Łazarecki says:

    Version 1.11 is available. Please update. All bugs have been fixed, current online games should work without any problems.

    • Is the 1.11 patch available in the US store? My Eclipse claims it’s up to date and the credits show v1.1. If I try to start an online game I get “Server error: Could not connect. more recent version of application is available. Please update and try again.” and then a Dismiss or an Update button. Clicking the Update button just takes me to the apps page where I have the option to Open but not Update the app. Thanks for any help.

  18. The update had been working fine, but now I get a server error, it says I need to update(is there a second update?) but the App Store shows no update. What do I do?

  19. Łukasz Łazarecki says:

    App Store takes longer than usual today to refresh. Please be patient and hopefully new version will show up in few moments.

  20. Thanks for the fast fix!

    “There’s no such thing as a free lunch” :)

  21. Connecting to server ……………

    This is rare to see such dedication and implementation quality.
    Please go for the 4 in app now
    - first make some easy buck with the extra hex – the pulsar and the supernova, I would happily pay between 0,99 to 1,99 for each, an I guess the AI should be able to manage;
    - then add the elders of the solstice, 1,99? Again the AI can manage 6 races, so one extra ?
    - and then spoil us with the Rise of the Ancients 4,99 ? But I realise it wont be easy to code AI wise.
    - and the future looks brigth with the upcoming Ship Pack One

    Thanks again

  23. Just finished a game vs AI. One of the best games I’ve played! The 1.1 fixes make this game awesome…

    Minor bug, looks like discovery VPs aren’t being included in the totals in game, but they were in the final results screens. I’m not 100% sure it’s the discovery VPs (no tally in game) but it seemed that way because the difference between the in game screen and the results was divisible by 2 in each case and I’m sure I had one discovery 2VP.

    Let me know if you want screenshots…

  24. Next annoying crash bug is when loading the game. Usually I try to load the game, it crashes right away. I try again and it works fine. I can send crash logs if it would help.

  25. Addicted to Eclipse says:

    If you choose the 2 Vp bonus instead of a discovery, the game don’t correctly add that value to your vp total, happened to me twice during 2 different Mp games. I don’t know if the final score will be correct, but the partial score ( the score you see during the game turn) atm don’t work. I can send you a screenshot and give you all the necessary information.

  26. Please make Eclipse for the iPhone. I can understand the need for using the iPad’s screen size to make the game viable, but I think using zoom in/out can make it work for the iPhone as well, and I don’t want to buy an iPad for this.

    Big fan of eclipse, play on Vassal pretty frequently. Would like a proper iPhone or PC version.

    • I second this. I would happily pay upwards of $20-30 for a universal app to be able to play this perfectly suited asynchronous multiplayer game on my iPhone (as would my whole gaming group), but there’s no way any of us is going to shell out for an iPad just to play the game. The potential audience for the phone is way larger! And since it is turn based, navigating through menus on a small screen isn’t much of a deterrent.

  27. Addicted to Eclipse says:

    Sorry the game is already over, if it will happen again i will send you a screenshot.

  28. Addicted to Eclipse says:

    Happened just now, was a sector with coformal drive.

  29. hi! any chance to make an iphone’s version? i dont have an iPad and my friends don’t want to play the board game…..
    ps: news about neuroshima’s army pack?

  30. Heya, slightly off topic here but I’d like to say thanks for making such a good implementation of the board game. I saw a review of your game at dome.fi and they really liked it. I’d also like to show my support for the possible Android version. Playing this on one of those android tv-sticks and getting practice for the next board game session would be fun.

  31. Hello,

    I love many things about your Eclipse implementation, but really find anything but single-player painful to play because of the absence of a game log. Something along the lines of the polished Agricola and Lords of Waterdeep implementations would be great, but even just a text log would be a vast improvement over the current state of affairs.

  32. Playing a game against 5 AIs. Planta took the Terran Conglomerate’s last sector during combat, and now it is supposed to be the Terran Conglomerate’s turn during post-round cleanup. Except it just hangs. TC’s influence bar is empty, and there’s no “TC is thinking…” Note or anything. Help!

  33. I proposed diplomatic relation with white which i used to fight against and game crashed in round 7. Can you help me?

  34. As soon as this is on Android, I will buy it!
    ITS AWESOME! I dont have Ipad or Iphone tho…

  35. Start porting this thing to Android or die fire!

  36. Been playing a lot online. Got to say it’s good, but some functionality really hampers gameplay and the experience when folks are not playing live.

    PLEASE – make a way for folks to queue up their moves if they want to, or at least to “end turn” for the round, so others are not waiting for you to pass while they still have moves to make. This last one would be good even for the local version.

    PLEASE – allow folks to autobattle for the same reason. Watching an online game get stuck for 2 days because someone is not around to shoot and assign really drags things out.

    Allow game setup to include a timer on moves. For example, if you don’t move every X hours you automatically pass your turn.

    Make it easier to friend people from within the game.

    Show location (e.g. timezone?) to make it easier to know who is on the same clock as you?

    Save chats – when you logout you lose it so when playing asynchronously you can’t have a conversation with the other players.

    • There are iPad games where the “pure” asynchronous model works, Eclipse is not one of them. Too many players, too many decisions, too much waiting. The default should be a live option where players must stick around for the entirety of the game (allowing a little bit of disconnected time for internet connections). Many multiplayer issues will go away once this is added.

  37. Just to chime in with the Android port crowd, have you guys looked into using any of the cross-compiling SDKs available now to convert native Objective-C iOS apps into Dalvik Android apps, like Apportable? There’s a pretty growing group of Android users that are chomping at the bit to get this game.

    • Oh, I guess Apportable actually runs the Objective-C code directly on Android. I guess it just re-compiles the app with -DANDROID, and probably adds some appropriate hooks, and then wraps it in an .apk that includes their Objective-C layer. Pretty cool.

  38. Any chance of improving the multiplayer in the future? AI taking over players who quit, stats, turn time limits, etc? I noticed the lobby is effectively dead most of the time so clearly multiplayer for eclipse didn’t really land.

  39. Hello, was wondering if they are any news on the development of the “rise of the ancient” extention. This game is too good to be true.
    Keep on the good work
    (btw you should aim to adapt Twilight Imperium Third Edition while you are at it…)

  40. I was wondering when there will be a Windows Phone 8 or Windows 8 release of Eclipse? I’m a buyer and I’m sure lots of people will want to buy this game on WP8 and W8.

  41. When short on money due to over-influencing myself, I am giving a choice to trade resources to make up the missing money. If I decline and say I want to remove influence instead is it then still possible to get back to trading resources instead? I cannot figure out how to do so. It’d be nice to be able to consider both options fully before committing to one or the other.