Eclipse bugfixes and enhancements

Many of you reported bugs and requested new features to be added to Eclipse. We’re thankful for the great support you gave us and just to make things clear we’re posting a list of bugs and features we’re working on. If you see a bug or feature on this list(s) you want to be fixed/added, no need to send us an email, tweet or write in the comments – it’ll get done.

Bug to be fixed:

  • Game crashes after selecting the cheapest tech Discovery and tapping accept without dragging the tech (temporary workaround: drag the tech before accepting)
  • Game crashes when selecting tech cheapest tech while having all techs already researched
  • After upgrading ships with one Ancient part and another standard part, the Ancient part gets doubled and added in the standard part’s place
  • AI is unable to continue after all of its sectors have been taken
  • It is (sometimes?) possible to assign shots, which should not be able to hit, to ships with shields, if one player also has other ships without shields which can be hit (unable to reproduce)
  • Main Action Bar sometimes disappears after using the bottom left panel to see other players’ stats
  • Sliding the invitation slider to the off position does not work (tapping works fine) (unable to reproduce)
  • Exploring from hex with only ships in it (not influenced, some ships have to not be pinned) causes the game to crash
  • If the Planta explore but are unable to draw a second hex (because all the valid hex locations are filled), the game crashes
  • Players do receive Reputation Token for taking part in combat, even though they retreated
  • Fleet movement algorithm does not prefer routes through nonally’s sectors
  • Invalid number of Ring III sectors in 2-5 player games
  • It is possible to colonize planets in the cleanup phase in sectors with enemy ships in it
  • When AI finishes its turn, the message should read ‘X has finished their turn.’ instead of ‘X has passed.’
  • Uninfluencing sectors producing Money when going bankrupt does not cause Money income to drop instantly, it does drop at the beginning of the next turn (AKA The Cyprus Bug :) )
  • It is impossible to influence a sector with player’s ships in it, not adjacent to other sectors influenced by this player
  • It is possible to influence one sector, then another adjacent only to the first on, and then remove the influence from the first one, leaving the other one still influenced
  • Game crashes after influencing sectors adjacent to the sectors with player’s ships in it and not adjacent to other sectors controlled by this player
  • Initiative on Ancient Cruisers should be 2, instead of 1
  • Wrong number of techs available for research, first three columns should be 5 techs each, next two 4 techs each, last three 3 tech each
  • After accepting diplomatic pact offered by AI (possibly not only AI) and then tapping X instead of selecting resource, and again tapping X to decline the pact, the game crashes (unable to reproduce)
  • After starting a battle with already damaged ships, AI should assign any new damage to this ship, but it assigns it to other, undamaged ship
  • Duel victories against AI appear as achievements in the application but not in GameCenter
  • Tapping on a Technology should give the full information: original cost, discounted cost, minimum cost, ship part description
  • Wrong Reputation Tile count
  • Orion Dreadnought blueprint should have 3 power, not 2
  • Achievements do not register at all if iPad was offline, it is impossible to regain an achievement
  • The species info screen for the Eridani doesn’t mention that they start the game with two less influence
  • Automatic reputation/diplomacy handling doesn’t handle diplomacy-only slots properly
  • Resolving bankruptcy forces you to choose resources first

Requested features:

  • Score breakdown instead of only total being displayed
  • Storing multiple local games instead of just one
  • Automatic handling of combat (i.e. ‘Fight until death’, ‘Fight until first damage taken’, etc)
  • Make initial technologies visible before species selection
  • Stats tracking
  • Conquest mode (Highlander mode? :) ) – fight until there’s only one player left
  • Selecting species randomly
  • Game log for multiplayer
  • Make it possible to look at the panels on other players’ turns
  • Show Action Bar while viewing other players’ stats
  • Automatic reactions handling (i.e. player automatically passes if not attacked)
  • Display player’s current VP, not range, in local single player and multiplayer games
  • Make it easier to distinguish between techs you can and can’t afford
  • It would be nice to get a preview of the spending limits. Maybe something like this?

Quite a list(s) :) If you’ve found a bug that’s not already there, please let us know in the comments. I’ll be updating this thread according to our progress and strike out the already fixed/implemented ones, so you can see how the things are going.

274 Responses to Eclipse bugfixes and enhancements

  1. Port it to Windows 8! I can play on my desktop or tablet, then. Be sure an support roving or cloud profiles so I can move a game from one device to another.

  2. Features Request:

    1) A log for multiplayer games would come handy!
    2) Also I would like to slide panels and look at the statistics (both mine and other players’) while not my turn!

    Good job by the way, I love it.

  3. Excellent list! And I’m pleased to see that my top two most desired features are numbers 1 & 2 on your feature request list.

    This might not be resolvable, but on my iPad 2, launching the game shows the main menu/loading screen for a couple of seconds, then crashes to Home. Sometimes it does it again, but usually launches correctly on the second try. This happens even though I’ve shut down everything else running in the background and have recently restarted the device. I just presume Eclipse is memory-greedy and I’ll need to launch the app 2-3 times for any game.

    Great work — I’ve been playing the game every day since day 1.

  4. I think when you say:

    “Wrong number of techs available for research, first three columns should be 5 techs each, next two 2 techs each, last three 3 tech each”

    You mean 5/4/3 copies, not 5/2/4…

  5. Also for requests…

    - Multiplayer turn timers

    - Resigned players behave like board game (remove all pieces and count score), rather than auto-pass

    - Race selection handled like board game (reverse turn order, after techs are drawn)…

    • Yes, these are all great things to have, but way to hard to add in an bugfix update. And removing players who have resigned – I think it’ll make things much easier for their neighbours, so probably the current approach is better (we want to change it for AI taking their place anyway).

      • You’re right the AI take over is best.

        The reason for the suggestion is that when this happens, the player to the left of the resigned player will get first action for the rest of the game, which is also an advantage.

      • If you take a look at boardgamegeek, there are many posts over there talking about the board game.

        One thing people discuss is that it seems like eclipse determines turn order in a simplistic way that most people have improved via a very populat house rule.. (I think the designer even mentioned the turn-order variant was more fair, but yet another thing to manage).

        Eclipse currently always runs clockwise, like a game of monopoly. The first person to pass becomes the first player next round, and the person to his left, is the second player. No matter how many actions he takes in the current round..Even if he continues playing by himself for 4-5 extra actions this round, he’s still going to be the second player next round, because the player to his right passed.

        That rubs a lot of boardgamers the wrong way, so people have printed up some turn order cards, and now process turn order based on the previous rounds pass order… if you are first to pass, you are first. if you are fourth to pass, you are fourth…

        The main complaint about this variant (being yet another thing to manage) is not an issue in the electronic version of this game.. the game can do it for you!.

        Please add this as an optional setting.

        In addition, I would like an option in the settings to hide matched connectors/wormholes. This would help ‘de-clutter’ the tiles.. matched wormholes/connectors don’t mean anything after a tile is placed.. So they can be removed. connecters that are only on one side of a 2 tile connection should stay, and of course connectors that have not yet connected should also stay. Removing the matched wormholes though would make it much easier to look at the map.

        I believe you have done an amazing job in porting this excellent board game to iOS. I look forward to your future releases, both with eclipse and other games.

        thanks for your time.

  6. Most of this list was addressed, but I will included here here just in case:
    - (addressed) Async works, but it is difficult/impossible to tell what the other players did between turns.
    - (addressed) Cannot do anything during another player’s turn (I guess you can chat, but you cannot look at player stats or your own information to plan ahead).
    - Chat button cannot be used to close the menu.
    - Chat is not persistent, which is problematic for async.
    - Chat and log could be combined.
    -Lack of animations between the influence track and the action track makes it difficult for new players (my wife) to understand the connect between these. Yes, she has played the board game.
    - The color difference between the money and the influence track values makes it difficult to understand the “cost” of actions. Again, my wife was confused here as the board game has these both in orange.
    - Lack of color blind options. Not a problem for me, though sometimes the pink and orange look very close to each other. Different shapes may help. Money seems to be represented by an orange hexagon, research by a pink circle. Not sure what to do with materials, a green square?
    - (addressed?) Space battles require too many clicks.
    - Space battles have awkward animation. The middle portion opens up to show dice results, you assign damage, then the middle disappears for a separate animation showing the lasers. This animation is redundant as the damage was already assigned.
    - Research discounts are not clear (even after playing through the tutorial). This discount is already computed, which is a good thing. So I don’t understand why the research icons show little discount markers above them. Maybe tapping on a tile should give the full information: original cost, discounted cost, minimum cost, etc., whereas the research tableau should just give the current cost (without the minimum cost or discount information).
    - On upgrade tiles, the “2 bolts” for two energy was confusing as it was not clear that the “2″ went with the energy “bolt” symbol. Having two icons for the energy would likely be more clear than mixing numerals and symbols.
    - The minus signs for Advanced Robotics and Quantum Grid were confusing. In the board game these were plus signs because you gain influence tokens.
    - (bug?) I am playing async with my wife. I was not give a round summary with new tech when she finally passed. I passed three times before she did. I don’ t know if that would have an impact.
    - (typo) One of the directions in the action bar had a repeated word. Sorry I don’t remember what word.

    That may seem like a long list, but they are really minor things. Very much looking forward to the fixes and expansions!!!

    • Thanks for your post, Chris. You’ve made some interesting points, I’ll add it to the list later.

      • I hope some of those are helpful and that I am not coming off as bitchy. I look forward to playing and wish my wife would make more than one move a day!

        Quick followup on animation between influence trace and action selection – if an animation is added, it should only appear on the “normal” animation setting. The “fast” setting would be similar to what is current, no animation between influence track and actions.

      • Yes! Please, please add some sort of redundancy to the color information (a small embedded symbol or something like that). I can’t tell you how many games I have ruined by choosing money when I meant resources, or vice-versa. I usually quit in frustration at some point during every game because of this. Since the ordering is not even consistent (it isn’t always money, then tech, then resources) there is NO WAY AT ALL for a colorblind person to know which icon is which. This substantially reduces my ability to enjoy an otherwise excellent game. There are a lot of us colorblind people out there, and we always appreciate it when developers take us seriously!

  7. i have a local 3 player game on ipad (original) where AI is stuck thinking. there’s anyway i can provide you some info to track this behaviour?
    (feel free to mail privately if there any extra info i can provide)

    Also trying to resize or touch the screen, around turn 3 and later, while IA is thinking causes often an app crash.

    thanks for a great porting

  8. BTW, thanks for sharing the list, keeping us up to date and listening to suggestions…

  9. I haven’t been able to successfully invite anyone to a private game using GameCenter. I slide the invite switches to “On” and nothing happens. The “Invited” button in the top right doesn’t update. I’ll then hit the button in the top left and then it seems like the invites are cancelled or something.

    Am I doing something wrong or is this a known bug? I saw something about the “Off” position in the list but I’m not sure if that’s the same thing. I’ve been having a blast playing solo so far, though! Great work and I’d definitely buy any expansions AND I’d get it on Steam if it was an option!

    • It’s probably connected with the slide problem with this button. Try tapping instead of sliding (I know how this sounds :) ) and then sending invites. Tell me if this helped.

  10. Any reason why you decided to hide the Main Action Bar at all when viewing other players? In absence of a log (or even with it) it would be handy to see what influence tokens your opponents have put on their action bar to see what they’ve done so far this turn. It’s public information in the face2face game.

  11. Addicted to Eclipse says:

    The main issue imho is the Cyprus bug.

    There are a couple of annoying things:

    - ATM is impossible to see the tech board while choosing between the “free research” discovery and 2 VP

    - The AI isn’t that bad but imho require some modifications (no suicidal attacks, use IH and shields against PM, try to hold the center, try to maximize initiative with PM only ships etc…)

    Btw i don’t want to sound too negative, i really like this game. Fix these small bugs, tweak the AI, work on ROTA and the game will be perfect (as it is imho is already the best 4X game for Ipad).

    • For the time being if you choose the free research you can still hit the back button to go back and take the 2VP instead. Granted being able to see the research board first would be much much better.

  12. Tech discounts are not applied correctly sometimes

  13. When you receive the discovery tile that lets you instantly research the cheapest technology on the research track, there is no way to open up the research track to see which one that would be.
    Put me down also for getting a log of opponents last turn and being able to use the menus when it is not my turn.
    And I think this was kind of addressed, but the end game is very anti-climactic. It’d be nice if at the finish there was some kind of animation adding up the scores for each person. Also, it’d be really nice to see a breakdown of where the scores came from.

  14. Bug Report

    Playing on a live online multiplayer game between the Hydran Progress and Eridani, the “Quantum Grid” technology does not work on the Eridani.

    Features, I second the ability to click on technologies and panels even when not your turn. That way you can see and plan for technologies as your opponent is making a move. this helps for live online games. (I wish this would also be added to Neuroshima Hex too). Also, the ability to access the manual and aliens from within a game.


    • What do you mean by “does not work”?

      • Quantum Grid, to my understanding, takes away from your influence. So if you had -5 when you bought it, it would go down to -2. This should apply every turn after that as well. So if you’re influencing say…6 sectors, you should be at -5, BUT with this technology you should be at -2 on the following turn.

        However, this is not the case for the Eridani. We had a game of Eridani vs Hydran, and the technology worked fine for the Hydran as intended but it did react the same way to the Eridani….unless its a race specific thing that I’m not aware of. So even with the technology bought, there was no change in influence for the Eridani.

        • Can anyone else confirm that? What you’re saying is it only lowers your influence for Eridani on the round they got it? Are you aware that Eridani start the game handicapped with 2 additional levels of influence (so at -1 cost)?

  15. For those of us partially colorblind it would be nice if on the conversion chart I could tell if I am changing money to X or materials to X. Sometimes I can tell, but other times, I just have to guess. Enhance the color or maybe just add names to what you are changing to/from.

  16. Feature Request: Plasma Missiles optional
    Booster had mentioned an option to turn off plasma missiles. I’d really like to see this on the list for those who aren’t satisfied with how they play. Nearly all of my AI games now have become a matter of building dreadnoughts with 4 x missiles and 2 x +2 computers, and then pillaging the universe unopposed. It’s that or risk get pillaged by the AI doing similar, so I’d rather just take them out of play until the expansion comes out. (Much better would be an option to alter them to use one of the popular variants, like damage applied at end of first combat round, but that’s maybe for after BDC’s To Do list is shorter. ;-) )

    Bug: Automatic reputation/diplomacy handling doesn’t handle diplomacy-only slots properly.
    I had two ambassadors, Planta in a slot that could only hold an ambassador tile, and Terran in a slot that could hold either ambassador or reputation. I broke ties with Planta and engaged in combat with him. So the planta ambassador goes home. At the end of the combat, I should have been able to move the Terran ambassador to my now vacant ambassador-only slot, in order to accommodate a reputation tile in the other dual purpose slot. (I double checked..pg 11 of the board game rules, we should be allowed to rearrange those tiles at will.) Unfortunately, the game instead left the Terran ambassador clogging up my dual purpose slot, and didn’t allow me to keep any reputation tiles!

    Bug: X button should not complete action when placing colony ships at end of round
    Several times at the end of the round I’m placing colony ships and I hit X to go back, but ended up losing my opportunity to place any colony ships. This might be avoidable, but it’s a frustrating and costly mistake when I do it. The convention the game otherwise seems to use is ‘check mark’ to confirm and move on, ‘X’ to undo and go backwards. So I think that should be applied here too.

    Bug/Feature: Resolving bankruptcy forces you to choose resources then sectors.
    This is awkward and sometimes inhibits me from making my best legal choice. This will get more awkward once money income is immediately decreased upon colony removal. Why not just let us freely initiate resource exchange while we are in a mode to abandon colonies we own, and don’t let us complete until we’ve balanced the books?

    Feature: Let me see the map, my reputation track, and other player data before deciding to accept a diplomatic pact.
    I would would like to be able to make an informed decision.

    • If you take Plasma Missiles out of the game, Some other build will be “best” and you’ll complain about that one too?

      To be specific, you’re describing the “Plasma Dreadnought” build the AI (and many good players) chase down. Here are several in-game solutions:

      1. Get your own Plasma Missiles and put them on ships with higher initiative.
      2. Build ships with Shields and Hulls that can survive the “first strike”
      3. Sacrifice interceptors to pin down Dreadnoughts.

      The expansion adds several counters as well. I’d like to see focus on getting the expansion out, rather than applying mods to the base game.

      • Ugh, clearly a lot of people think plasma missiles needed adjustment in the base game, and a lot of people think those people are wrong. We don’t need to have this debate again. There’s been way too much energy already spent by experienced players in both camps justifying their sense of superiority about this, with no final consensus. A toggle switch to optionally remove them from the tech draw for those many folks who find fault with them should allow everybody to be happy, and it seems like it might not to require a lot of development time.

  17. Are there any plans for any performance oprimization?

    • Yes, this. It’s really, really laggy – I’ve been commenting whenever I see this.

      It gets to about 5fps within a couple of turns on my iPad 3, and it’s so bad that the game is extremely frustrating to play.

      Please can you look into this, and implement optimisations. I know there is a lot of background processing, but it’s not a *massively* intensive game graphically speaking…

      • Completely agreed, I’m surprised this isn’t the top issue.

        • I think game is not using 3D engine, or full GPU power, for example if I slide the species tab information, the lag/stutter is enormous on iPAD3.
          Playing with 6 players is pain :-( I ask at least to look for some optimisation, there are better looking games which I think uses more resources, and no stuttering (Infinity blade or Warhammer quest for example)

  18. This is a gem! Never played anything like this on the iPad. Two small suggestions:

    1. It would be nice to get a preview of the spending limits. Maybe something like this ?

    2. Research panel – Some visual indication of techs which are available but currently not affordable.

    • Just wanted to chime in and say that your mockup of the spending limit preview looks great.

    • Hey, that really does look great :) I’ll add that to the list :)

      Techs currently available but not affordable look different from the ones you can afford. But maybe it’s still not enough.

    • Thanks Oliver, Booster; I suck at Photoshop but managed somehow :)

      About the research thing – I just checked again, actually the current style is great, but the unaffordable techs are not disabled when the research slider is pulled out independently without taking the Research action. It is rendered correctly only during the Research action.

  19. Async issue? – Battle started without me.
    Wife completed her battle so it was my turn. Ancients had initiative so fired on me.
    Issue: when I got to the game, it started with my side of the combat. If my wife had not told me the ancients had already shot at me, I would not have known.

    Solution ?: recap the battle turns that happen before/between my turn.

  20. Feature Requests:
    - In multiplayer, make chat persist across sessions. (this could also allow a workaround for players to create their own game log)
    - When the player is making the choice of 2VP or an ancient discovery, allow the player to see the relevant tab. For example, when choosing “cheapest tech,” let the player open the technology window.
    - When the player is making the choice of accepting a diplomatic alliance, allow the player to look at the map and the current VPs.

    Thanks for a great game!

  21. Hello there!
    Amazing game. One feature I would request which would greatly speed up multiplayer is an option when you pass to basically waive your ability to make reaction actions – that way the game doesn’t need to continually ask you if you want to make another action. Another possible feature might be an option for multiplayer where everybody takes all their actions in a row for the first round or two of play (but no attacking / invading is allowed).
    I currently have a bug where in multiplayer the screen is stuck on “your turn planta” but I can’t tap on it or do anything to move from the screen. Anyway to reset the app back to the menu?

  22. The games plays great, and the interface is good, but there are a few other features I would like to see changed :

    Multiplayer issues :
    - Players resigning before playing their first turn should be replaced by new players (ie if someone join and immediately resign, the game should stay open so that someone else can begin the game).
    - persistent chat, log of actions performed in asynch.
    - There should be a time limit per player to set, either for the total length of all turns, or for each action. That would make people not leave game because they expected a fast online game instead of a game lasting several days.
    - Add a game description field or make the game name field bigger.
    - Add option to have dropping players be removed completely, or taken over by AI in MP

    General issues :
    - Add common options to games :
    . order for each turn is order each player passed : it is cumbersome to implement with the board game, but trivial online
    At least, add option to have first player passing determining first player next turn, and second = turn order.
    . add option to play random race
    . add option to have race selection order define first turn order

    - ability to cancel the specialization of a grey planet when colonizing (undoing now makes the player renounce colonization).

    AI issues :
    - The AI should not colonize planets it will very probably have to yield for bankrupcy
    - AI levels and boni should be set separately (if there is any difference in behaviour between peaceful, normal and aggressive AI of course).

  23. I have struck a bug where the game crashes around the second round when I use the Planta race. When I try and go back in to resume the game it crashes back out again (it gets all the way through to loading the map and saying it is my turn, but crashes out of the game when I touch the screen). I have to start a new game to be able to play again. I believe there were still hexes to explore. I was exploring at the time though.

    • @Mangyman : I encountered this bug when playing my first hardcore game under similar conditions, as Planta against one AI player. For me, the crash occurred during the first turn while exploring. I had chosen only to explore in my previous phases.

      As a novice Eclipse player I’ve played just against the AI, enough to earn every achievement except winning a two-player hardcore, and this is the first crash I’ve encountered in an otherwise excellent game.

  24. There’s two things I think are (related) bugs when exploring.

    1 – I can explore, even find a discovery and resolve it, and then undo the action. So if I find something I don’t like/want, I can see the sector and resolve the ancient discovery, then smack “undo” and do something completely different. That’s just wrong and shouldn’t be permitted.

    2 – I can explore, see the sector, and then go back to the menu before aligning wormholes. When I resume the game, the sector hasn’t been placed and I can choose a different action or explore a different sector. The “stack” of sectors to explore appears fixed (e.g. if I pull Inner sector X and undo the action, that is the sector that the next player will see when they explore an inner sector), which makes it relatively easy to stick players (particularly AIs) down the line with crap.

    Once you select an explore action and see the sector, there should be no way to undo it.

  25. Okay a few more suggestions / requests (if I may add to the list, apologies for any duplications):
    - free colour choices regardless of race(shouldn’t be too hard to add – no reason why there can’t be a few more colours added)
    - ability to look at your opponents stats / tech / ship designs while they are thinking (including when they are offline)
    - as an option, implement the “predictable technologies” variant from the game
    - ability to have AI players in multiplayer – either starting on their own, or programmed to take over players that leave

    • … and one final suggestion that is quite important. A button that lets you replay your opponents’ last moves – this would be very helpful in asynch multiplayer where you come back to the game and have no idea what each player has done.

  26. Grahanm Mitchell says:

    Partial colour blind issue.

    I have great difficulty in distinguishing between material and money planets.

    • Sometimes you can tap a planet to bring up an info screen that spells it out, but CTTOI I’m pretty sure that only works when you don’t need it, i.e. when you’re not colonizing (when tapping the planet actually does something). But maybe that’ll help until they tweak the graphics or something.

  27. Feature Request: Random race selection in local and online games.

  28. I’d like a game log for single-player, too. Especially after the game, so I can go pick over just how awesome I did :-)

  29. First of all, thanks for a great iOS version of a great game! You guys really did an excellent job on the game. I think the list of bugs/corrects is getting quite comprehensive, however I do have a few notes on the AI, which I think haven’t been mentioned on the list/comments yet. They may be kind of time consuming to take into account, however I do think that these updates would make the AI play a lot more like human players, and therefore make it more interesting and challenging to play the game, especially for experienced gamers. Here goes:

    1. The AI doesn’t seem to know how to counter-upgrade according to what it is fighting against. For instance, a plasma missile AI that attacks plasma missile player won’t replace some missiles with computers, even if it is losing on initiative. The AI seems to go for a nice ship part setup and then just wish for the best, making it very easy to optimize fleets to match and beat the AI’s setup.

    2. The AI won’t make any actions after passing a round. Because of this, it’s rather easy – especially in mid and late game – to do some serious damage by getting enough money/influence disks and waiting out the AI to pass, and the move fleets to unprotected sectors.

    3. The AI doesn’t seem to use pinning of ships very well. I haven’t seen the AI pin down enemy ships in order to gain access to valuable sectors, or use ships to block routes to valuable sectors, or otherwise use pinning of ships the way human players do. It’s also very rare to see the AI build interceptors which is something experienced human players do all the time – perhaps it’s because the AI doesn’t handle pinning of ships very well?

    4. The AI’s logic of picking 2 VP over tech/resource discovery seems a bit odd. The AI seems to prefer 2 VP as many experienced players do, however things like not picking the +3 computer discover in early game is just wrong in most cases. The cheapest tech discovery is also heavily overlooked by the AI, which is something that could be debated, and same goes for resource picking… to make this work would probably require some serious AI tweaking though ;)

    5. The AI could really use some general strategy guidelines, for instance when the AI has gained a clear leading position, it probably should start to defend it’s turf as opposed to expand further. In many cases, especially in 4-6 player games, the AI’s reckless expansion leads to opening paths to valuable sectors, which are then easy to overtake given the points 2 and 3 on my list. In these situations, the AI essentially forfeits an almost guaranteed victory by allowing weaker players to take its sectors and strike back in the later turns. Overall, I do think the AI is somewhat too aggressive in its actions and tends to neglect a proper defense too much.

    6. Another strategy optimization which is seen a lot with human players but not the AI is choosing which player to fight against. For instance, in a 4 player game which has one player clearly leading others, players typically try to hurt the leading player as to get their odds of winning higher. For some time, players kind of gang up on the leading player because if they fight each other, they will essentially just secure that player’s victory. There are of course moments when fighting a weaker player makes more sense, but overall this could be added to the way the AI behaves in mid and late game when differences between player VP’s have become more apparent.

  30. The lack of persistent chat is (almost) a deal breaker for us. We’re having an online game and chat isn’t staying persistent across logins, so in order to see what the other players are doing we are having to maintain a parallel email thread listing out moves.

    It works quite well, but I suspect isn’t the kind of overhead you’d expect players to have to focus on.

    so +1 for some sort of action log, thank you.

    • Could not agree more… Love the game, but I have given up on multiplayer until a log and persistent chat are (hopefully) added.

  31. A couple of bugs:

    1) Only 2 extra power provided for Orion Hegemony dreadnought blueprint. Should be 3 extra.

    2) VPs for techs are undercounted. 7 techs should be worth 7 VPs, not 5, and going down the row a player should receive 0/0/1/2/3/5/7 for the appropriate number of techs.

    This is all relative to the boardgame version. Of course, these differences may have been implemented by design. The -1 power to the Hegemony dreadnought in particular is a substantial nerf, because it prevents easy taking of the galactic center on turn 2 with improved hulls.

  32. Yeah, Orion Dreadnought blueprint should have 3 power, not 2.

    Would love to see an async chat-log enabled as I would being able to review what’s transpired in other players’ turns, much as you see the AI moves during offline games.

    Shields don’t work at times when your fleet has varying shield levels.

    The AI is very missile tech focused and it would nice to see some greater variation in what the AI tries to tech.

    Is there an issue with the number of the higher techs available being too many in certain ‘no. of players’ games?

    • The tech “pool” is the same size (96 total) in all games regardless of player count…

      5 each of 2/2, 4/3, 6/4
      4 each of 8/5, 10/6
      3 each of 12/6, 14/7, 16/8

      … but according to the list, these distributions are messed up. The game seems to pick the correct number of new techs at the end of each round.

    • I have also experienced the shield bug. In a fleet where my cruisers had no shields, and my dreadnoughts had -2, the enemy with +4 computers was hitting the dreadnoughts on rolls of 2.

    • Thanks guys, I’m adding these problems to the list.

  33. Fantastic implementation, BDC! Sure, there are a few oddities and bugs as listed, but very solid, and the AI is decent. Congratulations on a terrific product.

    I may have missed it in the list, but the AI’s insistence to seemingly always buy the plasma missiles and fill up their dreadnaughts with them is proving to be its downfall in many games where I can counter that with shields and/or an initiative advantage. I know that missiles are considered super powerful, and certainly can be, but I’d like to see the AI be more nuanced about their approach to missiles.

    I know you’ve said that you are planning to release the expansion as an IAP. I’m hoping that since the expansions are modular, that you will feed us something new every so often, as opposed to waiting until all of the ROTA is ready as a whole. (I’m also hoping that the Pulsar and Supernova mini-expansions will be added at some point.) And personally, when it comes to the ROTA expansion, I don’t care at all about the 7-9 player version. It’s fun and works well in person, but I could see that being a nightmare to add on to this version, and would rather every other expansion option be implemented first before that.

    • I feel like a 9 player game would be absolute hell in multiplayer (at least on the IOS) but could make for an epic experience in solo play. At very least it would be good to have an ‘epic map’ option for 6 players or fewer. I wonder if there is some merit in implementing a digital version of the ‘simultaneous play’ option for some games. Also look forward to seeing how BDC decides to deal with the alliance rules from the expansion.

  34. Player is out of influence.
    Expected: Player automatically passes.
    Actual: Player must manually pass even though he/she cannot do anything.

    • It would be awesome to have the option to turn the influence color borders (what you see when you hold two fingers down) on all the time.

    • Even if you maxed out your influence track you can still exchange resources and colonize planets which are free actions. So it makes sense to not automatically make you pass your turn.

    • A player may be able to colonize and form diplomatic relations in this case. An auto-pass option would be nice…

  35. Just finished a 6p solo game. Here are the final reputation tiles:

    Hydran: 1/2/3
    Draco : 1/1/2/2
    Orion: 3/3/4/4/4
    Mechanima: 1/2/3/3
    Eridani: 2/2/3/3
    Human: 2/4/4/4

    Given that there are only supposed to be 4×4 tiles in the bag, something is wrong here! This overemphasizes the value of combat in the final score, and deemphasizes the importance of attacking early to get better chances at high value reputation tiles. From the official FAQ: “the distribution is 12x1VP, 9x2VP, 7x3VP and 4x4VP.”

  36. SPENDING LIMITS: Regarding the “It would be nice to get a preview of the spending limits.” with the sample image… what about only showing the spending limits after clicking on the influence bar? …Kind of like a tooltip? Or maybe it could flash those colours a few times, and then return to normal?

    GAME LOG: I second the multiplayer game log. This would even be handy for single player games since turns happen so fast. Maybe a pop out panel to show other players’ actions in sequence? It would even be cool to see player actions being pushed via iOS’ notification center as an option.

    COMBAT REFINEMENTS: It would be cool to see more automatic combat when you are shooting at only 1 ship. Having to click extra times to target ship is only useful when more than one enemy ship are in combat for strategic focus firing.

    PLAYER PORTRAITS: It would be nice to see player portraits in bottom corner during each player’s turn along with their corresponding parallelogram icons. This would make it easier to keep track of who is doing what, especially during those quick AI turns.

    ALTERNATE GAME MODES: I also second the “conquest” mode, allowing play until only one player remains… or a “marathon” mode that allows 15 turns instead of 9.

    SHIP DESIGNS: I am being really picky now… Visually the game looks great across the board, except the ship designs look somewhat average. I really like the look of the ship design (player ships as well as ancient ships) in the board game. I understand that the iOS implementation has the advantage of using more race-specific ship designs. It’s a cool idea, but they just look a little too simple and geometric. It would be cool if the art design of the ships had a more polished and intricate look like that of the rest of the game’s visual design. I really am being picky though, sorry! :)

    …All that said, I am REALLY enjoying your version of Eclipse. I am new to the game, but your iOS version has definitely made me a fan! The UI is great, and it works very well on iOS. You definitely made me interested in this board game!

    • Actually the more I play this game, the more I think a marathon or conquest style mode might not work well. Since money, science, and materials are all limited to 28 per turn, the game is very much paced for 9 turns. Thoughts?

      • You are correct that the game is designed around the nine turn limit. The size of the board is limited (as you point out) and your empire isn’t going to get bigger unless it’s at the expense of the other players.

        The end of the game can feel artificial, but once you start playing, you appreciate the fact that it forces your hand and keeps the pace up. Once thing that always bugs my about 4X games is that the game tends to drag once the eXpanding is done. I’ve never felt that in a game of Eclipse (board or iOS), I’m sitting around researching or building because there are no other viable options. Expansion usually ends by turn 5 or 6 with a player taking the GCDS and has becoming “king of the hill”. The last few tuns are a (fun) scramble to rack up VPs, either by taking them from your opponents or developing your turf while defending it.

    • I lke the ship the designs. Very representative of the races’ personalities.

  37. Alexander Jonckheere says:

    First of all great app,

    I haven’t played the actual boardgame,
    But is it normal you can’t see the energy requierments for upgrades before actually trying to upgrade ships?
    I’ve played a couple of games and encountered a couple of situations where I invested in research I couldn’t use because my ships weren’t ready.

    Secondly I Finder it difficult to understand how many vp I have.
    I understand ti’s natural that I can’t see the actual vp of the other players, only the range, as in the bg, some vp tokens are drawn blind and aren’t shown to the other players. But I should be able to know exactly how many vp I have don’t I?

    Last: I understand the vp gained from battle is randomised. But I believe the bg has limits to the number of each vp token. In my last game there were too many 3 influence tokens from battles…

    • In the board game, the technology tiles do not have power requirements – you must look at the upgrade tiles to see the power requirements. In the board game that’s probably to keep the tile from being too cluttered. In the app, if they provide extra info on clicking on tech tiles, they might be able to show it then.

      Meanwhile, you can always check on the “ships” pullout to look at upgrade costs.
      Quick summary though(this is for researchable techs, not alien discoveries)

      Guns = 1 power per point of damage ( so 1, 2, 4)
      Drives = 1 power per hex, also 1 initiative per hex (so 1, 2, 3)

      Computers = 1 less power than value of computer, also 1 less initiative (so 0, 1, 2)
      Shields = 1 less power than value of shield (so 0, 1)

    • Yes, that annoys me too… When offered a new tech and you click to get more detail, you should be able to see all the detail you need, e.g. power requirements. A few times now I’ve picked up advanced techs only to have them languish until I can also upgrade the drive.

      In the interim I’ve been looking for a handy summary of all the techs and requirements that I could print out, but haven’t found one yet.

      Awesome game, unbelievable adaption by the way. You guys are now the number one iOS board game developer – particularly if Agricola is not as good as it should be!

  38. Guys, I hate sounding like a broken record, but JEEEEZ, did you have to do such an amazing job with this game?

    Seriously. When I am not playing the game, I am wanting to play the game =\

    It’s not perfect, for some of the reasons mentioned above, but FRICK I really love this game. And I’m not JUST brown-nosing, though I am a little, and I’m not ashamed. I do it so little.

    Anyhow, I had a few things.

    The first is the slide to whatever. I’m wondering if it could be made optional? I liked it the first game, but I have an issue that makes it painful to do excessive motions like that, being able to tap and then maybe hit a checkmark to confirm would make it much more comfortable to play for longer periods.

    Number 2, a particular achievement, the Mechanema one “Do cyborgs dream on electric sheeps?” is begging to be corrected. Please, for the great Philip K. Dick, please change it to “”Do Cyborgs Dream of Electric Sheep?”

    Number 3, we should be able to alternate between trading resources and removing influence on sectors. When I end up bankrupt, I don’t get to see how many sectors I would need to remove influence in, nor do I get to see what the universal planets are producing. So for those of us who are perpetual learners, it would be a great tool to help us better understand what we have to give up.

    Number F, when looking through the races, is it possible to have arrows on the side to cycle through the options?

    Letter 7, I didn’t see this, but is it possible to have a link to the manual in the live game? I sometimes forget and don’t want to have to have to exit all the way back out. With that said, because the manual seems to be an HTML document, it would be nice to have this in an external format as well. Preferably a PDF document, but even a link to a webpage would be something. It’s not possible to search the document as it stands and it would be really helpful.

    Much of the remaining issues I have are already taken care of, though I’m sure more will come up as I continue to play the game further.

    • For #3 -
      A) I see how many sectors I have to bankrupt – it shows up as red on the influence track, and the game tells you how many you’ll have to bankrupt. Or did you mean something else?
      B) Universal planets don’t “remember” what they’re producing. When you bankrupt one, you can put it back on any track you like. Same with orbitals (although you can’t put them back on Materials/Green), and Diplomacy.

    • There won’t be an in-gamemanual because of memory problems, sorry.

      #2 is going to be fixed in few minutes :)
      #3 yes, this is going to change
      #4 no room for that – you can always swipe or tap and choose a race from the popup window

  39. Is there an option to retire if you lose all of your discs and ships (p21 of rulebook)?

    • In online game you can just leave the game (small X next to the game title in the lobby). In the local game – you won’t be asked to take any actions if you’ve lost completely, but if you still have some Science left you can still research new techs and get points this way.

      • True, but that’s not the same thing. The game auto-passes you when you resign that way. All of your pieces should be removed. More importantly, you shouldn’t auto-pass and give the player to your left first player for the rest of the game.

        Minor issue though as knock-outs are infrequent.

  40. Is there an ETA on getting a patch out? I suspect that some of this is going to be really hard to do–the AI uses the broken bankruptcy rule pretty aggressively, so that will need to be fixed too. But it might be nice to get a partial patch out soon and a (more) complete one later…

    By the way, after taking a game or two to learn the interface on the iPad I really like the interface. Certainly prefer it to the table-top version.

  41. Fantastic game! And even better that you’re here documenting the problems and requests. Would you also be willing to give even the barest of sketches to your update plans? I would imagine that you’d like to first get all the game-rule and interface issues addressed first and quickly, then work either on requested features and/or AI, then finally expansions? Does that seem like what we should expect. Do you know maybe around when (June? December?) we could see a rules-corrected update? Thanks!

  42. I have a crash issue, the AI was ong something on turn 6 or7 and crashed; when I try and reload the game it crashes as soon as it finishes loading the match… 3 Terran players, me and 2 AI, one peaceful and one regular.

  43. Not sure if it might have been mentioned, but there are times in an AI game where I want to be able to see the “board” but can’t. For example, when being asked about diplomatic relations, or when it does the prompt for the exchange option at the end of the round. It would be cool to have a little “view map” type button somewhere during stuff like that to help with strategy.

  44. It would be nice to be able to see a summary of each player’s VPs and where they came from at the end of the game. I know it can be more or less figured out, just a nice little feature if not too much trouble. It could help understand why another player won and you lost a little better.

    12 Ancient Discoveries
    10 Controlled Hexes
    3 Tech
    5 Diplomacy/Combat
    30 Total

    • That’s a very good idea… I’d like that too, would make learning the game much easier… I love playing it, but I’m not usually clear why I lost!

  45. Very specific scenario… Planta only have one valid location to Explore, and the first hex placed during the explore action contains an Ancient. Since they can’t influence this hex, there are now no valid placements for the second hex. The game doesn’t allow you to complete the action. You have to back out and reject the hex. Only then can you use the second part of Planta’s explore action.

    When attacking with ships that only contain missiles, if they don’t win the battle during the missile phase, the game automatically destroys those ships. They are not given a chance to retreat.

    • Are you sure the ships in question actually did have a space to retreat to? Under their influence and uncontested? I’ve definitely seen retreats by missile boats.

      • Related issue just happened to me, I repeated it to confirm (which I expect lost me the game, dang it!) and while I was given the chance to attack or retreat, if I clicked attack with a missile boat, it immediately ended the battle and destroyed all the ships- I had 4 missile ships against a single star base with only one shot, so you would think it would repeat the single attack then give continuing opportunities to retreat, but it just ended the match with no explanation and all ships gone.

        • I’ve found this too (came to these forums just to see if I was crazy or if others were experiencing the same)! You get the option to attack a second time before you opponent retaliates, but before your ships fire the battle ends and you ships are lost (encountered playing as eridani x2 against peaceful terran AI). From these comments maybe I’ll try not having plasma missiles exclusively, but pls fix. Am a newb to games of this type but like it a lot. Looking forward to next release.

  46. There is another MP issue I have with the game : checking turn order (after downloading game data) takes age, and sometimes fail (I am told to recheck my connection).
    It might be my connection indeed, but I never got any problem with Summoner Wars (and the whole “checking turn order thing” is a bit weird when I just got push-notified that it was my turn.

  47. There’s a bug relating to the AI and advanced colonies that popped up on me in my last two games. On the turn that an AI player purchases the technology to colonize advanced colonies, none of the colonies it places using that tech will count against its colony ship limit. In my last game, Eridani purchased advanced money colonies and settled 6 total money colonies in a single turn (jumped from the 4 space to the 18 space). In the game before that, the Hydran settled 5 total colonies in a turn, 2 of which were advanced materials colonies.

    Makes them more challenging to handle, for sure, but not quite how I think they should be playing.

    • One other one that doesn’t appear to be listed – the AI will take an action to influence a sector that it will then promptly lose due to bankruptcy. That action would be better taken exploring, moving, or researching, but the AI will pass up those options to have their marker pop in and out of existence.

  48. Apologies for the repost, but my original comment seems to have died in “waiting for moderation” limbo (since Sunday). My supposition was that if the comment were actually wrong then it would have just been rejected. Since this is an actual bug, I felt it worth reposting.

    “Deadlock” in synchronous multiplayer:
    We had 4 players, in turn order: Planta, Hydran, Orion, Terran (Red). Planta and Terran had quit the game some rounds earlier. Both Hydran(other player) and Orion(me) were online, chatting and taking turns. At the end of a round, it showed me the start of turn screen (what techs are added, “tap to continue”). I clicked through it, it said that Plant passed, that it was Hydran’s turn and Hydran was “thinking”. Unfortunately, it told the Hydran player that I was thinking, so each of us was waiting on the other.

    If I exited this particular game, back to list of games, that screen told me it was my turn. I entered the game, and got the start of turn screen again. This time, after clicking through, both Hydran and I agreed it was the Hydran’s turn to move.

    This seemed to happen every round (I suspected it on an earlier round and verified it on one via chat.)

  49. I would love to have the turn order option of turn order being based on the order of passing. Since we’re not sitting around a table I think it would be very easy to implement and make deciding when to pass more difficult.

  50. Hello! Great implementation, thank you.

    I dont know if alread mentioned: Orion IA starts with a dreadnought in hardcore mode !

  51. Tapping on items in the research tableau gives very limited information. For example, “Allows upgrading ships with Improved Hull parts” Is circular (it basically repeats what the title of the part is). Instead, I would recommend that the text gives information about what the item does.

  52. When I return to the app after being in an online game, it always begins on the main menu instead of where I was last. For example, enter an online game. Double click the home button and go to different app. Go back to Eclipse and you will be back on the main menu.

  53. There is no mention of fixing the massive lag issues many people are having on iPad 3rd gen.

    It’s really bad guys, are you not even looking into it?

  54. Also – a lot of people have mentioned over on PocketTactics that it is really difficult to tell what hexes you have under influence, with only the little icon in the corner. It makes the game very hard to assess at a glance.

    Could you please include an option to view highlighted hexes at all times?


    • Press and hold screen with two fingers, the sectors get highlighted with the owner’s color

      • That’s true, although you can only do that during your go, and even then it’s a bit clunky (you have to hold down two fingers). I would much rather see a cleaner way of continually being able to see area of influence whilst zoomed out. Perhaps it’s not necessary while zoomed in? You could have a very faint shading to the tiles in that player’s colours while zoomed out to indicate who owns them. Would help tremendously.

  55. From what I understand of the board game rules, the influence action should allow you to move a disc from one hex to another as 1 out of your 2 available influence changes. I don’t think the app has a way to do this since there’s no drag and drop, and abandoning one hex then taking the other will register as 2 changes.

    • That’s the way it’s supposed to work. You get to move two discs, so moving a disc from one sector to another is two moves, one to move it from the original sector to your track, and a second to move it from the track to the new sector.

      • I don’t think you’re correct, Eclipsefan – according to the PDF rules.
        By selecting the Influence action, you may move up to two
        Influence Discs. These moves may be:
        • from your Influence Track, or
        • from a hex where you have an Influence Disc
        • to a hex that does not contain an Influence Disc or an en­
        emy Ship and is adjacent to a hex where you have a disc
        or a Ship, or
        • to a hex where only you have a Ship, or
        • back to your Influence Track.

        So I should be able to do 2 moves “from a hex where I have an influence disc” “to a hex that does not contain an influence disc etc.” (With the caveat that the target sector still has to be legal even while the disc isn’t on the original sector anymore)

  56. Addicted to Eclipse says:

    Some kind of “fast” mode of play is needed for online game. I mean asynch is ok, but sometimes is fun to play a game in a hour or two, maybe you can add a (selectable) time limit per move, see chess as example.

  57. In a couple of games now an AI has offered me diplomatic relations right at the end of the game, after final combat. It may be an issue of rules interpretation rather than a bug. It hinges on whether diplomatic relations can be made at any time, or only during a player’s turn. When debated over in the main game forum, most people’s interpretation is that although the conditions for diplomatic relations can emerge after combat, actually making diplomatic relations has to wait for the relevant player’s normal turn.

  58. I didnt read all the comments…but I think I have found a bug.
    In a with alot of fighting, I ended up removing population. And I had no more population to remove…so the game didnt advance. It was stuck on my turn :|
    I tried to resign to see if the other players could move on…but I did not learn of their fate…. :|

    • Łukasz Łazarecki says:

      So you were left with no resources on one bar? Minimum production should always be at least +2. Do you still have access to this broken game? Could you use iExplorer to download the Documents folder inside the Eclipse app folder and send it to: bdc@bigdaddyscreations.com?

      • Sorry, I dont have this game available anymore. But it has happned a few more times.
        Its a problem when you play hard and stupid I guess. Like blow all your moves,loose planets etc.

        The game wants you to remove more population than you have, which in the boardgame would mean a kind of elimination. But iPad version just keeps asking for you to go lower than the initial +2 population.

        Do you still want that file?

  59. Achievement do not register at all if iPad was offline when getting it and it is impossible to regain achievement.

  60. Masta De Gumbo says:

    I’m still a bit confused as to how scoring works for combat. For example, my score stands at 5, then I kill one ancient with my fleet and receive two victory tokens, worth 1 point each. My score then enters a range of 6-9. That’s a 3 point spread, with one of those “1″ scores in my reputation panel.

    Can someone explains how this breaks down?


    • Łukasz Łazarecki says:

      Sure. Every Reputation Token is worth 1-4 points, which is kept a secret, so only you know your real score and your opponents can only evaluate a range your score is in. Now there’s a minor bug, which hides your total score from you even in games with only one local player – this will be fixed, as there’s no point in not showing you your own score.

      • Masta De Gumbo says:

        ahhh, I understand now. keep up the great work.

      • Ah, I did wonder if that was a bug. So ultimately we will see a discrete number for our own score at all times, not a range? But with the other players, we will see a range until game end?

  61. It seems like, if one player in an async multiplayer game decides never to take his/her turn, then the game simply ends. It doesn’t count as the player resigning.

    This can mean that in a 2-player game, if the player is losing, he/she can stop playing on the final round and you don’t get the win since it isn’t a resignation.

    It also seems like this happened in a larger game I was in – there were several active players and after no chance to take my turn for a while, the game vanished.

    An auto-resign on timeout would seem to be the preferred solution, rather than just aborting the game.

    Note: Since I don’t know the people on the other end of the game and couldn’t confer with them, I don’t know if this is what happened – but I’ve had 3 games vanish on me, and at least in the 2-player game, the other player had not taken his/her turn in a week.

    • Multiplayer TBS is always a problem when there are more than 2 players but a few improvements could help…

      1. A turn timer is required. This game does not lend itself to “a move a day” type asynch play because you have more than two players and each action/move is a small part of a larger turn. I’ll guess that the majority of online games that don’t finish in a few hours likely get timed out. Personally, if a player disappears during a game, I’ll usually resign because I’ve never seen a game complete after this.

      2. Players should have a “reputation” stat consisting of the % of games they complete. A lot of players are quitting when they feel they are losing and it destroys the game for the other players.

      3. Chat needs to persist across sessions so players can communicate.

      • I disagree about the game not lending itself to “a move per day” : as soon as combat get automated a bit (with sufficient options to chose from), and passing is automated when not under attack, it should not be a big issue.
        We’d only need a per action timer, or a global per player timer.

  62. My game just hung up right at the end when final bankruptcy etc was being calculated. It is frozen and the only responsive button is the menu button. I still have access to this game and took a screen shot.

    • Something similar just happened to me. When resolving bankruptcy a decrease production window opens. Materials are down at 2, Science at 3 and Money at 2. I need to lower my production by 2 units. I can lower science down to 2 and up again to 3. Nothing else. No other responsive button. Any suggestions what to do? I am stuck.

  63. I’ve had a lroblem with players quitting games. I’d love to see some kind of reputations ore for players that increases when they complete a game and falls she they quit, so I can choose to play with people who won’t disappear several moves in. Ticket to Ride online does this very nicely.

  64. REQUEST: When I tap a notification, I would like to go directly to the correct game. Currently notification taps go to the main menu.

  65. Just had a very irritating and unrecoverable crash. I was at the end of round 9 in a closely fought 4 player game with the AI. Two of the AI players offered me diplomatic pacts after the final round of combat, which I accepted. The game then crashed to desktop before declaring the winner. MOST annoying! Furthermore, when I try and Resume Game, it crashes again. I have done a reboot etc, to no avail…

    This is a brilliant, brilliant game and port but I’m coming to the conclusion that it isn’t quite ready for prime time..

  66. iPad 1: played three games with no problems( while a bit slow but that’s to be expected). Now when I try to resume my game it gets the the “you turn” screen and when I click to take my next action it just crashes. Very annoying and I shouldn’t have to abandon my game/play it all in one session.

  67. I sent two Dreadnoughts in to battle with Fusion Drive installed in to an AI enemy-controlled hex.
    Awaiting my fleet was two enemy Dreadnoughts and a Cruiser.
    The enemy Dreadnoughts had traded off their hull defense for superior firepower and only had a Nuclear drive, so I thought I had a good chance at a preemptive attack but to my surprise the enemy Dreadnoughts attacked first and I lost the battle instantly.
    I don’t think I missed any rules here, and I think my fleet should have attacked first as I was the one with enhanced initiative.
    Could this be a bug of sorts?

    • Did enemy have Plasma Missiles? They attack before other weapons but only get one shot….

      • That was it! Obviously I need to play the game more and make sure I know what I’m talking about.
        Sorry about the senseless ranting.

    • probably the enemy was using missiles and you had cannons only built into your ships. its a general rule that missiles fire at the begin of the battle (but no more after that!). and therefore “initiative” has only an effect on which missile is fired first – but since you had no missiles, the enemy shot first.

  68. I’d love to see some performance improvements, the game seems to chug on my iPad 3. I was expecting the butter-smooth performance I’d come to expect from Neuroshima!

    But you guys do fantastic work, and thanks for the updates.

  69. Masta De Gumbo says:

    definitely +1 on showing what your opponent(s) did after coming back to a multiplayer game when it’s your turn. I currently have to deduce it from looking at the whole board.

  70. This is no comment for rushing, just curiosity. How long does it take to put in an update like this (assuming you fix e major issues only) you can give a range (2-4 months for example) I’m not looking for a specific date. I’ve learned more about the app dev process from you guys, since you’ve been really open with us, unlike other companies (*cough*playdek) thanks for making a great implementation to one of the best board games out there.

    Looking forward to rota when it comes out so I can crush more aliens…keep up the good work!

    • Łukasz Łazarecki says:

      We’re working on a couple of things at the moment and this update is going to be a not so small one, so probably about 2 months to get most of the stuff done.

      • Great, thanks for response! I am getting my money’s worth out of this game, I’ve probably played 100 games easy by now. If you want some Game Center achievement ideas, I’ve got a few ;) keep up the good work!

  71. Feature request:

    Pass and play. I’m travelling a lot with friends and being able to have a game of that excellent game in a plane would be a blast!

  72. Hi BDG! Just hit onto your website after playing Eclipse board game for the first time. Can’t wait for an android version to come out. I don’t buy many games, but definitely will buy this one when it becomes available. Your IOS version looks cool!

  73. Love Eclipse, but have come across a bug. Playing a two player game against a human AI – I left the ai with one sector, after taking 3 sectors off it. It had lost its sole ship against the central alien, but it froze at the end phase, even through it had one sector and positive resources.

  74. there is a bug when using an AI controlled Eriadni on hardcore mode only. The race starts with a dreadnought as well as their usual money. Easy to recreate it. Great implementation though

  75. How do you create an online game with human players and AI players?

  76. The check box for BUILD has messed me up a couple of times. Usually I think it is to confirm my building of one ship, not my entire turn.

    I don’t totally know how to fix this, but I would suggest an UNDO option for when I screw up something like this.

  77. Is it possible to add a color coding to controlled sectors permanently? Just like when you hold two fingers down to highlight the sectors that are controlled, it would be great to have an option to leave that on permanently.

  78. I’ve had a bug in MP :
    I was playing planta in MP. I only had one wormhole connection I could explore from
    I explored and got a tile with 2 wormholes connections and 2 planets. Every time I tried to influence it, the game crashed.

  79. In AI game when I have the option to RETREAT in battle but select ATTACK, my ships disappear without any further attacks and battle ends (and AI scores points) as though I was defeated. Very frustrating

    • If your ships only have plasma missiles on them, then this is working correctly. Plasma missiles can only fire once per battle. If you do not retreat they are automatically destroyed.

  80. The species info screen for the Eridani doesn’t mention that they start the game with two less influence.

  81. first of all: I love the game!
    and now for the feedback. some things that I did not see in the summary so far:

    *** new feature-request – the “ACTION-LOG” ***
    actions of the oponents should be logged somehow in a list(-ish) element that gets built up during oponents’ turn (*). after that, when its your turn again, you are displayed that action log so you imediately have the overview about what happened (thats important in async multiplayer, where you are clueless at the moment unless you have a great memory). in general you should be able to display that log at any time! and further on, you should be able to skip all oponents moves if you like so, for in singleplayer, you are wayting way too long for AI to act (~50% of the time), which is not necessary once you can recall the events you’re interested in using the suggested log-feature.
    (*) action-log could look like this:
    - oponent1: explore
    - oponent1: colonize
    - oponent2: build
    - oponent2: diplomacy
    - oponent3: research
    - …
    when you click an entry, the action is “replayed” (so you can see what exactly was explored/colonized/built/…)

    *** request for imporvement – the UNDO feature ***
    the undo-feature is not yet as good as it should be. I wish it were possible to undo the whole move at any time until you “commit” it (i.e. end the turn). of course there is an exception to this: if there is an element in the turn that reveals some new information to the player, there will be an instant commit (maybe to be confirmed with an extra click? – example: influencing a field that contains a discovery).
    right now the undo is unsufficient – I just experienced the case in the cleanup, where I missclicked the colonialization (unable to revise this!) and then did not exchange resources to avoid bankrupcy (unable to revise this!). further examples: no undo for allocation of hits to ships in battle, no undo for whole action when its a multipart-action (instead e.g. just undo for the last of several ship movements).

  82. If I have 3 ships (dread/cruise/intercept) in one sector and choose to move all of them, I will move the dread first, then the cruise, then the interceptor…. the graphics for the last ship is the cruiser, not the interceptor.

  83. Bug: The AI likes to fire missiles and retreat before the player gets to fire. I think this is illegal. IIRC, if they choose to retreat in round one, they don’t get to fire. Also, they should not get to leave the battle until the end of the first round, AFTER the player fires, right?

    • according to rules: right. if you retreat, you do not shoot in one round, get shot at by the oponent, and actually retreat in next round.

      • I think you forgot that the “Missiles” allows to shoot BEFORE the first round which then is *legal* as it is not in a middle of a round.

        Obviously, after a few games against IA, I understood how much powerful is this upgrade.

  84. I probably shouldn’t post right now, but..

    First off, let me say that I am SO glad that somebody ported Eclipse to iOS. As a father of young children, with many of my friends in the same boat, it is hard to get together without kids for the several hours necessary to play the game. Now we can battle digitally! Yay!

    On the one hand, I was overjoyed that it was you guys doing the port. As a Neuroshima Hex fan, I knew you’d do a fabulous job, and I was not disappointed.

    However, I was also a little concerned, because in your development you don’t seem to give much love toward async players. To be honest, this has always surprised me, as all your games are turn-based games. Why go to all the trouble to be “live” when the few seconds to transmit asynchronously is barely noticeable in a turn-based game compared to the time the other humans take to think?

    I see that some of the concerns have been listed (action log, ability to look at other players stuff when not your turn, persistent chat, etc). That’s great, and I look forward to those changes! I have two to add, though, and the first one is a biggee, since it is the impetus for my post.

    My friends and I just finished a long and grueling game over several weeks. I’m pretty sure I trounced them, but when the last turn of the game was finished, it disappeared before showing us the scores!

    I can’t tell you how disappointing and frustrating that was. I’m sure you’ve all played the game countless times, so imagine if after a long battle in which you are pretty sure you were victorious, somebody flipped the table.

    I am really hoping this was a random bug, and that all games don’t just go away as soon as they are concluded. Victories in Eclipse should be savored, they should hang around for a while. I think it was a bug, because I didn’t get my achievement for winning with my species (and if there is any way to recover this game, I’d love to do it!).

    But really, I would just encourage you to play a few asynchronous games in test. Force yourself to log out, let the other players play, then log back in. Then you’ll see the pain.

    Second, I may be wrong about this, but aren’t the majority of people here the only one playing on their iPad? I mean, it’s nice that we have the ability to have more than one account, but for those of us who are the only one playing this game on the iPad, it just means an extra “click” every time we go into the app. Would be really nice if there was only one account created if it would just autolog that account in. We can always log back out if we want to create a new one, and if there is more than one you can make us pick. Should be only a few lines of code.

    Again, I really do love your game, I’m just really bummed right now. Thank you for your hard work, but PLEASE give some thought to async play for the future.

    • Indeed, we really need to have a victory display in the end of the game. I agree about the async issues, which are pretty aggravating (and I don’t understand why someone would play online when it takes as long as playing live!).

      Anyway, another of my issues with Async is that we really need to be able to review the game situation before taking any decision : that is, we should be able to consult the board, the log (yet to be implemented), the ship designs, and the technology of every player whenever we have anything to do :
      Currently, we cannot do that when we are proposed a diplomatic treaty, so we have to accept or refuse without knowing anything about the situation, as I usually don’t exactly recall what is going on in each of the 6 games I last played the day before.
      We need to be able to review the board before deciding to trade resources to avoid bankruptcy too.

  85. If you click on the Victory Points (left lower corner) you get a tooltip explaining the points. The explanation about traitors has a typo “trator”.

    It would be nice to have more explanations about each technology and what it is for.

  86. I have a bug where I go into battle and if I can’t blow the enemy away first with my plasma missiles when it comes time to attack either me first (after the initial plasma missiles) or right after their turn I instantly loose the battle. No battle scene or anything it just cuts to the last wrap up screen where they hand out the points. I always loose when it does this no matter the odds. Very seldom do I get to play out a battle fully. It’s effectivly making the game unplayable.

  87. Bug: Research not getting any discounts. Even though i have some technologies already in that specific technology tree.

  88. Hi guys,
    what about the multiplayer. There just 4-5 guys online at the same time, i never played one mp game. Is this about sync bugs, or no one want to play this great game in mp?

    • DOn’t worry – you can still set up an a-synchronous match and then people will join and have their turns – even if you are away. I suppose its a natural cycle that numbers will tend to thin out after awhile, perhaps try and play at peak hours

  89. Hi!

    I just discover this game over the week-end. This is a *great* game! Is there any way that you allow to increase the number of rounds? 9 rounds is nice for a quick game but but too short some times. Thx!

  90. Something else that would be VERY useful to speed up asynch games is a default option whereby in a combat everything is done automatically (i.e. no manual allocation of targets). Some combats might take 8-9 rounds of fighting to complete – that is a very long wait, especially where the opponents are in different time zones or there are multiple combats between players going on. Please add this in!!

  91. A new one to me. An online game which i set up has just simply disappeared. I did not resign, so how did that happen?

  92. Game crashes on start up. Second start up works. Neuroshima Hex does this too.

    Also: the app icon still shows that I have a turn after I have taken my turn — often doesn’t tell me when I do. (Neuroshima Hex does this as well)

  93. Addicted to Eclipse says:

    Today the game crash everytime i try to login, there’s anything i can do?

  94. About the MP games disappearing issues, it is very weird, because I first thought the game would disappear when there was only 1 player left, but it isn’t the case : sometimes, I am the last player and have to finish the game alone (all other players auto pass).
    It does not only happen when a game is finished either, as some have disappeared before turn 6. It is a very serious bug, and along with the general impracticality of playing asynchronous(no log, no way to examine the board when offered a peace treaty, or when having to convert to money for avoiding bankrupcy).
    Maybe it happens when the host leaves, I don’t know. I’ll try to perform some other tests (but I would have to start new games, and meet the disappearance conditions, unless someone would be willing to test this with me).

    • Nevermind, it seems to happen even when the player who set up the game did not resign. If games just disappear after a certain time, it is a horrible mechanism and needs to be replaced by a proper timer, after which the player who timed out should be forced to resign (or replaced by AI if it ever is implemented. The timer could either be a global timer (ie limited total time to play all turns), or an immediate one (limited time to play each turn). The timer duration should be set during game creation.

      I much prefer the global one (as in Playdeck’s games), as it makes it harder to just bore your opponent to death by taking time to take your turn

    • My multiplayer game also disappeared while I am on cpvacation and have limited Internet. Very frustrating.

  95. Great game! Great digital app! I’m running into trouble with it on the iPad mini. I’m playing against 3 standard human bots on round 7 and, this happened twice, when I explored a tile that had a ‘?’ Tile, the game would crash. :( just a heads up!

  96. Game crashes on startup. Not completely sure the reason but I believe it is because I selected a resource I had already maxed (money to be precise) to be improved when I did a diplomacy pact.

    Feature requests at least, until all crashes are solved:

    -Turn backtracking
    -Log to be sent to the developers when the app crashes.

    Thank you. Awesome game :D

  97. Game crashes on startup. Not completely sure the reason but I believe it is because I selected a resource I had already maxed (money to be precise) to be improved when I did a diplomacy pact.

    Feature requests at least, until all crashes are solved:

    -Turn backtracking
    -Log to be sent to the developers when the app crashes.

    Thank you. Awesome game :D

  98. Łukasz Łazarecki says:

    Just letting you know that I read every comment, but don’t have much time to reply on every one. Many of your questions have already been answered (missiles, discounts, few other bugs), so please check the list if you encounter any problems with the game.

    About multiplayer games disappearing. They are disposed after a long inactivity, because our server has limited resources. For how long were your disappearing games left alone? How long do you thing the timeout should be? It’s 5 days now.

    • Concerning multiplayer games, I think it could work as follow :
      The player creating the game choses a total time allowance for each player (let’s say between 2hours for live game and 14 days for asynchronous games) : every time it is their turn to play, their time counters goes down, and once it reaches 0, they are kicked from the game (as if they had resigned), while the other players keep playing.
      The timer is not reset after performing an action.

      The player creating the game sets a time out duration(from 5 minutes for live I suppose, to 2-5 days for asynch games). Whenever it is someone’s turn to play, the timeout counter should start ticking down, and when it reaches zero, the player is kicked from the game.
      The timer is reset each time the player performs an action.

      The problem is not that activity is enforced, but that all the active players have their game disappearing too. Only the inactive player should be kicked (and 5 days is long enough), so that he cannot just timeout games he is losing. At least, a game could still advance even if a player loses interest because he won’t win.

      Of course, all of this would work better once resigned players don’t auto pass, but are not in the game anymore ;)

    • In my mind, simpler is better.

      If a timeout of 5 days is reasonable, then go with this but give users a way to keep the game going if it has not actually been abandoned. For example, on the fourth day and email can be sent to the user asking them if they are still playing. If they click some link, then the five day counter is reset. If not, then the game goes away.

      This also has the benefit of letting users know what is going on. I didn’t know about the 5 day limit until I waded through ~200 comments on this forum.

  99. Łukasz Łazarecki says:

    Yes, that’s how it should work. But with our current implementation it is impossible to guess who the next player, after the dropped one, would be, so I’m not able to notify the next player, after dropping the current one.

  100. The following suggestion is highly hypothetical, as I have no knowledge of the way the application works (that and both suggestions are horribly inelegant workarounds at best, ie in case the architecture can support them) :

    Except for notification, would it still be possible for the game do determine whose turn it is once any other player checks? It would sure be a bit wonky, but I would take that over game disappearing (although I cannot guarantee this would be an universal preference!).
    What about having the game notify every remaining players, and let them acknowledge a messagebox (like X has been kicked from the game for inactivity, except for the player whose turn it is, whose app should be able to determine it is his turn).

    I guess the problem would be that the game would not be able to know who to kick next then (but there would be a wonky workaround, by notifying only one player randomly, who would just be able to click “OK” before passing to the next if he is not the one taking next turn, and if he is the one taking the next turn, he would be able to take it at this time).

  101. I just encountered a bug. I successfully terminated one of three species(AI was normal) in the game, when I finished my turn, the game stopped running when it goes to the species that I already terminated. Please fit it.

  102. When selecting a tech, the price is not discounted for any techs you have already purchase in that tech line. I always have to pay full price for every tech.

  103. /Cry

    After more than a month and several hundred moves, we have just resolved the last round of combat in our five player game; in the closing stages, a trade agreement was offered, accepted and now the game crashes for all of us :( The game is called “Newcastle Gamers” in case you can extricate any information from it.

    It would be great to get a bug-fix release soon – it looks like you’re ticking lots of problems off the list :)

  104. When can we expect an update? I knew day 1 this wasn’t a workable multiplayer, I just really want to be able to complete a game against random opponents and not sit blind till it is my turn.

  105. I just encountered a bug in a local game vs 5 AI:

    I managed to eliminate one of the AI completely by occupying all of their influenced sectors and destroying all their ships in round 3. Round 4 began and when it reached the defeated AI player, the game stopped (no “player X is thinking”, etc.). I can not find any way to progress the game or skip this AI’s turn.

  106. When playing against the AI, Why do the AI player(s) get a Dreadnought to start the game and I only get a Interceptor?

    • In the hardest difficulty, the AI get’s Dreadnoughts. Beyond that Im not sure if ther are other differences between Normal and Hard

  107. There does not seem to be any user interface that shows the +2 VP discovery tiles that you have (or your opponents have), either in your drawers or at the end of the game. In the physical board game, the +2 tokens sit on your play mat and you can see them. I find myself forgetting how many +2 tokens I have and also whether my opponents have any. From what I can tell they are being counted in the final score correctly, it is just that you can’t see them anywhere in the UI. One idea is that you could find room to put them in the bottom left drawer alongside the combat shield tokens you earn.

    Awesome app — congratulations and really enjoying it. Looking forward to the patch!

  108. @Nate – it’s currently a bug that once an AI is eliminated, the game hangs. Fourth from the top: “AI is unable to continue after all of its sectors have been taken” – and it has a strikeout through it, so it looks like it’s been fixed.

    BDC, any idea when the update is coming? I’d be more than happy with an interim update that addresses all the stroked-out items on your list!

  109. The Planta crashing bug also seems to appear if you could only put a second exploration tile touching the first one that was just explored and claimed. It will keep crashing every time you Resume as well, even if you stop the program from running and reboot it.
    Also, it usually crashes once or twice each time I open the game, then works fine (unless the Planta bug shows up). I have an iPad 2 if that matters.
    Other than that, I adore the game, so excellent job guys! Happy bug hunting!

  110. Great game. Eventually, I found it fairly easy to win. With that, I have a few suggestions to make:

    You can undo your move after performing an exploration. That allows you to probe sectors on every turn. This can be a huge advantage if abused. It’s not clear how you could still allow an undo and prevent this, but if you were playing a real game this should not be possible.

    AIThe AI appears very one-minded in it’s approach to gaining technology and upgrading ships. I could tell you in order all the technologies the AI will pick based upon cost: Neutron Bombs, Improved Hull, Plasma Cannon, Advanced Robotics, Advanced Economy, Advanced Mining, Plasma Missile. At the game’s end, it may choose Monolith. When upgrading, it’ll focus on shields, then plasma cannons, and eventually overload on the plasma missile.

    The plasma missile is probably the biggest oversight in the AI. It will forgo every other ship part (aside from computers) to load up on the plasma missile. While this produces a lot of offensive firepower, most ships end up with Hull of 1. An easy counter strategy is to have a ship with higher initiative with a plasma missile. I’ve had a couple of interceptors take out two dreadnoughts skewed this way. Also, shields never seem to be configured by the AI (unless they’re already built with them).

    Shields also seem under-utilized by the AI. The Gauss Shield means most attacks have a 1 in 6 chance of hitting. Otherwise, most attacks will have a 1 in 3 chance of hitting. So a single ship part effectively doubles your hull. A dreadnought with hull 5 and a Gauss shield is better than one with hull 7 and no shields.

  111. There is a variation of the Plantea bug, if there is only one tile left to explore, there is no way to complete an exlplore action. It will get stuck asking you to select a second location to explore, but there is nothing to choose.

    Great work, can’t wait for the expansion :-)

  112. Request:
    When asking for diplomacy, or asked for diplomacy, fold out diplomatic panel. Often unsure wheter it will cost VP to accept a proposal.

  113. The Cool Side of the Pillow says:

    Heard about this game the other day and to my disappointment, it’s only available for the iPad. It looks a lot better than Starbase Orion, which is the only other 4X game I can find for the iPhone. Any plans on making Eclipse: New Dawn for iPod touch and iPhone?

    • Having played it on the iPad it’s my opinion they’ve done a really good job jamming all the information onto the iPad screen. I suspect that making all the information readily available on such a small screen whilst maintaining playability would be a tall order.

  114. Łukasz Łazarecki says:

    Hi guys,

    As you can see by looking at the bug list, we’re working hard on fixing those bugs and are pretty much finished. However, I can reproduce one bug, could you help me and describe what exactly is needed to do to make this one appear:

    “After upgrading ships with one Ancient part and another standard part, the Ancient part gets doubled and added in the standard part’s place”?

    • Łukasz Łazarecki says:

      Ah, finally got it! The important part was to research another ship part (i.e. Improved Hull) after getting the Discovery and then performing an upgrade with both those parts.

  115. Please impliment a game timer, adjustable by the creator of the game, like in agricola. Then i would play it a ton.

    • Agricola seem to have got it absolutely right when it comes to multiplayer – some great features: replaying peoples’ moves, clear summary information, ability to log in when its not your turn and see where the game is up to and start to formulate your next move. It’s a good reference model for multiplayer in many ways.

  116. Game crashes after influencing an explored tile, which is one of the most basic feature of the game.

    • Łukasz Łazarecki says:

      Hitesh, would be great if you gave some a more detailed description. Were you exploring with Planta? If so, this is a know bug and it’s already fixed in the development version.

  117. Łukasz Łazarecki says:

    Comments are now enabled, sorry for inconvenience :)

  118. Feature request -
    The screen for trading resources is confusing because some things are vertical, some horizontal, and some are just weird.

    Fix -
    Top row: [Orange][Pink][Green] (in same order as top of screen)
    Middle row: Selector to increase resources for trade. This should line up underneath the selected trade color, thus it would move under the orange, pink, or green as appropriate.
    Bottom row: [Orange][Pink][Green] with numbers inside to show the resource increase. Maybe something like +1.

  119. Feature request – be able to access the trade screen after “Research” or “Build” have been selected. Currently trades can only take place before choosing an action.

  120. Hi, guys, and thanks for a great game.
    I think I have encountered a bug that isn’t described. I was playing hydran species 2 player with ai. On Round 8, explore action crashed my game, but when i reopened, i was able to continue the game, although i had one less action point and the sector i explored was not there.. I redid the explore, crashing again, reopened and again – no sector, but minus another action point. I actually finished the game normally, but still that’s a pretty ugly bug there.
    I hope there will be an update soon. Keep up the good work!

  121. Any updates on possibility of having this ported to other operating systems? Android? Windows XP/7/8?

  122. Hi, may I know when will the 1st patch come?

  123. Not meening to spam the comments, but I really hope an adjustable game timer is something you will implement in the first patch. For me and many like me, having an optional adjustable timer with countdown for each player when creating a game is a requirement to online play. I dont like waiting hours for other players to make a move, when I play I want to play then, mot later. Are you planning om implementing this? This game is so awesome,really hope you will do this! Thanks

    • Have to agree. Right now multiplayer games with some random people always end with one player giving up and it sitting waiting for them, such a shame. We really need a method to have the AI take over given a set length of time.

    • Agree. There really only needs to be two settings. “Long” which should be a couple days and “Short” which should be a ~2 minutes (for “live” games). Any other setting is unnecessary. I went online last night and there were 3 players :( . MP needs some help!

      Another needed feature is AI takeover. When a player resigns today, the game just passes their turn, which gives a big advantage to the player sitting next to them.

  124. Hi,

    Great game, but i have a problem. When i try to resume a game it locks up and quit back to IOS. Have had this problem for a while. Hope a patch will solve it.

  125. Common, I have to pay 400 Euro for Tablet just to buy this game for 7 dollars? Please make this game available on Android and PC!) I know you are working on it, just hurry! :) Anyway, great job. I play Eclipse board game and I just cant wait to have it in more compact way. Good luck!

  126. A feature I forgot to request because I’ve been waiting for the update to get in to the game is the chat feature to be like a post thing. Right now in an asynch multiplayer game the only people who see the text chat are those currently online and in that current game. It would really improve the game if the other players received these messages regardless if they are currently viewing that game or not.

  127. I hate to rush people, but personally, I’d be happy with a partial patch. Is ther an ETA on the update?

    • As much as I’d like to see everything on this list, there are a few listed as “fixed” that really hurt the experience (crashes, Cyprus, extra Ring 3 sectors, wrong tech tile counts) for those familiar with the board game.

      Please release soon!

  128. I was playing a 6 player game against 5 Hardcore AI’s. In Round 8, I nearly wiped out the Terran Republic AI so that it had only one hex left with two ships on it. In Round 9, when the Terran Republic got its first turn, it will not go past “Terran Republic is thinking.” I left the program running for close to an hour, as well as reseting the program and the iPad, but the Terran Republic never takes a move, thus the game is unfinishable. I have a screen shot of the Terran Republic’s final board state if you want to see it.


  129. Any update on when this patch will be released? I agree with many comments above me that even if it’s just a partial patch it’d be nice to get it sooner than later to resolve the bugs you have already fixed.


  130. This update is so needed. Multiplayer is dead and in its current form is a poor experience. It’s plagued with quitters, bugs, people not taking turns quick enough and no stats (similar to Neuroshima Hex). I’ve only ever been able to see one game to completion, and ironically the game was titled “noobs only”.

  131. Coming from the board game side of things, the requested feature “Make initial technologies visible before species selection” is actually pretty important, since it influences race selection quite a bit. In any case, it’s great to see the list being updated and lots of bugs taken care of. After the update is done, lets hear about the expansion developement.. ;)

    • Agree this is important, but in order to get this working properly, race selection needs to become part of the game rather than part of joining the game. Currently, first player and seating order is random so picking a race based on first-turn techs is no guarantee that you get the result you want.

      • Yeah, the whole mechanic should be implemented according to the board game as you suggested. It’s well resolved in the board game so why not just use that mechanic. Hope we’ll get it in the upcoming patch or sometime later!

  132. Looks like you’re nearly there with this – good work! I’m really looking forward to the update.

    What’s the plan? Will you release once you’ve completed the bugs and maybe look for a feature release some time in the future? Or are you going to work on the requested features list and do one release?

    For me, the two requested features that would really help on the requested list are
    * Automatic handling of combat (i.e. ‘Fight until death’, ‘Fight until first damage taken’, etc)
    * Automatic reactions handling (i.e. player automatically passes if not attacked)
    * Game log for multiplayer

    The absence of these make an offline multiplayer game more tricky – players have to log on just to pass; or we’re firing one salvo every day or two in some cases of combat. And we’re doing an email trail of actions to substitute for a game log so that might be fine amongst friends but harder for matches you find online. So implementing these would improve multiplayer a lot.

    You might have already been burned by mentioning a release date for Eclipse ;) but have you got any ideas on timescales for this patch?

    Cheers, keep up the good work!

  133. This is getting annoying. Out of 9 games I was in, 6 have disappered because of inactive players, including one I created. Younreally need to get the AI to skip turns ifna player is inactive.

  134. The hell with Windows 8…. there’s no reason this could’ve been for Steam

  135. Still no patch? O___o

  136. bigdaddyscreations taking so long makes me suspect if they are secretly Valve. 3 bugs unable to reproduce: HL3 confirmed.

  137. I have to agree with others in that I am concerned by how long it is taking for these updates. In fact, I try to not play the game too much because of the crashes (Settings > About > Diagnostics & Usage > Diagnostic & Usage Data) and the incorrect rules (Ancient initiative is really bothersome, among others).

    I can live with some minor stuff not fixed. Please can we have an update for the major stuff?

  138. I read through this post and searched the comments for a bug I found. Couldn’t find another list of bugs in Eclipse either. So here goes:

    If you attack a system that is influenced and colonized by a random race (say Orion) and that has Plantas ships, you get Neutron bombs against the planets even if you don’t have that tech.

    • That is a racial disadvantage for Planta, not a bug. Any attack against a Planta colony is treated as if the attacker has Neutron Bombs (i.e Planta colonies are always wiped out).

      See their description for details.

    • OK, maybe I read your issue wrong. Are you saying that Planta always gets Neutron Bombs, even if they don’t have them? Or that if you enter a hex that has Planta ships in it and is owned by another player (not Planta, not you) and you kill the Planta, you get Nuetron Bombs, even if you don’t have them?

      At the end of Combat for a hex, there is only one player’s ships in a hex when colony attack takes place.

      Please clarify what the state of the hex is when the colonies are attacked and what race the “you” player is…

      • A weakness of the Planta species is that for any attack against their systems, the attacker is counted as having Neutron Bombs tech, even if he doesn’t.

        So, if you enter a Planta hex, you will wipe out all of their colonies, even if you don’t have the tech to do so.

  139. Good day all!

    1. Game crashes when you UNDO after battle resolved. So if there was a battle, you and your opponent received victory tokens, you push UNDO and the game crashes. No reconnect or resume possible. Local game

    2. The game crashed when I just scrolled the star map. No specific actions were made. Resume not possible. Local game.
    May be you need to perform an action allowing to get needed tech data to be send to you, to avoid such crashes that cannot be detalised?

    0. Still crashing when choosing the cheapest tech and not draggin it. I saw this problem in the list =)


  140. I’ve found another problem (if anyone is still reading this topic):
    my dreadnought equipped with 2 AM-cannons rolled 8 ion-dices on hit attacking population. I re-read the rules of a boardgame – as I see there must be only two rolles of red dices. Not?

    • I think I’ve seen this happen. And yes, my understanding of the rules is the same as yours – two dice, not eight.

      • The rules state that battle with population goes “in the same way”. We can speak whether a 2-population planet can be counted as a ship with 2 hulles (I think not, but it can be read in such a way) or like two 1-hit targets. But I couldn’t find any definitions to split the fired damage into different targets.

        Alas! In the example interceptors hit the population with ion cannons so it cannot be defined correctly with no doubts.

    • It’s not a bug. It rolls 8 dices, and either make 0, 4 or 8 hits. You will never see 1, 2, 3, 5, 6, 7 hits. It’s just an easier way to visualise what happens.

  141. I had this happen to me with v1.1: “It is (sometimes?) possible to assign shots, which should not be able to hit, to ships with shields, if one player also has other ships without shields which can be hit (unable to reproduce)”

    I will try to grab screenshots if this happens again, but difficult to respond quickly enough.

  142. Excellent job on the app!! Thank you so much!

    I do have one issue/suggestion. The influence is still not working correctly. As an example in my current game I have hexes: B is the homeworld tile with a ship and influence disc. D has my influence disc, connected to B. A and C are empty tiles connected to B.


    Since B has my ship, after an infuence action, I should be allowed to have ANY combination of up to four hexes with influences discs. More specifically:

    1) Zero discs. (move disc from B to influence track, D to influence track)
    2) One disc in any of A, B, C, or D (move disc from D to A or C, move disc from B to influence track)
    3) Two discs in any of A, B, C, or D (move disc from influence track to A or C, move disc from B or D to influence track OR move directly from D to A, then B to C)
    4) Three discs in any of A, B, C or D (move from influence track to A or C, move disc from B or D to A or C)
    5) All four discs (move from influence track to A or C, then again)

    Currently, the app does #1 and #5 all right, but for #2, #3 and #4, not all combinations of hexes A, B, C or D are allowed. I could provide more specific detail if requested, but I have a general suggestion:

    The current interface for the influence action needs a bit of an reworking. To properly mimic the rules, I would suggest the following:

    When the user selects the influence action:
    Prompt #1: “select hex or influence track to remove a disc”.
    Wait for user input.
    Prompt #2: “select hex or influence track to place disc”.
    Await user input.

    The above is done twice for two influence moves. Rules can be checked after Prompt #2 to ensure valid disc placement (i.e. adjacent to your existing ship or disc). If a player removes then adds to the influence track it can count as a non-move and Prompt #1 and #2 are done again. Player can end the influence action at any time. Player can unflip 2 colony ships at any time.

    Although I understand having these prompts makes the game slightly more cumbersome than the current implementation, I believe all past and current bugs relating to Influence are due to “shortcutting” the interface.

    Thanks again for all the hard work! Keep it up!

    • Sorry, realized a mistake. A Player can END the influence action only before entering a response to Prompt #1 or after two influence moves. A player can CANCEL the influence action at any time.

  143. Bug reports

    1) Ancients rolled 5s and hit my ships with gauss shields :/ poor dreadnaught didn’t expect that :( (next turn bug 2 happens)

    Draco moves to GCDS, all ships pinned down.
    Draco explores all the I-hexes still left on the board without having influence on core or wormhole connection from another draco-owned-hex, or a ship on the target hex.

    Maybe the game counts ancients as draco-ships?

  144. Suggested feature:
    A mark near the player track, so you can see who have passe, and who can still take normal actions.

    A colored dot, or something like the wormhole technology icon.

  145. Booster are you planning on releasing the Rise of the Ancients Expansion?