Neuroshima Hex for Kindle Fire available

Good news, everyone! Neuroshima Hex for Kindle Fire tablets is now available! Follow this link to access it directly on the Amazon App Store.

The biggest difference between this and Google Play edition is the UI. Here the UI is optimized for tablets, so everything is more iPad-like – one image is worth a thousand words and I inlcuded 3 of those in this post, so probably it would be best if you just click one and see for yourself. This edition also includes 5 additional armies (as IAPs/DLCs, whatever you call them), so once you’re tired with the basic ones, feel free to grab another.

6 Responses to Neuroshima Hex for Kindle Fire available

  1. Nice !
    Can we expect the same improvements on the Google play version in the future ?

    In any case, I’m happy to see the Android version evolve. It can only be good for the much anticipated online play feature. ;)

  2. Hi,

    Wondering if a version of this will become available for the original Kindle Fire. At present seems to only be for sale on the HD model. I own the board game version of this, and feel sad to be missing out on some Hex action :(


  3. What is wrong with you? Most of your games are for iOS only. Have you looked at the size of Android marketshare? Or are you somekind of religious iOS fanboys and don’t do Android on principle? Lame.
    I’m sure I’m not the only one missing great boardgames on Android and would buy them instantly if you’d do the port.

    • As you can see, we’re no Apple fanboys and NSHex is available for many Android devices. We’d like to port other games to Android as well and hopefully we will do so in the future.

    • Android Market is shattered in a lot of small android devices with a specific android version. So there is no bigger market of android its just a lot of different stuff difficult to support.

      Also the typical android users reaches from users who never use a simple app (just bought it as mobile), 0$ app users and users just read books with it (kindle fire).

      So pointless to blame developers for making iOS app on first place.