Eclipse delayed (again)

Whoever made a bet on what is going to show up first – new Pope in Vatican or Eclipse on iOS – should probably bet on the first one, because Eclipse is delayed again. But I’m sure many of you placed your bets on Eclipse, just like we did.

To calm down those of you who think there’s still a lot of bugs, game is unplayable and is probably going to fall apart once released – it’s not. But we did find few bugs and we did realize that few more things need enhancing, so it just didn’t feel right to release a game we can still make better. And believe me, like the Pope’s one, this was no easy decision to make, so please, give us few more weeks and we promise to deliver a polished game that you can enjoy.

Oh and just so you don’t have to take my words for granted, here’s another work in progress video of Eclipse, showing few more features we didn’t show in the previous one.

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  1. Bummer, but do what you need to do. We’ll be ready to pounce when it’s ready. Many thanks for the update!

  2. Thank you for the update! I do appreciate your focus on quality. Again, you will have my cash as soon as you are ready for primetime.

  3. Again with the great music. I know you said the in-game music was going to be very similar to what you show in these videos. I hope that is true because you have really created a great atmosphere with this soundtrack. Also, you are planning to include AI so this can be played without the need for human opponents, correct? Good luck with your continued progress.

  4. Is this going to be iPad only, or universal? Thanks.

    • iPad only at launch.

      • And let’s be honest – you don’t want to play a game like this one on a tiny phone, do you? It has a lot of panels, options, hexes, etc. It was extremely hard to fit everything on iPad’s not so small screen and at this point I can’t imagine playing on anything smaller.

        • Considering I don’t have an iPad… *yes* I want to play it on a tiny phone. I play Neuroshima Hex on my phone. But I realize this is more involved and may not be practical… I was just hoping. ;)

  5. Looking great! As soon as you finish polishing it, you’re going to have a HUGE hit on your hands! That should help restore the mental health then ;-)

  6. Absolutely a great video again! I love the panels with the tech tracks and the ship blueprints. Really nicely done. I noticed that in the battles the order of the dice outcome and the computers (and presumably shields will be shown here too) are reversed, depending in the site that has initiative; nice detail! It follows more from the ship perspective rather than a game perspective.

    • Ha, great you noticed that! There’s a lot of small details there, but I have to admit, most of the time I only press auto-assign button durring my battles :)

  7. Will this be coming out for both iPad and iPhone or just iPad?

  8. Looks fantastic. You are a very talented and committed team of developers. The relative hype of this app see,s to be big, I can really sense a hit. It will surely have crossover sales to non board gamers as well.

    I think you are going to really start the ball rolling for board game ios conversions. Alot more publishers will be willing to get on board when they see that new and well selling board games can be profitable on ios and not negatively affect sales of the physical game.

    I know I’m jumping the gun abit here, but I really think big daddy’s creations are going to carve out a niche and do really well in the future. As long as you stick to your philosophy of only releasing quality products you are golden.

    I’m loving the ai difficulty levels, very nice.

  9. Seriously, it’s a day-one purchase if available on Android. Please let there be a port, even if it’s six months from now.

  10. Will there be a tutorial? I never played the boardgame and to me the game looks a little bit complicated. Your tutorial in Neuroshima Hex was great, can we expect something like that for Eclipse too?

  11. Proud of you guys for making the hard call for working to quality–please take the time you need; I’ve already set cash aside! Hope this one gets lots of good attention, and keep up the good work!

  12. Concerned that the board-game feeling for those who love it could be lost with the visuals and also that it is more difficult to digest the map and situation quickly. Will there be an option to make the visuals “retro” or dumbed down or whatever. For example, it takes some closer looking to see whether the planets have cubes on them (have to look for that highlighted/lighted up ball), as opposed to easily seeing a red cube on it. Harder to take in the situation in a quick glance.

    • I can’t agree with this – counting how many planets you have down has never seemed to play a part in my games – even at low res this video clearly differentiates between the two

      • First thing we did was to use sector graphics from the original, but they didn’t work. Just like Kelly I was a bit anxious about if everything will be clear and easy to differentiate, but after playing quite a few game so far I never had any problems nor did I overlook something important.

    • I like to use my colony ships at the end of the turn (right before upkeep) rather than during exploration in case the situation changes, so knowing when the empty spaces are is important.

      That said, when I “quick scan” I want to see (in order of importance) ownership, ships/orbitals/monoliths, wormholes, VP, then planets/population. I imagine all of the empty space is so as many ships/orbitals/monoliths (we haven’t seen a hex “full” of ships and stuff in a video yet) can be shown at once with allowance for touching. Having big spaces for each cube would take up a lot of real estate. I think BDC did a good job conveying this with the “glowing orbs”.

  13. The song in the video is brilliant. Really creates a moody sci-fi atmosphere. I could listen to that on loop.

  14. Is there a text pass coming up? While I understand what “Allows to build Starbases” means, it’s not correct English, and I find it jarring. “Allows building of Starbases” or better yet “Allows construction of Starbases” would flow much better to a native speaker.

    Similarly, most of the ship part descriptions are active verb clauses, i.e. “Provides 3 energy, Fires 1 shot.” The first line of the Nuclear Drive description is different. It’s phrased as what the ship may do (“Ship may move…”), not what the component provides. For consistency, it should be something like “Allows the ship to move 1 sector….”

    Another way to think of it is to add the implicit phrase “This component” before each line, which yields:
    “[This component] increases initiative by 1.”
    “[This component] fires 1 shot on each round of combat…”
    “[This component] ship may move 1 sector.”

    One of these is not like the others. :) It’s nitpicking, I admit, but I’m really looking forward to seeing Eclipse for iOS!

  15. Here’s a few questions the tip of the iceberg that is my child-like excitement for this game…

    - how are the races picked ? Do I get first/last choice of character?
    - is there a online ranking system ? Or tally of wins/losses
    - can you have multiple games underway at any given time – how many?
    - is there a chat system incorporated?
    - when creating /joining a game – can me and two friends wait 3 others to join randomly?

    - are the hexes an exact replica of the game?
    - does selecting a human remove the ability to select the alien that is on the reverse?
    (We play this rule on the boardgame – if you will first selection – picking the human on the other side of planta will stop this race from being selected)

    Any challengers out there ready for release ??

    • Ad. multiplayer:
      - races are picked as players connect and enter a game, so you get the first/last choice, but then player order is shuffled, so there’s no way to tell who’s going to be first or last
      - no online ranking in the initial version
      - yes, I think we’ll start with 5-7 concurent games per player and will crank this up if there won’t be any performance problems with our servers
      - there’s a in-game chat and a lobby chat
      - game are either private or public, if you start a private game, only intived friends can join in

      Ad. general.
      - yes, these are exactly the same hexes as in the base game, so everything is balanced the same way
      - selecting a human does not block anything, but if other player chooses to select a corresponding alien race, you’ll be forced to play with another human; selecting an alien race removes the ability to select the human race

      We all hope there’s going to be a lot of challengers ready :)

      • Sorry your answer seems to have sparked panic in me – if your last in a lobby your left with last choice – will it be more beneficial to set up all the games to guarrantee your choice of race ??

        I suppose you can always fall back on the trusty humans – but wish you could block alien races …

        Never mind !!

        My comment about challengers was an attempt to get a response of mild smack talk and potentialy meet some gaming acquaintances – though they will sharply disband once I pull out a 50 point victory at their expense !!

        Thanks for your prompt response


      • Will there be Gamecenter support? (for finding friends and achievements etc)

  16. Give your QA people a day or two off. Bet they’re pulling their hair out if you had to delay release.

    • The thing is, we’re (4 people is working on this port!) the QA, programming, graphics, UI and everything else people :) A day off would be great, but it’s probably going to happen after we finish this :)

  17. Is Stronghold for iOS still in your pipeline? I really want this game and as a 2-player game it perfectly fine for a good multiplayer mode :)

  18. I know it is abit early but I’m already looking forward to the expansion beingossibly implemented. My game group love the expansion, especially as it includes counter technology for plasma missiles.

    If you are going to implement the expansion, are you going to implement it abit at a time in updates, or would you release it as one large update.

    • We haven’t decided yet, but most probably once we have something implemented and working, we will release it ASAP.

      • Nice, I would go that route as well. I dont mind if they are paid updates or not. The sooner the better though :)

        Are you and your dev team board game fans? If so have you played a lot of eclipse? What are the general favourite board games among your def team?

        Just curious really, I know it’s not neccasary to be board game fans in order to create ios versions.

        • We are :) There’s not much time to play games, though :) Game I really enjoyed lately was Agricola (which is also being ported to iOS by Playdeck) and right now I like to play Android: Netrunner whenever I find time.

          PS. Expansions will be available as IAPs.

          • :D net runner is a stunning game. You have good taste. I only have 1 friend who plays net runner, it would be amazing if that got an ios version. You should try and persuade fantasy flight after the success of eclipse.

          • I’m more than happy to hopefully support future projects with paid updates. You should install a tip jar function as well.

  19. Yes your right – we really do….

    Then I can obtain the title

    Craig ‘beat n00bs3r at his own game’ oxley

    All the best with your app – hurry up and bl**dy release it !!

  20. It’s march 10th. Where is eclipse? Is there a new release date? I thought u said a few weeks??

    • No release date yet, but we’re almost there :)

      • Obviously you don’t realize I travel for work and need this to keep me busy on plane rides!!! lol. Now get to it and get it into my hands!!! :P

        • Obviously you don’t realise that a few weeks is 14-21 days

          We are on the 10th !!

          Just for the record – 10 comes before 14

          • For sure. I’m as anxious as everyone, and have checked back here at least twice a day for a week. But they’re doing this for us, the consumers. Give them the benefit of the doubt and stop harassing them. Obviously the smiley face implies sarcasm or good will, but let’s let them do their thing.

          • No need to fight, gentlemen. I’m always happy to answer your questions, whatever thay are about. I also don’t mind a bit of internet harassement :)

          • Shame phalidomide was given to pregnant women – hadn’t realised such a case of split personality was available when selecting your attributes at the start of the game.

            Can we clarify that you weer the one who said

            “It’s the 10th – where is eclipse ? Is there a new release date? Etc” (NO SMILEY)

            Very abrupt and demanding – and you accuse me of harassing ?

            For the record – though this may result in a ban – the only thing I’d harass here is your behind

  21. You have better manners than that. Don’t be so abusive, we’re all board game players, if we can’t get on with other people then we are in the wrong hobby.

  22. What in terms of a delay are you expecting from apple from the moment you submit it until the moment they make it available to download ? I am hoping that it is a definitive period of time say 3 days, same day etc so I can put a holiday in for this ! Last thing I need is a day in the office waiting to get home to download

    Please give me a heads up – we’ll call it evens for your debt to me for marketing and promotive services ;)

  23. Just curious, I know you mentioned that there will be in-game chat. Will there be in-game, player to player private chat as part of this?

    • No, chats are public. All players are able to see what you say in-game and all players in the lobby are able to see what you say in the lobby.

      • Very nice, just like being round a table. You can plot and scheme but you might make enemies doing so.

        I have a question if you don’t mind. How do hard ai opponents decide which tech to research? Do they adopt a playstyle throughout the course of a game (scientific, millatary victories etc)?

        I understand if you don’t want to give away the secrets of your ai however, I was just curious.

  24. Ok, the new Pope is here, you can safely release Eclipse now! ;-)

  25. When is the expansion for Eclipse coming out for the iPad version?

    Too soon for that question? :)

  26. It must be on the horizon !!

    Please give us an update of any caliber

    We have a large game of eclipse next weekend to look forward to

    After this I can only see my addiction being fed by the release of this app !

  27. eclipse! eclipse! eclipse! eclipse!

  28. me need eclipse! me neeeeeeeeeeeed

  29. Come on now guys there’s the three week mark – you must be ready to release this game, how much could you possibly need to iron out ?

  30. I certainly understand the desire for a flawless launch, and I’m sure we’ll all appreciate a quality product up to the very high BDC standards.

    But I think I speak for many when I say that I am going a little bit crazy, having checked in daily for months at this point. So in the spirit of solutionism, I have a few ideas-

    1) Finding bugs is a lot of work- we’d be happy to help you hunt with a beta invite.

    2) Maybe we could buy you and your team coffee (or a coffee machine) to help get those last few ironed out?

    We’re your early adopters- we’d be happy to help!

    • Haha, thank you, Steve :) To be honest, all of the bugs are ironed out now and what we’re actually doing is adding few final touches that are still left to add, like finishing the interactive tutorial (I hope that with Eclipse we’ll finally create a game that teaches itself to the player properly) and fine tuning few AI strategies. It is probably a matter of days now to get all of this done, but I don’t want to promise anything, because if we find a game breaking bug, we won’t just leave it unfixed.

      But if we can ask for any kind of help from you (I mean not only you, Steve, from all of you), we’d like to ask you to get Eclipse on day one, once it’s available. It’s not only important to us financially, but it will let our game to be noticed by Apple and (hopefully!) to be featured in the New & Noteworthy section, which guarantees good sales that should cover the cost of development and buy as a decent coffee machine :) That’s all we ask for really.

    • Well, it’s not really possible with iOS app and I’m not sure if everybody is OK with paying for an unfinished game.

      • I think if you were to set a firm release date on your website a coordinated day one buyout could be achieved. Of course you may want to give your website viewers a few day’s notice.

        Word of mouth from those of us who visit your website would spread quickly and would allow us to coordinate an early release purchase.

        This in turn would potentially place you on the New and Noteworthy section of Apples available apps.

        Looking forward to the base game and future expansion releases.

  31. I hope you realise you have missed the window of opportunity to release this on my birthday.
    Damn you!!

    This means I will have to do normal birthday stuff instead of playing eclipse till my eyes bled.

    • Did we? Oh man, I’m so sorry about than. Is your birthday today?

      • It’s ok, im sure my bitterness will fade with time :) it’s on Monday actually. Me and my friends are playing Eclipse tomorrow, so that will soften the blow of no ios release.

        • It’s Monday, so Happy Birthday to you, Glyn! :)

          • Thank you very much :) it’s been a good one to be fair.
            We had a game pf eclipse with expansion on saturday, hoping it would help quell our appetites for the ios version. We spent half the time talking about the impending ios release, it’s safe to say we ended up being more excited for the release :)

            We had some fun with the new tech as well, the cloaking device and tractor beam in particular.
            Have you tried any of the expansion?

          • Yes, I played a couple of games with expansion. I liked the Ancient Homeworlds addon – it’s great when you want a 3-player game with a lot of combat. It’s also a combat “against the game”, so there’s no hurt feeling between the players :)

            Also the new tech – Interceptor Bay – is very cool, as with it finally makes sense to build Interceptors.

  32. Looking good, guys.

    I can’t believe the flack you’re getting from some people ;-) . My boss gives me less hassle than this – and he pays my wages. I’m looking forward to this as much as the next guy (believe me) but I’d rather you deliver it when it’s ready and not before – i’d rather have a finished product that I can enjoy playing rather than something buggy or incomplete.

    Eclipse is a complex game – it’s a big task to take on and it looks like you’ve done a great job so far.

    Looking forward to the big release day!

    • Thanks Simmo, I appreciate that. We’re almost done to be honest – few more things in the tutorial, few more minor bugs to fix and we’re ready to send it for approval :) Keep your fingers crossed! :)

    • If I was giving out dates and not hitting them – my boss would throw me my p45 and I’d be down the job centre the next day !

      • Big daddies creations are their own bosses. They have made their own executive decision to post pone the game for quality reasons. This decision has been made for our benefit. Can tell your a COD player ;)

        • “you’re” =)

          • Haha thanks for the correction, im afraid im using the ipad i bought for eclipse to type, as such using proper punctuation at all times is a massively ineficient use of my thumbs :)

            If you want to follow me around the internet placing the punctuation in for me then you are more than welcome ;)

      • Only “date” I’ve seen is “a few more weeks” posted on 2/28. Be nice!

  33. The game looks great! I will get it day one as long as I know about it. Wish there was a way to just preorder it so it would download automatically. I have a friend selling old cards and saving for an iPad just for this game. Heck…I already can’t wait for the expansion!

  34. Do you think the game will be available for download within the next week?

  35. I am not a developer, nor am I involved with the project. However, I think it is highly unlikely, since there was no announcement that the project has been submitted to Apple.
    Friday and Monday are holidays and it takes about 5-7 working days until the app is available in the App store. 2nd week of April is far more realistic…

  36. Well, Happy Easter all… I do have to say I was really thinking it would have been announced by today :( Here’s hoping things are actually almost done and ready to commit to the apple store.

    • Thanks, ellindar! Happy Easter to you too!

      Things are actually pretty almost done, but there’s still few minor bugs left to iron out, but every day we’re getting closer to finish :)

  37. I’m bizarrely happy to see the game delayed. Of course I’d rather be playing it, but it’s a good sign when a studio can delay a game until it’s ready, instead of being forced by a marketing schedule to release three quarters of a broken game and a dozen desperate patches.

    Looking forward to the master-crafted Eclipse download. Be sure to polish it up, because I’ll be testing it to bits too!

  38. Please take my money!!!!

  39. Has the cost of Eclipse been released yet? I wonder what the max Eclipse fans will be willing to pay is?

    • Anywhere upwards of my soul and all wordly possessions. But seriously, i don’t care what they charge, would pay more than it will sell for.

      • The board game and expansion cost me £120 and its worth every penny to me and my friends. Im sure the app wont cost as much, but will surely being countless hours of fun.

    • As much as it takes to own the game, would it matter how much it cost?

      In reality only those who have knowledge about the game will be the few worth playing – and if anything like the rest of us would pay the premium to own this on iOS – board game is around £70 RRP, the app must at least be £5/£10 and I would say reasonable

  40. On price, I think $10 would not be out of the question. I have actually just purchased the game for the table top. Haven’t played yet, still studying the rulebook, but I am really looking forward to playing!!!

    • I definitely quoted the finest of queens heads and not this $ Mickey Mouse money

      I would be shocked if it was closer to $10 rather than £10

      May I ask how much you paid for eclipse in dowwars?

      • You have to remember that Americans are used to games of all kinds being extremely cheap relatively to what we have to pay. He was not insulting the quality of the game.

      • By $10 I mean AUD $10.

        None of this American paper money for me.

        I paid $80 AUD for eclipse delivered from the UK :)

  41. Im happy paying anything. In truth I want Big Daddies to charge whatever will bring them the most profit. Im sure they have analysed the market to pinpoint the best price.

    Of course its a fine balencing act. They don’t want to give it away as there is a lot of hype and its a high quality app. On the other hand they want to hit the ground running and maximise sales, ideally landing on apples featured page.

    I dissagree with what you said about only fans will buy this app. There has been some ios boardgame conversions which have achieved alot of crossover sales and became very successful in their own right. This app more than has potential to achieve this also.

  42. To Big Daddy –

    I recently became a bonafide addict of the Eclipse board game. I have found the fundamental crisis of this situation is that it can be difficult to find other players and enough time to satiate that addiction. The end result is I end up playing a lot of solitaire Eclipse, or manipulating my teenage daughter into sacrificing her homework to play with me. You can see my dilemma.

    Needless to say, I am anxiously awaiting the final release of this iOS game. As many others have expressed, I am greatly encouraged by the delays, as it speaks highly of the quality of work your team is striving for. Having experienced the alternative, I cannot thank you enough.
    (Kindgom Builder, another favorite game of mine, was release on iOS WAY before the thing is ready. While it is a blast to play because of the game itself, the software is plagued with lousy usability, horrid online support, pathetic AI execution speeds, and the miserable lack of an “undo” button, which in this game, can mean simply restarting rather than suffering through a game you KNOW you will loose because of one mis-placed thumb.) I can only wish Big Daddy had worked on that iOS app as well, but alas… =)

    Thanks for all you do! (By the way, I love Caylus, it was a great implementation!)

  43. I have never played the board game only because I am not part of a regular gaming group, but I cant wait to make a day 1 purchase. Caylus and N Hex are excellent. I know you made a pope reference earlier. This is like waiting for that Pope. If this app washes my feet, I’ll buy two.

  44. Here’s an option. Even if (but especially) if you sell the app for 10$ USD or under, you should DEFINITELY make a tip jar on your site. I definitely will donate another few bucks – Neuroshima Hex was such a great app….I’m really looking forward to this and I know you guys have put a ton of hard work into Eclipse!

    CANT WAIT!!!!!!!!!!!!


    I am getting a bad case of it guys and there is only one cure.

  46. Booster, not to be an impatient nag, but is there any chance for a slightly detailed update? Maybe throw in a small detail or two of what you think you have left before the release?

    I’m sure you’re getting sick of our incessant questioning. It’s just that we’re eager to get started playing your App masterpiece.

    • I’m always happy yo share details with you guys :)

      What’s left at this point is SFX and eliminating our Polish-English texts :) We also found few small bugs, but they seem easy to fix. We’re almost there to be honest :)

  47. Gives us another video !! Tired of waiting with nothing to analyse

    Ps … Following other AI’s on other games I hope you have worked wonders with the ai in this game, in you defenc I think the only thing that really spoils an ai is predictability. Dominant species – what a letdown…. Never lost a game , or even came close to.

    • We’re really close to release, so there’s no point in making another gameplay video – we’re focusing on trailer right now.

      As for the AI – it depends on how good you are at this game. Our AI has few tricks down its sleeve and if you don’t pay close attention to what technologies come up, what’s worth defending or attacking, it plays quite competitively. It’s good at calculating risks when attacking, exploring the right sectors, researching, but this is nothing an experienced player can’t do either. All in all – it should at least be a good sparing partner if you’re really good at this game.

      And of course there’s always an option to play online. We’ve put a lot of effort into this, so features other our games don’t have, like letting you know it’s your turn in a given game or completing game where some players have left, are finally implemented in Eclipse.

  48. Does that mean there will be asynchronous multiplayer? Cause that would be much appreciated!

  49. Question regarding multiplayer…

    Being a game that can take some length of time with many small actions, wondering how Eclipse iOS will handle dropping/slow play…

    Will there be a turn timer?
    Will AI take over for dropped players?

    Thanks in advance! Looking forward to the game…

    • There’s no turn timer. When a player leaves a game it does nothing (finishes it turn on the first move, when attacked assigns hits as AI would, etc.). I know it’s not perfect, but it’s a step towards future improvements.

      • Thanks for the response.

        I think it’s going to be difficult to play with strangers without a turn timer as one player ignoring their action will effectively end the game. Will be frustrating for > 2 players, especially after a few turns.

        Hopefully this will be addressed in future releases…

  50. What is the projected price point? I would be willing to throw 20 to 30 bucks at it if the quality is there and there is intention of adding extensive updates/upgrades in the future (rise of the ancients plus additional variants).

  51. I think that the playdek turn timers are probably the best I have ever seen implemented.

  52. I see the note that this will in fact play on a 1st gen iPad. That said, is the performance good enough that it’s actually playable?

    • It is playable, but don’t expect high FPS. There’s also an option in Settings menu to turn off few eye-candies and make everything run smoother.

  53. Just an observation, but it seems that Apple is turning around app reviews rather quickly right now based on seeing several updates to Stone Age in a short period of time. So…now might be a good time to submit :)

  54. Honestly I was a good supporter of buying first day but lack of updates and endless delays put me off a little too much. Vassal eclipse here I come. Good luck with this endeavor

    • Propbuddhamarried says:

      Developer personally answers every question = lack of updates?

      Two months = endless delays?

      Vassal (no AI, no matchmaking, no rules enforcement, clunky interface) = replacement?

    • What kind of information do you need, Ellindar? I’m here to help you :)

    • Your bluffing, the fact that your being over emotional suggests that you are extremely excited for this release and the wait is killing you (join the club). Therefore not buying the game at launch, but at a date after would increase the amount of time you have to wait. Cutting of your nose to spite your face is what my mother would say to me.

      Even if you had the will power to carry out this threat, it’s not going to bother big daddies. They are going to win more fans by releasing a qaulity product than they are going tolosewith delays. When the game is released it will be like th delays never happened.

    • First of all booster I would just like to apologise for calling you noobster – it was unjust and out of character, I will not however retract the statement that I am goin to open a can of whoopass up, fold your semi-conscious body (eclipse char body) and squeeze you in, then after the tragic demise of the first developer the torrent of abuse will read its ugly head for any other wannabe !! YES I SAID IT ….. WANNABE !

      Note to ellindar – go suck an egg you biff !! I hope when you do download this game you act under a different name because I will go out of my way to abuse you in any encounter in game

      Note to propbuddhamarried – this is an English forum please construct you words accordingly ( your almost as bad as the developers and there descriptions of what the tiles do in game !!)

      • OK, Craig: Bring. It. On. :) Btw, all texts are going to be corrected by a translator, so don’t worry :)

        PS. About English, I’m guessing you meant “their descriptions” :P

        • Still on pace to release to Apple this week?

          • Doing our best, working day and night, drinking enormous amounts of coffee, etc., but still – we can’t promise anything. If everything goes as planned (notice it neved did :) ), we’ll send it for approval this week. If it doesn’t – probably next one.

  55. Keep up the good work and take your time. :D

  56. Vassal (no AI, no matchmaking, no rules enforcement, clunky interface) = replacement?
    no AI: how about playing against a human player?
    no rules enforcement: RTFM is the answer
    clunky interface: we haven’t seen bigdaddy’s yet so i’d not rush to say clunky
    so far, vassal is the best alternative among what we have.

    besides, yes, I’m pissed off with “sorry but we’re trying” messages. declaring a launch date and sticking to it is a much more professional way.

    • You are right, declaring a date is more professional. But sticking to that date no matter what and releasing an unfinished or buggy game – is it still professional?

    • Oz, sounds like you have your answer, so you don’t have to spend your time harassing the developers here.

      They make their decisions on how they develop and release their product, and the market/users will decide if they want to spend their money.

      As a new Eclipse player, I am looking forward to see what the finished product looks like when it comes out. If it is anything like BDCs other products, I know I am going to enjoy it and put down my cash.

      Booster — You and the team keep up the good work, looking forward to it when it comes out.

  57. I can fully understand the frustration of some people. Thanks booster for keeping us updated and making a dream come true: being able to play one of the greatest 4X games on an iPad.

    However, you guys from BigDaddy have to work on your release management / communication. Missing multiple release goals (even though they were vague) with the argumentation “we do not release a buggy games” is weak. With all respect, if you are not able to realistically plan, at least give people an appropriate newsflash what is currently going on and why the product will be late (posting in the comment section is not very professional at all).

    • You’re 100% right, we still have few things to improve.

      • How is “not releasing a buggy game” weak? Big Daddy could have pushed this game out unfinished, knowing it would have sold like crazy because of it’s reputation as a board game. It could have been riddled with bugs and then they could have posted “Yes, we’re working on that”.

        They are sacrificing making money now to fix their product and release it the best they can. Sure there will be other bugs but trying to fix as many as you can before release is definitely not weak. It’s something that’s getting more rare these days in the gaming industry. Most companies will just release crap and patch it later.

        Anyways, kudos to Big Daddy for not making us pay to beta test their software, and thanks to Booster for putting up with us impatient Eclipse fans on the website here. :)

  58. As eager as I am to get this game, the complaints here seem super petty. Will the gaming community ever grow up? Seems unlikely.

  59. I think I was a bit misunderstood. At some point I’m sure I will buy Eclipse on the Ipad. However I won’t be support the ‘day one’ purchase that was asked. (you may want to re-read my post). The Vassal version is actually quite well done and fun to play, but without a doubt I would love to play against an AI. However, with the multitude of posts saying “we are almost there” or “we think this week or next” and then the weeks keep passing into months of it… I feel its just been misrepresented in its completion state for quite awhile now. Most likely this was done to raise excitement and try to garner support for a day one purchase but in my opinion has instead caused the opposite to happen which is disenchantment.

    So, as I stated before, I won’t be supporting the day 1 purchase and will instead probably buy it at a later date on a sale, etc.

    PS. – I’m not sure what this Craig guy’s issue is with everyone, but I think he may be a little insane or partially retarded? He seems to blow a gasket at everyone, apologize after, just to blow up as someone else lol. And now he’s looking to track people down in game and do strange things to them. If you know this person in real life… be very afraid!

    • :) I actually do know him in real life, good friend of mine. I agree his internet persona is somewhat insane. I have even asked him to be more polite ealier in this thread.

      However I can confirm he is different in real life. I think most of his internet communication comes from smack talk on call of duty. As far as I know he does not post in certain corners of the internet where people are expected to respect each other.

      Mind you he did verbally abuse my grandmother during a driving incident, so maybe he is insane :p

      • Ok Glyn, this made me almost snort soda out of my nose while reading. Tell your grandmother I’m sorry :)

      • He did what? :) That’s the craziest story I heard today :)

      • For the record – May I clarify that there was no VERBAL abuse thrown at any elderly relatives – it was a misconstrusion of hand gestures that ultimately led to me looking like I was being a big knob, in fact I was only a little one

        And unfortunately yes I am stuck in the COD mindset – however it makes for a better game if smacktalkin was backed up by a major victory – and on the other side of the fence imagin if I was smack talking … And then was humiliated and set upon by 5 other players – adds a bit of meat to the bones in games in my opinion what’s the point in every game ring upholding the same attitude

        Couldn’t think of anything worse than a game of no talking but

        ‘My go over…. Your turn’

  60. I agree with ellindar. I’m sure there is a core group of followers who are willing to pay $10 for eclipse whenever it is released. However, I find myself losing interest, and I’m sure there are others who feel the same.

    My sense is the longer big daddy waits to release the game, the more it devalues the app.

    So big daddy is in a tough spot between:
    -Polishing the app to preserve the high standard of quality associated with its brand (which is excellent), and
    -Capitalizing on the anticipation for the release (which is passing, or has passed).

    It’s a tough spot to be in, and I’m not sure what I would do. In any event, I will also probably wait for eclipse to be on sale.

  61. Game community is made up of both grown ups and children regardless of age.
    Anticipation does fade but it’ll come back when the app is submitted.

    A couple weeks ago I was super hyped for the release as it was stated as soon. A person can’t stay at that level forever and people deal with coming down from that level of excitement differently.

    Polish always takes the most time to complete especially tutorials and a good tutorial will do wonders for those not initiated into the game already.

    Looking forward to the release of Eclipse!
    Looking forward to the release of Stronghold ;P

  62. Yeah I agree somewhat, Im not obsessed like I was. I have calmed down and told myself it will come out when it comes out. It’s an opportunity to live my life and get things done before eclipse murders my spare time.

    Still….wild horses couldn’t stop me from getting it on day 1 come release.

  63. Booster,

    Will there be any stats available in the app? For example, people could tap my user name and see my number of wins and loses, my favorite terran or alien race, total games played etc. etc.

    If not I think it would cool to add it in. If it takes another 3 or 4 months to do so, im fine with the wait. (People are going to hate me for saying that)

    • There won’t be any stats inside the app in the initial version, but we consider adding those in the future updates.

      • Yeah, stats are important. It’s one of the reasons why neuroshima hex doesn’t get as much playtime as it should. They also help keep people attached to their games rather than freely abandoning them…

        • Stats are nice, but Multiplayer turn timers and Rise of The Ancients content would be the priority (IMHO).

          • 100% Agree.

            If stone age had turn timers, I’d be playing the crap out of it right now. However, the one and only 4 player game I played took about 2 months to play.

          • Funny you bring Stone Age up because that’s the game that made me despise async for games with short player turns. You make a really small decision and have to wait a long time. It’s difficult to get engaged.

            If you think about Eclipse, a player takes roughly 6 actions a turn for 9 turns, that’s 54 actions per player + combat (which require several decisions). I could see a 4 player game taking months unless the players are really on the ball and know each other.

            I’m sure BDC has recognized this and streamlined as much as possible, but it’s going to be a struggle completing multiplayer games.

  64. And the big question at this moment of course is if the stars have been aligned favourably over the last two weeks… Will the game be submitted today?

  65. I’ll jump on the today bandwagon.

  66. Wow, he’s got an angry mob on his back telling him to release the game right now regardless of condition, now he’s got people telling him how important stats are. Stats are superfiscial, do you really need to watch your numbers grow?
    Do you really need in game statistics to make you feel like you have achieved something?
    Do you really need the illusion of perpetual progress to distract you from the ever approaching day of your death?

    Ok the last one was abit heavy but you get my point. I imagine stats will not be prioritised while gameplay is being perfected. As it should be.

    • The person that asked for stats is not the same group that want the game “now now now”
      I do agree that game statistics are fun but I don’t think its required for the release.

      Turn timers I do think are very important for public games almost important enough to wait but with the game so close to release I think we can only expect it in an update.

      how many more sleeps till Eclipse ;)

  67. Yes fair point, It just shows how hard it is to keep everyone happy.
    Word on the street (bgg insider) is that it has just been submited to apple.

    Is this true Booster? I hope i didn’t just do a victory dance for nothing :)

  68. I’ll be the guy that ask THE question, so pull out your crystal ball Booster. How long until apple approves the app and its launched in the app store?