Done. [Updated]


Eclipse development is finally done. No more waiting, you can finally put out your torches and drop the pitchforks. The game that took us over a year and a half to finish is now waiting to be reviewed by Apple.

Update: Eclipse is now available worldwide on the App Store!

Update: Check out our gameplay trailer!

I’m not going to describe how painful and tough it was to make this game, because describing it is simply beyond my skill of describing things. What I am going to do instead is to present you a few Retina quality screenshots we haven’t shared yet, so here they are:

Zoomed-out map

Eclipse main menu

Zoomed-in map

Eclipse game configuration menu

Planta species description


Round 1 begins

I also promised to reveal the price. Here it is: Eclipse will be available for $6.99 with no IAPs initially, but we plan to include Rise of the Ancients expansion later as IAPs.

That’s it. All there’s left to do now is wait :)

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  1. Finally! After more than two months of daily visits the headline I’ve been longing for is here. Take my money now! Thanks!

  2. Congratulations Guys!

    Everything looks amazing, and I’m sure it will run as smoothly as it looks.

    $6.99 is an absolute bargain! Can’t wait for the IAPs since I own the boardgame but not the expansion.

    Thanks very much for all the effort you guys have put in!

  3. 6.99. My bet was on 7.99, but for such a complex game truly a steal. For sure a day 1 download.

  4. Congratulations and thanks for the hard work. I can’t wait to download it.

  5. Finally. So awesome. Can’t wait. Expedite request -> release instantly. Do it! :D

  6. 6.99 = 7.99 for me I think (Australia)

    Super happy, cant wait!

  7. Fabulous! Congratulations to your team!

    I’ll be a day-one purchase for sure. Except now I’ll be checking the app store every day instead of your website.

  8. When will we see a Android version?

    • It’s release for iPad only, but, as always, if sales are going to be good enough, we’ll consider porting it to Android.

      • Will it be only for iPad or both iPad and iPhone? I don’t have an iPad yet unfortunately.

      • Please do port it to Android. I would love to play it on my Nexus 7. I love this game.

        • Please consider porting to Android regardless of iOS sales. Android is a massive market and it would seem to be only logical to reach out to those potential sales.

          • I second this. If you continue to port these games to Android, I will continue to buy them. Love neuroshima hex by the way.

          • While it’s tempting to use iOS sales to justify the additional work needed to support Android’s fragmented hardware specs, in the case of 4x games and especially cult boardgames, I wouldn’t presume that the potential fan base is distributed evenly between the platforms. I have no way of backing it up, but perhaps you can gather your own data, such as looking at the browser clients accessing this site. Obviously there will be iOS peaks when your game has been announced via ios-centric outlets, but what about for the more general games news sites like Game Informer, for example?

            I’d definitely pay £7 to have this on my Galaxy S4.

      • I go to start a mp game, setup a game, click accept and it tells me maximum game count reached. I have no multiplayer games going presently. Could this be on my end, maybe because i am behind a nat on an old airport express ? Minimum internet speed required up or down stream maybe ?

      • Please port to Android. This game would be amazing on my Nexus 10!

      • Port it to Android, please. BTW I would prefer the Caylus Android port first. Neuroshima Hex is wonderful, thx.

      • I’ll join the crowd requesting Android! I have a Nexus 7 and am surrounded with fellow board gamers with Nexus devices too, all willing to pay as much as needed to play games such as Eclipse on Android.

  9. Great news! I’ve been really looking forward to this release. Are you sure you’re pricing it right? Even at $9.99 it’d be a bargain. At $6.99 I feel like I’m stealing.

  10. well done! will buy when available on store.

  11. Well done! Thank you so much for your hard work, and for putting up with our nagging. We will buy it!

  12. Long time watcher, first time poster.

    Just wanted to say: YAY!

    These screenshots look beautiful. I can’t wait.

  13. You will have my cash as soon as possible! I will also support any IAP’s for this that introduce expansions. Well done!

  14. “That’s it. All there’s left to do now is wait.”

    I am a super good at waiting.

  15. Congrats! Can’t wait to play it. Thank you for such a reasonable price.

  16. Congratulations on finishing the development! Very excited about this game, soI hope Apple will somehow put this game at the head of the approaval queue :) . Also, I think the price is right to also gather in new players of Eclipse.

    Just looking at the screenshots in landscape mode on my iPad is currently the closest I get to simulating to actually playing the game ;)

    • Yes and I suggest everybody who want to check how it feels to do that :) Save the screenshots to you camera roll and check out each screenshots using Photos app.

  17. Looks great guys. I especially like the custom spaceship art for each alien race. I wasn’t expecting that but it really does look great in my opinion. The way you guys did combat looks very neat as well.

    The only thing missing is turn timers for async and an IAP purchase for the expansion :)

    I hope these both show up in the future!

  18. Thank you so much for your hard work! I look forward to purchasing it! Thank you for not making the game an IAP-engine!

  19. Can’t wait! I will download as soon as it’s posted. Anyone know how long it takes for Apple to post?

  20. YES!! *refreshes app store*

  21. Take the rest of the day off. You’ve earned it.

    Now we wait for the day one release.

    Hope it’s a good day one for you.

  22. I keep coming back to look at the screenshots… Is it approved yet? Is it approved yet? Repeat ad nauseum…

  23. martin.sirois70@gmail.com says:

    Merci! Merci! Merci! Merci! Merci! Merci! Merci! Merci! Merci! Merci! Merci!

    That is great. Congrats guys!

    One question, Will it work on the iPad 2?

  24. Well done guys. Enjoy a well-earned beer! Cheers.

  25. Didn’t realise it was ipad only. Might have to pick one up when the new version gets released this year…

  26. I’m waiting for eclipse like the rest here but I also would like to know something about your next project.

    Is it “Stronghold” like announced long time ago? Something like “Convoy” from neuroshima world? Give us a hint please :)

  27. Hi booster,

    Is there a more complete feature list? A-sync, pass-n-play, etc etc etc?

    It doesn’t matter, to me, I’m buying it, just curious.

  28. Day one buyer for sure !

  29. Any possibility of a Mac OSX port?

    Does this use Game Center?

  30. Cant’t wait. Looks amazing!

  31. How many days for apple review !?

  32. Game play preview is awesome.

    I’m really impressed by the combat interface. Looks intuitive and easy to follow. Pre-round start screen showing the turn order, techs and scores is nice as well.

    Congrats on finishing this!

  33. Eclipse ipad app: 6.99$
    Ipad3: 477 $
    Impatiently waiting for Eclipse app in Ipad: Priceless


    It’s been one of the most exciting waits of my gaming life and I’d like to thank BigDaddy for that cause it’s not the having it but desiring to have it what makes the (you?) life more colorful as I’m dead sure that the moment I download and and play it like 20 hours in one sitting Eclipse, I’ll lose all the joy/fun/desire..

  34. According to the site weekend days count as well… Could be sunday.

    The other question is, if BD releases it as soon as it is approved.

  35. Thanks guys, looks like you did awesome job with the graphics =)

  36. Now that the app has been submitted to the App Store, the waiting is even worse :/ Is there no indicator other than these “average 6 days”, when this thing is gonna hit the App Store?
    If it does not go live today, then I think we will not get any Eclipse this weekend… What do you guys think?

  37. Booster said the average is 6 days, they submitted it Monday to apple, right? If it comes out on the day of average than it will be out tomorrow!

    I’m telling you it will be out tomorrow! You heard it here first.

  38. Any thoughts of also doing the Supernova and Pulsar mini-expansions as IAPs?

  39. I’ve released a couple apps very recently. I can say the first app was out in 5 days and the other was out in 7. So I would say 6 is probably the average right now.

  40. Bravo to you guys for making boardgames like this into iOS apps. It is always nice when I am travelling to be able to pull out my iPad and play a board game without any set up. Thanks again.

  41. Guys, you may want to have a look at this chart:


    The most common review time is actually 7 days and rarely longer review times also happen. If we’re not unlucky, 7 days should be the maximum time we’ll have to wait.

  42. When the game goes live in the app store, will you post about here first or will refreashing the app store give me the news sooner?

  43. Will refreshing the App store on my i phone help? Or will it only show up on Ipad’s?

  44. a watched pot never boils

    • Bah. I have personally watched a pot of water from the moment I turned the heat on until it came to a rolling boil. (Yes, I did it mostly to prove this point. But still!)

  45. BDC tweeted they were “planning” a Mon or Tues release. Could it be that Eclipse is already approved?

  46. Or it has been rejected :/

  47. Nah, that’s just doing the math. It was sent to the appstore for approval last Monday. Average approval time is about 7 days. So today or tomorrow should be a safe guestimate.

  48. arrrgh! End the waiting!

  49. Day 8…. And nothing but hopes and wishes!

    Come on boiling pot of water, I’m staring at you!

  50. Noooooooooooo! Aaarrrggggh

    Look at what Booster just posted on iOS BGG : “They haven’t even started to review Eclipse. This may be a longer wait than expected…”


    • Statuses are “Waiting for Review” and “In Review”. My understanding is that once someone at Apple “starts” looking at it, it becomes “In Review” and usually takes less than 24 hours (and usually only an hour or two), with > 24 hours indicating a delay or rejection.

    • Booster, so the status will change to “in review” when it’s being looked at? Would you give us that update when you get it? For those of us who aren’t developers, the whole process is interesting to understand a little better.

      I’ve just never really cared because I haven’t anticipated a launch like eclipse since owning the iPad

      I’m sure you are sitting impatiently as well!

  51. Brace yourselves! It’s in review!

  52. Anybody wanna play a game of Eclipse via Ipad? :)

  53. Yeh I’m sat waitin for you t join :)

  54. so……. Is it out yet?

  55. Where is the approval office located? How late do they stay open? What doesn’t someone just kill Joffrey already? These questions need answers!

  56. I think they are located in the US, not sure about the timezone though. They probably stay open as long as everybody else (4-5 PM?). And why don’t you like Joffrey? Everyone in the show seem to like him. Well, except Ned maybe…

  57. Winter is coming…. Is Eclipse?

    • They both are. What’s going to come first, that is the question.

      • Hey Booster do you have to flip a switch once they approve it before we see it for sale? And does their search engine take longer to index it after it’s available? In which case would a direct itunes.apple.com link be possible?

        I’m about ready to pay the iron price for this game!

        • What is that price booster? What would we have to “drop accidentally” into a PayPal account to have the game “accidentally” appear on our iPad? ;)

  58. I dunno, Star Command was submitted on April 15th and is just now being release May 2nd :(

    • Last time I checked it wasn’t even close to May 2nd

    • You have to remember that when the app is approved, it’s up to the developer when they want to actually publish it.

    • Star command has already been rejected once. Looking at the developers attitude I imagine they have done or cut just enough to scrape through the review process. This probably explains the long review time.

      Eclipse however is a lovingly crafted gem of an app created by utter profesionals. Im just worried the reviewer can’t put the thing down and forgets to actually do his job :)

  59. So what will people be playing first; Computer players or Human? Are you going to want 2 players, 4 players, how many? Are you going to dive right in or go through the tutorial first?

  60. well I have a big group of gamers (I95 flames of war guys) and we all have Ipads, and like to game-a lot…thou I don’t have my own Ipad….its my wife’s… and I’m not sure how she is going to take getting all these notifications when my turn comes up for a game on her ipad. LOL. I think I need to pick up an ipad mini asap.
    Our group is pretty cut throat so I imagine a couple of 4+ player games going at once.

  61. To be honest my only worry is about plasma missles. I don’t think ai will have an answer to heavy plasma missile builds. This will be fine once the expansion tech starts coming out though (point defence, distortion shields etc…).

  62. Must be pretty close now… Just out of interest. I’m sure the tutorial will be great (if NH is anything to go by) but anyone know of a quick eclipse beginners guide online to give a head start on the rules?

  63. Hhhmmmm maybe we will have better luck tomorrow. Sure was hopeing it would be today.

  64. I’ll buy in a second for Android. Now I feel silly for not having an Ipad

  65. Any plans for Iphone release?

  66. It’s up!

    If you can’t Indian search go to army of frogs and related and see all for BDC

  67. EclipseFan is correct. The game is on the app store, but doesnt show up under search at the moment.
    I got to it by clicking on one of BDC’s apps, then clicking related, then clicking show all BDC’s apps.

    Very excited.

  68. I’m Downloading it now Booster.


  69. Okay, I bought it, and now Pancho could write some reviews for Gamesfanatic? ;)

  70. Wow, this is awesome. Feedback:
    -the intro is really great but sometimes there is not enough time to read the words
    -don’t leave the tutorial via menu button to change settings – there was no way to get back to tutorial without restarting! The resume button grayed out.

    Again, I want to reiterate – this is awesome!!!!

  71. Been waiting patiently for this game to come, been playing for the last 2 hours, truly amazed at the level of quality, fantastic job, it’s safe to say I’ll be recommending this game very publicly to everyone I know.

  72. I have to agree with the point Mada made about not being able to resume the tutorial game. I just played my first game and on round 9 I missclicked the menu button and lost the whole thing. SUUUUPER frustrating! Super duper. That was a lot of time invested and I was right at the end!! Arg!!
    That being said, I am so utterly impressed with the game. So far it has met if not exceeded my very high expectations. So slick. So fun. Fitting a game as expansive as eclipse into an iOS experience could go so wrong. This truly went so right. My thumbs couldn’t be higher.

  73. Looks great so far! Haven’t had time to play much yet. Is there an obvious way to tell which player has passed first? I’m pretty sure someone has, but I can’t seem to tell who it is.

    • If you didn’t pay attention to how the order panel changed (it the one in the bottom left), there’s no other way of telling who has passed first. Feature update will probably make this information highlighted.

      • Sometimes I’m not paying enough attention and don’t notice when the first player passes, and so I don’t know if I should pass in order to get first turn or not. I don’t quite understand your reply. Does the order change as soon as one player passes?

        Another good thing for a future update would be an event log…just an ordered list of the important messages that show up in the bottom right corner. That way if you are distracted by kids you can quickly check what the other players did.

        • What I mean is it is easy not to notice who has passed first and we will add something to highlight this information :)

          Event log is a cool idea, too!

          • Ok, I understand now :) . Game is very slick. I particularly like the way combat scenes are presented, pause button might be handy for in the middle of watching other people’s battles, but probably pretty low in terms of value it adds.

            My first game is near the end of turn 7, but it crashed (ipad 2), and now crashes every time I try to resume. I am likely to want to just dive into another game and so lose that save, but is there a way to get you the saves so that you can duplicate crashes?

  74. Addicted to Eclipse says:

    Joy! Happiness!
    It’s Christmas!
    Thanks Big Daddy’s Creations!
    (and Neuroshima Hex is awesome too)

  75. Playing for a couple of hours now, totally impressed… One remark: in multiplayer, when you exit the game, it takes some steps to get back into the game. Maybe I missed a shortcut, but if not: the Carcassonne style asynchronous multiplayer would be great: jump right into the game where it’s your turn. Is that possible? Congrats on creating this awesome game!

  76. Hurray!

    New app: purchased!
    Previous plans for day: cancelled!
    Big daddys creations: thank you!

  77. Thanks very much I have it at last. Love it!

    Downloaded at 5.30 this morning and have played a 6-player against the ai during the day.

    However, I have hit a glitch. I wiped out another player in turn 9 and the game is stuck trying to do his clean-up phase. I sorted mine, now it is trying to do his with no planets. I can move the map, but can’t click on anything. Any ideas?

    Still, thanks for all your hard work.

    • Was it the Peaceful AI?

      • Yes, all 5 ais were peaceful

        • The AI is griefing you for being a dick and wiping him out of existence! Seriously, that sucks… I figured there would be a couple glitches early, and I am surprisingly ok with it. The AI, smooth mechanics, loook, design, interface, are all amazing. This is superior quality compared to most game apps. Well done and look forward to squashed bugs!

    • I was just now hopping on here to see if anyone ran into the same glitch. In my case it was Draco (me) versus Orion (Hardcore AI) and it is stalled on the upkeep phase for Orion in round 9.

      Great implementation guys!

    • Same thing to me with normal AI. If you wipe out an opponent the game hungs.

  78. Slick, snazzy & sexy. Many kudos to all at BDC.

    Just wanted to report a game-snagging loop of infinite undo-

    Playing as Planta, 5 player, Normal AI: explore using up last tile leaves me no return to game: just an endless prompt sequence to chose my second tile (Planta) and nowhere to chose from.

  79. How can you check what reputation tiles you have? You can’t select one from the selection after a battle, does it automatically choose the highest?

  80. The game is great so far! Been playing all morning. Great job guys.

    One question – will/is there any plans to add in a way to randomly select a race? Or did I just miss it? When playing against AI, I wanted to pick my race and then just go random for the rest but didn’t see any option. Same with online games, seems like the player who starts the game basically gets first pick of the race he/she wants. I haven’t created a mp game yet (just joined) so I don’t know if that was an option in there when setting it up.

    Thanks and keep up the great work!

  81. Guys, this is incredible. You should really think about charging more money!

  82. Great work, game is amazing!

    A couple of observations/suggestions (by no means complaints):

    1. Request a method to have a way to “drag move” your ships to choose their path if there are alternate routes to a destination. I had an occasion this morning where a ship broke diplomatic relations even though it had an alternate route.

    2. It would be nice to see what/where the AI is building through text without needing to check afterward. You do an excellent job with Research and Upgrades.

    3. A method to see the score breakdown (perhaps part of the pop-up when you press the VP total) for each player would be nice during the game.

    4. Use the game rules for race selection (i.e., choose after techs, reverse turn order, Terrans can “ban” the race of their color), at least in multiplayer. I think this is a good check against the (or at least what the player think are the) stronger races.

    Thank you for making a great game…

  83. One other :)

    5. I was able to “Undo” an Explore action. It was single player, but felt a little cheesy…

  84. I too would like to put in my request for Random race as a choice and to lock out the opposite race choice.

    I loved the Intro and the tutorial was quite good even though I knew the rules. It will be good to hear from someone that has never played the game before.

  85. Great job! one question: How do I repeat the tutorial once I have exited it?

  86. Could I can play with AI in MP MODE??

  87. I’m getting quite a bit of stuttering on my iPad 3. Anytime I zoom, scroll, or click on anything the game lags. This makes it really hard to enjoy. I have tried closing apps, rebooting, and ending notification services. These did not help. Is there anything I can do and do you plan to make a fix for this?

    • I’m also getting atrocious framerate on iPad 3. There’s a one second pause before the map responds to dragging / sizing and all the animations stutter really badly (even simple things like popping out the research or ships panels). Are you sure you did’t accidentally ship a debug build? :)

      Other than that, the game is beautiful!

      • Pretty sure. We never had such problems, it wasn’t exactly doing 60 fps, but was quite responsive and playable.

      • I too am having big issues with the framerate on my iPad 3. It’s not “not exactly 60fps” – it’s “not exactly 10fps” – really slow. I’ve send an email, hopefully we can get to the bottom of it.

        I have disabled the nebulae and background too – no luck.

        • I have much the same experience. I have tried just about everything I can think of to fix it. Around 10 fps is a good guess. I don’t have a fps tracker, but the stuttering is quite bad.

  88. Hey Booster love the game so far.

    Discovered a bug.

    After defeating the ancients my end reward was the cheapest technology on the tech tree which I accepted.

    I forgot to drag the lowest tech to my tech tree. I just hit accept.

    It crashed and I was unable to resume game.

    I’ll just start a new one.

  89. Thanks for all the hard work on this Booster! Finished the tutorial and barely came out on top against 5 hardcore AIs as Hydra.

    I found a couple bugs that I posted to the BDC twitter but I didn’t receive a response so I’m not sure if you guys saw it.

    1) After a battle I won, when it gave me the option to colonize planets, I checked the other player stats by hovering on their icons in the bottom left. When I was done and returned to my screen, it was stuck on the UI presented during your turns in the round. The pass option is visibly available as well as all other normal turn actions yet they do nothing. I was able to hit ‘undo’ and return to where I was colonizing, and I’m fairly certain it gave me an extra colony when I did that, but I could be wrong.

    2) I made a private game to invite GC friends to play. When inviting, tapping the slider works properly, but if you slide it from the off to on position, it will stay in the on position, representing an invitation will be sent out, but the number at the top of the screen that indicates the # of invitations does not update and it will not actually send out an invitation to that player.

    That’s all I’ve found for now and I’ll be sure to let you know if I find more.

  90. Great game, wish I could finish a game though. People keep dropping like flies. Is the game booting people out or are they just quitting?

  91. This is so much fun! The game is at least 90% totally awesome. I did have some minor issues that seem worth reporting:

    (Is there a preferred place for feedback / bug reports (like uservoice.com or getsatisfaction.com?), or do you just want us to keep tacking them on to this ever growing thread? :-) )

    1. Request: Is there any way to see a score breakdown? The total is nice, but I’d like to see how we got there. For example, I see no direct way to keep track of how many discovery tiles I’ve used for VP. As planta, it’s also not directly easy to see the value of the +1 VP per sector bonus I’m getting. And when the game ends, it’s especially not easy to see what the other guy did to get to his total.
    2. Bug: As planta, I got an ancient discovery (-3 shield) and as a research action later I added it to my dreadnought along with a 2 hull. Right after, the game changed the 2 hull into a second -3 shield. This also put me over my energy level, but it didn’t complain. I believe I went on to play with this invalid configuration.
    3. AI bad decision: I did two player game with me=Planta, Normal AI=Human. Human AI researched neutron bombs, which he didn’t need (against planta) and it didn’t get him anywhere close to VP for that track, so I think this is a minor bug.
    4. Really minor: It would be cool if there was a noticeable visual effect highlighting the change in how much materials or science you have left when you go to spend them. I think this would help newer players get their head around the mechanics of research and build. Right now the game is still a bit daunting to make sense of for first timers.
    5. Really minor: It would be great for there to be a warning noise or something when you’re hitting the yellow and red zone of influence spending. The color codes are really nice, but there is still so much going on, it can be easy to get carried away and go broke.

  92. Is it me or are two players games giving too many sectors to explore?

  93. Great game. But i did have some issues:

    Played as planta in a 6p game, and in battles when you continues fighting and click in “Attack” button, the battle just over and the human player lost the battle.

    • You probably didn’t have any weapons or were armed with Plasma Missiles only, am I right? Probably a popup window with an information that you are going to lose if you keep on attacking (rules let you do that) should appear to avoid doing so accidentally.

  94. Continuing to love the game! More feedback:

    When I played a two player game against AI, he got the discovery tile that lets you take the cheapest tech, only he got it 3 or 4 times in a row. I didn’t think that tile existed in such quantity! Seemed fishy. I think he kept taking 2 VP instead.

    Speaking of that tile, you should be able to see the available research and your tech trays before you have to decide.

    Also, when being asked to form diplomatic relations, you should be able to see your diplomacy tray. Having these as pop ups is preventing you from making an informed choice. Ideally I’d like to be able to check scores and board position before having to decide about a diplomatic treaty with another player.

    • I think there are 4 copies of the cheapest tech discovery, so it doesn’t sound that suspicious.

      You can see the technologies when taking the cheapest tech – tap the tech, other techs will slide it, you can then cancel if you want and take the VPs.

      About the diplomacy – this is a ‘bug’.

  95. Such a great game guys. Question that might be on me not knowing how to do this…

    At the reconcile phase, if I don’t have enough money, I should be able to collapse a system and trade resources. It looks like it asks me to trade resources first, then collapse if necessary… Sometimes I want to collapse just one system instead of two but I need to be able to trade resources during the collapse systems option too, does that make any sense?

  96. The hardcore AI is a little VP happy. On the first turn of the game he uncovered a Flux Shield ancient tech, but instead took the 2 VPs. He did already have the Gauss Shields already, but, even still that’s seems a bit whacky.

  97. Biggest flaw of the game so far:

    No player can see any side screens until their own turn. Why cant I just click on my own ship panel to see what I have, or check out the available technologies so I can plan ahead, that way when its my turn im ready!

  98. Game looks great however I think I may have found two bugs…

    1. I was Hydrans (science guys) and I went to research two technologies and noticed that my discount for already having several technologies did not work. I had to pay full price and not the second cheaper price for the techs that allow it. I should have been able to do this I think?!?!?
    2. Also in my game I just completely destroyed the Erandi and I was able to influence their final sector and colonize but now the game is locked on the Erandi’s turn before the end of the round and there is nothing I can do… I am stuck and cannot finish my game and win!!

    Is there a forum where we should be posting bugs like these so you all can look into them?

  99. Yikes! The multiplayer game crashes when you choose technology from a discovery tile.
    game center invites don’t work
    Finding multiplayer games should have a refresh button/sometimes games don’t register so you need to create it on your own

  100. #3 paid app! Well done gentlemen!

  101. Have you folks made any headway in determining and fixing the performance problems on the iPad 3? I really want to enjoy the game, but it’s terribly laggy for me and a bunch of other folks.

    • Yep, bump for this!

      • I’d like to hear from Booster about this. I feel like I’m being obnoxious, but you guys made a really cool digital version of a cool board game and I want to play it. I paid my money, but the game runs poorly. All I have heard from the developers was “we didn’t have this problem in testing.” I feel left out in the cold.

  102. hi,

    first of all, congratulations to the developers for a great game! Thank you!

    secondly, I discovered 2 bugs, but both are related: when playing local games I managed to take control over Orion and Mechanema home systems in two different games. The problem is that I could not colonize the advanced money planet on Orion home sector despite having the tech, neither the science planet on the Mechanema home world. Using colony ships or even the influence action on the sector did not help. The planets stay unmarked when I selected colony ships (have enough of them to use). I have played red Terran in both cases.

    best regards

  103. Great boardgame, typical iOS only crap here though, monster money grab by the developers combined with the usual ‘Android sometime but it’s hard to develop for’ zzzzz……

    • Great you spent your time letting us know your opinion.

    • TC – our friend gets called this but ultimately gets referred to as TOP COCK – like yourself

      If I was making a great game that was complex – I would release it first for the best tablet – iPad and then worry about the rest

      Do us all a favour

      Grab you sh*tty android
      Put an egg in your shoe
      And f*cking beat it


  104. The game is amazing and reminds me of Master of Orion 2 :)

    There are only two balance issue:
    The plasma missles are too strong. They should cost 2 energy to prevent ships that destroy everything with multiple missles in the missle phase.
    The maximum number of tier 2 ships should be reduced from 4 to 3 to make the tier 1 ships more useful.

    • There’s nothing wrong with the balance :) Plasma Missiles are quite easy to defend against – al you need is shields and few points of hull. Plus if your opponent has no Neutron Bombs all they can do is to attack your ships, but not take your sectors.

      But we did receive a lot of feedback like this one (the board game authors did receive a lot of it too) so we plan to add a ‘No Plasma Missiles’ mode in the future. What do you think?

      • While I don’t mind missiles myself, I definitely like the idea of having various house rules being able to be turned on and off (including this missiles suggestion). I imagine that rise of the ancients would need a similar thing for its various additions?

      • Yes, Rise of the Ancients will require such a thing anyway.

        And just to make Craig a bit less excited – we won’t be changing ship amounts :)

      • I’ve seen the AI put 4 plasma missiles and 2 +2 computers on their dreadnoughts. I had to end up just putting 3 improved hulls on my cruisers to absorb damage. I would typically loose 2 cruisers to one dreadnought.

      • Please no variants liked “no Plasma Missiles”. Adding RIse of the Ancients already addresses…

    • Why would you change the game – plasma missles yes but not changing ship amounts you fool !

  105. There’s a facebook group started for those interested:

    Handy for arranging games :)

  106. I think instead of using a “no plasma missles” mode all parts of the game should be balanced. Plasma missles are only too strong if you put multiple missles in tier 3 ships, because you can avoid the low initiative of those ships. My previous post had a typo: i meant that plasma missles should cost 1 energy. Perhaps it would be better to limit them to 1 missle per ship.

  107. As a follow up to this, I have been considering the possibility that the common denominator in all my failed games is the presence of planta. Have not tested too much yet, though.

    • Planta is challenging, you need to go after them and do some weed killing.

      Their primary weakness is that their ships have natural low initiative, so as long as they don’t get Missiles (try to hate draft them if you can), you will fire first.

      • need a log summary of the turn so us asynch guys can get a look at what our opponents did for the turn.

        Love the game btw

        and for you guys having trouble creating email multi player games online make sure you start the game with yourself and race. Then you hit start. Then the other players can join you. You know you will be right when you leave the game but see your game in the lobby waiting for players. I tried 4 times last night before I realized that I had not actually started the game, even thou I picked my race.

      • By “failed”, I mean “crashed”. I had a previous post I was replying to, but it is allegedly waiting for moderation, it said:
        I have played maybe 4 games now, and 3 of these 4 (against AI) could not be completed because the game crashed at some point and keeps crashing whenever I resume game. I am glad to have the game regardless, but would like to know if there is a way I can help you replicate these crashes.

        I can’t tell what the cause is.

    • Ok good ! That’s just me not being able to remember my password then. What you wrote makes perfect sense, I will do it. Thanks.
      ANd that’s good to know that I can safely use a password with you guys.

      GG !

  108. 1. I haven’t been able to get a private game to work. I created a 2 player game for me and a friend and sent him an email invitation. When he clicks the link and it launches Eclipse to the main menu and then tells him he needs to log in. So he hit the “Online” button and logs in, but he doesn’t see the game I invited him to. If he switches back to email to hit the link again, when it returns to Eclipse he’s back at the main menu and it’s telling him to log in again. We haven’t figured out how to get around this so that we can actually play a private game (and instead just coordinated our timing to get in a 2 player public game together).

    2. Is there any log or other means of seeing what other players did during their turn when playing a multiplayer game? Maybe I’m just not seeing it. It seems pretty important to be able to have an idea of what other players did during their turns without having to memorize everything about the entire board between your own turns.

  109. A couple issues/suggestions that came up in a Multiplayer game yesterday…

    - It would be really nice if we could check Research tracks, opponents ships, fleets, etc. while the other players are taking a turn. Would speed things up too…

    - It would also be nice if upkeep (last-minute colonization, removing disks) happened simultaneously (to speed things up).

    - Need to revisit how a resigned player is handled. Hardcore AI takeover would be nice, but following page 24 in the rule book would be better (“… Count your score and return all your game components to the game box…”) would be preferable to the “auto-pass” that happens today. The “auto-pass” gives the player on their left first turn for the rest of the game (a significant advantage)

    - We had two occasions where the game offered diplomatic relations with the previously mentioned dropped player and we all needed to exit and rejoin the game. One player had advanced to next turn while game said he was thinking to the other two.

  110. Great game!

    Being a completely newish player(only played the board game once) I found I was completely lost after the tutorial. Slowly figuring things out though.

    My one ‘complaint’ is the technologies. I didn’t see anywhere that actually explained what technologies did. I know I could hold my finger on the technology to bring up a brief description, but it wasn’t that helpful.
    An example would be the fusion drive tech. I believe the description for that stated something along the lines of ‘adds fusion drive capabilities to your ships’ umm. Ok. Sounds good. I bet it makes my ships go faster. I hope it makes my ships go faster., ummm.. How much faster do they go?

    With a couple games under my belt now I’m starting to understand the techs, but it was just a bit daunting to begin with.

    Only other issue I had is exiting the tutorial to look something up in th online manual, and being unable to resume the tutorial game..

  111. Loving the game. Had never played the board game before, but am figuring this out pretty quickly!

    I’ve been having trouble with my iOS notification badges for async games. I always seem to have a badge, even if I log in and it isn’t my turn.

    Any thoughts on how to get this to be more accurate?
    Aysnc log or replay other players turns would be very valuable too, as mentioned in several posts above.


  112. Great game! I’ve really enjoyed it so far. I have a few improvements to recommend (of which you’ve probably heard a million times):

    1. Multiplayer turn timers
    2. Keep the chat log in multiplayer even when logged off (or at least last N lines of the log)
    3. Mark the player who passed first
    4. Event log for last couple of turns
    5. A way to be more informed on the diplomacy screen (what does my track look like and what are the other diplomatic relations in play)

    Thanks for making such a great game! It’s hard to put it down.

  113. I would like to know how to get the hexes to be shaded the color of the player that controls them. I have seen screen shots that show this. Thank you.

    • Touch and hold with 2 fingers :)

      • I am laughing at myself. It took me a really long time to figure out what you mean by 2 fingers. I finally thought “maybe he means on one hand.” Thanks. That is awesome.

        • Yes, 2 fingers of one hand :)

          • Great job on the game. Seriously, one of the reasons I don’t really like board games on iOS is generally they seem to lake a good interface, or it is easy to accidently do the wrong thing, and finally they lack polish.

            (1) Having many plays of the analog game I can say that everything you need is at your fingertips, great job with the interface laying out so much information.
            (2) It is nice that you can select an action and if you decide better of it you can back up. The undo button is nice too but almost unnecessary because you guys did such a good job making us confirm everything. Many iOS games and browser board games make it TOO easy to make a mistake and do something you didn’t intend. That would have been a killer in a game like this.
            (3) This game is so so so polished. It shines!

  114. One last question. Is there a way to propose diplomacy mid turn?

  115. To start things off, phenomenal job guys. I love the game and I haven’t even let myself start playing with the aliens yet. Really enjoying the look and feel. Truly wonderful.

    Now, a two part bug comment.

    First, I am unable to add influence with the influence action when I have a ship in an un-influenced sector when the surrounding sectors are not controlled by me (or anyone else). I had been under the impression that this should be legal, but I’ll double check the rulebook as well (note: it will allow me to influence at the end of the round, but I thought that the inf action worked with a ship in the uninfluenced hex as well).

    Second, I’m getting a crash in the same game when I tried to go to explore instead. I’m exploring an outer region and pulled the tile with the 2 ancients and the game has crashed twice to the ios home. Reopen reenters back at the previous round “end” selection, but the same behavior occurs when I tried it a second time (same tile, same result). Note that the exploration is off the edge of the same uninfluenced hex mentioned above.

    • You should be able to do this at the end of the Combat Phase:

      From p.21 of rulebook…

      “… Also, if at the end of the Combat
      Phase your Ship is in a hex without an Influence Disc, you
      may place a disc there.”

      Not sure if working in the app though…

      • The post combat phase part works fine and is correct. However…

        From the influence action description in the rulebook

        By selecting the Influence action, you may move up to two
        Influence Discs. These moves may be:
        • from your Influence Track, or
        • from a hex where you have an Influence Disc

        • to a hex that does not contain an Influence Disc or an enemy Ship and is adjacent to a hex where you have a disc or a Ship, or
        • to a hex where only you have a Ship, or
        • back to your Influence Track.
        The hex Influenced has to have a Wormhole connection to
        the hex where you have a disc or a Ship.

        • OK, that’s right, you should be able to do it during Influence as well.

          It’s a rarer case (the free post-combat option is preferred), but something you’d want to do if you want to use the 2 colony ships on the newly acquired sector.

          • So basically, you can’t influece a hex with your ship in it, if this hex is not connected to any of your hexes?

          • Only as part of an Influence action, it works at the end of Combat Phase.

          • I had a similar crash. I went bankrupt on a turn and had to pull all of my influence off the board (which I think isn’t actually allowed but the game let me do it) to pay for it. So I started my next round with no influence in the galaxy. When I tried influence for my first action, game crashed. That crash seemed to repeat every time I re-opened the game and tried any action. Had to just start a new game. Other than that, great implementation.

  116. Really enjoying the game. This is my first time playing, so it’s a lot to take in.

    I haven’t been able to figure out how to use the advanced colonies. All of my red planets have basic colonies in them, but I can’t add advanced when there is an advanced colony slot as well. Any help would be appreciated!

    • Got to research the appropriate tech, the middle of the tech trees with the planet looking symbols….for the record advanced economy, the orange, should be a high priority since it gives extra actions in essence

  117. Just found out that you can undo exploration on the end. Not sure it works on multiplayer but it definitely working on single player and should be fixed soon.

    Thanks for this great designed app!

  118. Pay it Forward.

    Just wanted to show my appreciation for such a fine game so I convinced a co-worker to play Eclipse by purchasing it for him.

    Hopefully he pays it forward.

    Gamewise, it would be a nice feature to show who has passed and what the next turn order is shapping up to be. Perhaps a colored Icon or dot in the bottom left section below the players current turn order.

  119. Also wanted to say Congrats on being #6 on the Top Paid Apps at the Apple Store.

  120. One more comment: I have noticed one can draw up to 18 hexes from ring III, even in 2 player game (Local). This is not as in the board game version. Was it intentional?

  121. the slide to finish turn is awkward. I understand that it is meant to prevent you from unintentionally ending your turn, but the ergonomics of it are off.

    otherwise: WOW!!!! Congrats. Incredible release.

  122. Loving the game so far. I didn’t realize until I started playing it how challenging translating the board game would be- you guys did a great job of making the interface informative and faithful.

    One thing I’ve noticed is that the AI seems to totally undervalue alien techs. In the one game I played, 3 different Normal AI players drew an alien tech in the first 2-3 turns of the game and took the 2 VPs over it.

  123. Andrew Maroudas says:

    I am getting a crash on a 4th Generation iPad any time I choose the cheapest technology choice for a development tile. Is anyone else experiencing this crash?

    • Pretty sure I am getting this too. I’m on an iPad 3. Can’t restart game either, it will keep crashing out until I start a new game.

  124. My app is telling me I have maxed out on multiplayer games… and I only have two. Is this appropriate? Seems like a bug or giant design mistake. Without a timer my two games could last weeks.

  125. Trying to create a new MP game and it says I have reached my maximum game count even though I haven’t had any yet :(

  126. In Unkeep phase.
    If make bankruptcy, then give up control and reduce influence cost.
    At this time, if return money cube then reduce income money.

    But App is not this rule.

    Fllow is some part of rule book.
    Note that if you have return Money cubes from hex, they return to money population track, reduce the income as well.

    Is it intended different rule of app developer?
    Thank you for interesting game.

  127. I can only repeat what others have said: Incredible game. Needs some adjusting at first, if you are used to the boardgame, but once you get into it equally great experience.

    Bug Report: I have encountered this several times – ancient techs seem to mess up the ship upgrading. Currently two types of my ships (dreadnought AND cruiser) have the -3 on hits ;-) I am playing as Mechanema. First I did not have enough Power to equip the tech, so I saved it up. Then a round later I equipped it, accidentally I overwrote the ancient tech with another tech on my Dreadnought. -> Could not get it back, so I aborted the process. I chose upgrading once again and there it was. When I equipped it this time on my Dreadnought I was careful not to overwrite it again. As my last action, I took away one tech from the Cruiser – not replacing it. -> the -3 popped up, where there should have been an empty field on my Cruiser :D

  128. Guys, just wanted to let you know that server issues are resolved now. Please enjoy playing online :)

  129. Are we having this 1v1 then booster?

    I’m even going to go one ate further and ask

    Can we have our own thread on your homepage ? Highlighting the match and how it develops

    “Main event – oxo cube vs n00bster”

    “Title fight stakes – ultimate bragging rights”

    • Haha, cool idea :) But next week maybe, ok? I have much more to do this week than I have time to actually do it. But I like the idea about the new entry on our blog :) It’s going to happen for sure :)

  130. One of the things i hate most about Eclipse in iOS is that i can Undo after i have looked at the explorer tile and do something else if i did not like the tile.

    Exemple: I want to explore, build and upgrade my ships. I choose explore. Pick a place, look at the tile, don’t like the tile but i put it down. Then i click undo and build.
    Next time it is my turn i choose explore again, now i like the tile that comes up and i stick with it.

    I think that when you have seen the explorer tile, that the undo option should not work.

  131. Love love love the adaptation! Not sure if it has been suggested, but as there are lots of vibrant colors, I find it slightly difficult to visualize who owns which hex and which hexes are still unoccupied. I know the influence marker is in the lower left corner of the hex, but it would be a nice feature to filter the gameboard so that entire hexes are colored instead of the lower left corner, just to quickly get a feel for where everyone is without having to scan each hex individually. It would really help for games with 3+ players. I turned off the background graphics to speed up the game a bit on the ipad 2, and this helped to make the gameboard easier to see as well. Kudos for a great adaptation!

  132. Brilliant implementation, thanks. I have moderate colour blindness and struggle with some of the colours – especially the money versus materials in a resource trade which are almost identical to me (and a bit with red vs green players).

    A tweak to the colour palette would fix it easily. If this is ever considered as a switchable option it would make me and 15% of other guys very happy.

  133. I was thoroughly enjoying my recent game but an hour in and it crashed, now resuming that game crashes every time!

    Damn shame because I thought I might actually win that one…

  134. Booster,

    I am able to crash local games by exploring hexes from hexes I no longer have influence in. I went bankrupt one turn and took the influence marker from a hex that had a shop in it. on the next turn I tried to influence a hex beyond the one my ship was still in, it let me see the hex and select thevoption to keep it, but then crashed. When the game reloaded, it would resume with the spent influence disk, but not the hex. You might consider error trapping this condition better, it will probably confuse new players if the game.

  135. I’m loving this game so far, really well done implementation. Only complaint at all would be with the notification noise. I’ve all but trained myself to ignore it since it’s pretty much the same as the one AIM uses.

    If you guys would put in something custom I would love you forever. Right now I’m only loving you for most of forever.

    • Hmm, we can put one of the embedded sounds I guess. Which one would you like it to be? :) The popup sound maybe? Button sound?

  136. I’ve experienced a game breaking crash that carries over into the save a couple of times, in the following circumstances: playing as Planta, initiate exploration when there is only one tile available to explore; after first tile actions are completed the game crashes out; on resume it crashes again.

  137. Guys, about the performance issues you’re having on iPad 3. I’m not sure what to do here. Game does not run @ 60 FPS, that’s for sure, sometimes it drops bellow 30 (when panel slide in and out i.e.), but with our current tech there isn’t much we can do about that.

    And for what I’ve seen in the video and how it works on our iPad 3, I know everybody’s expectations differ, but I’m pretty happy with the performance. If Eclipse was not a strategy game, this would be a problem for me probably, but it is and personally I don’t have a problem with it dropping a few frames occasionally.

    As d42 (he is a person, at least so I hope :) ) suggested, upgrading to iOS 6+ makes a difference, so I’d suggest you do that and see if things got any better.

    • Upgrading helped a bit but it’s still far from a nice experience, which is a shame because the UI design is so good. I’m definitely not seeing anywhere near 30fps – some screens (like the player status slide out) come out at around 5fps. Map scrolling is around 12fps (measured by recording the screen & counting the number of video frames between screen updates).

      The slide out animation I can live with but the map scrolling really takes away from the experience. There’s often a very noticeable pause before the map reacts to the pan / zoom (measured it at around 300ms). As I already mentioned, Carcassonne is a great example of how nice this can feel when the map reacts to the input fast enough – it creates the illusion of manipulating the board directly with your finger (in fact that’s pretty much key to the iOS experience in general).

      If it would help, I can certainly post a video highlighting some of the framerate issues I’m seeing.

      And just to reiterate, the game is fantastic! I’ve now played maybe 12 matches against the AI and it’s enormously entertaining.

  138. Loving the implementation. Makes playing a large-scale game easy on a tablet
    Few things though, which may or may not have been covered (can I suggest a summary somewhere, maintained by Big Daddy, listing feature requests? Would avoid duplicate posts)
    - Need a turn summary report at the start of your turn, listing as a minimum the action type that every other player took.
    - Need to fix the bugs on bankruptcy.
    o Can only sell resources of one type, then game goes straight to de-influencing. Need option to sell some material + some science
    o The board game rules state that you must spend resources or de-influence sectors to bring your costs to less than or equal to your financial generation. If you de-influence a tile that has a money planet on it, you lose that money production immediately, so you may still be short of cash.
    To address both of these issues, I suggest that you re-start the bankcruptcy process after each player action, rather than just once
    - Would be great if you could browse your screens and tabs during other player turns. Otherwise you’re sat starting at a screen that you can’t do anything on
    - Would be great to speed up battles. This matters most when ships without bonuses to hit are fighting each other, so there are many turns. Currently there are way too many clicks. Suggestions:
    o If you miss with all shots, don’t require the player to click Skip
    o Provide option to specify order of targets (to better manage the Auto-assign). Click on ships in order of targeting, and from then on Auto-assign uses that order
    o Once auto-assign is made better, you can have the full Auto option, where you just hit Attack for each ship and the game does the rest (fires, auto-assigns, shoots)
    o Once that’s done, have the Skip action where you just hit a single button and the game gets on with resolving the entire battle. This would cover those late-game battles where you aren’t going to retreat, and those critical game-deciders where it’s all or nothing anyway
    To re-iterate though, the conversion is outstanding. With the above + some of the other suggestions, it could be perfect.

  139. Unless I’m missing something, the initiative of the ancients is 1 in the iOS version, but 2 in the boardgame version.

  140. Guys, LOVE what you did there. I honestly did not think teh result would be that good (still Day one purchased anyway on account of you making such a terrific job on the NH series…).
    I am the happy owner of both an iPad 3 and an iPad mini and the game works fine on both. For those who wonder, Wife Acceptance Factor of dual iPad is low, terribly low.
    It seems I cannot log in with my iPad mini using the same ID/Password I used with my iPad 3. Is this normal ? are IDs somewhat attached to a particular device ? It is a (small) issue because I love to carry around my iPad mini and play my turns on the go, while using the large iPad3 at home.
    Also : how can one get his password in case one forgets it ? How can I have it sent to the email address ?

    Regards, excellent game ! It clearly was worth the efforts you put into it.
    Please set a higher price point for your games – I feel like I stole something.

    • Thanks :)

      About the password and sharing account across different devices. You should be able to log in from both your iPads, so make sure you’re entering the sam password on both.

      You can’t retrieve the password, we’re not storing the password, but a hashed, irreversible value, for security reasons (we’re not Sony, right? :) ) So if you want to change your password, the simples way now is to click the link we sent you when you registered your account – this will delete your account. Then you change your password in the app and log in – this will “overwrite” your previous account and set a new password. I hope I explained it easy enough (it’s easier than it sounds – click the link, log in with a different password, that’s all really), but if you still have any problems, don’t hesitate to ask.

  141. The implementation of this game is absolutely stunning. The game lives up to the high quality standard that is expected from big daddy creations… A job well done! Great to be able to play Eclipse so easily, even when there are no players around…. I am sure some things can be improved, but it would make an already great game only better! Congratulations on this achievement!

  142. Great implementation of the board game!

    One bug I stumbled upon: if you neutron bomb all AI opponents planets (and ships) in a 2 player game, the game doesn’t finish and it gets stuck on AIs turn. You can exit to the main menu and start a new game, but you cannot finish that game anymore (there went my hardcore duel winning achievement :( ).

    • I ran into this bankruptcy bug as well:
      Can exit, manipulate the map size, and hear background music.

      • Yes, we’re aware of that and keep looking :) If it happens to you again, please download iExplorer for your computer, download Documents directory from Eclipse directory and send it to us. We’ll be able to confirm our fix faster thanks to that.

        • I have this exact problem – would any files from me help with debugging? Can you ‘fix’ the state and send me back a working session?

  143. You were right that plasma missles are balanced. You need shields to reduce the hit chance and hull upgrades to have enough hit points to survive a lucky hit.

  144. Excellent implementation of a brilliant game! Here are a few suggestions:
    -Add the ability to review opponents’ moves that elapsed while you were logged out
    -Make chat comments persistent, so you can view comments made while you were logged out
    -Enable private messages for secret schemes and conspiracies!
    -Allow players to view the pullout tabs and fleet information while waiting for opponents to log in again to make their moves

  145. Love this game! Bought it day of release and have played through maybe six games but the last two crashed on me and I was unable to continue the game as it kept crashing every time I tried. I’m using the ipad 4. Both games did include planta which had explored many tiles so the board was big. Once the planta was ai controlled and once they were human controlled. Both games were single player games. Sorry I don’t have more info for you. If I am able to consistently reproduce this I will post those results. Keep up the good work!

  146. Hi,

    I played many games so far (with normal AI) and i see the same pattern: the AIALWAYS buy bombs, build dreadnought and put only bombs on it (so 4).
    It’s not really a but, but it’s wast a little my play to the see the same strategy over and over.

    Great job for this game, it’s really easy to play once you know the rules.


    • I’m sorry i would have to say : Missiles

    • It’s a strong build so I don’t mind that the AI goes for it when it is available. However, they continue to run PM dreadnoughts even though opponents have counter builds (for example, Missiles on ships with higher initiatives or defensive builds with shields and hull).

      • Yes, it always sees it as the best build available. We try to make it smarter, but I’m not sure if there’s room for this change in the next update (next one after that maybe).

  147. Marius Braasch says:

    Bring this to Android and I’ll buy it instantly, that’s for sure.

  148. Also reported on BGG: Great game, but found a show-stopping bug. Local game, two human players & one AI, we took all the AI’s sectors and now the game has hung on the AI’s turn. Can still scroll around, zoom, but nothing else on the interface except the Main Menu button works. Round 8. A bit frustrating considering the time it took us to get to this point. Any hope?

  149. Android! Android!! Android!!! :)

  150. How about stronghold? Some news? Stronghold is next game, right?

  151. Android or Windows XP/7/8 in the future for Eclipse?