Eclipse in-development video

I got this strange feeling recently – whomever I speak to, wherever I go, whenever I check my e-mail, twitter or gaming forums, I find this one questions that seems to haunt me: “It’s January, so were’s Eclipse?”. I tried the regular ways of making it go away: closing my eyes, covering my ears, answering “soon” or “almost done”, but none of this worked. Desperate I came up with an idea. “What if I prepare a short video of what the current version looks like and put it on YouTube?” I asked myself.

And so I did. Hopefully it’ll work :)

Let us know how you like it and stay tuned for more :)

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  1. Looking great! Love the combat and the overall vibe. I always thought of the colonies as being planetside, whereas these look orbital. In any case, super excited for this to release!

    one concern: an earlier screenshot for plantae had a “buy race” button…really hoping you’re not going to IAP the base game’s aliens!

    • Great you like it. You may think about colonies as one part of it being a space port that sends the resources somewhere else (this one is shown) and the other one as being planetside, mining resources etc. (not shown). I think of it this way and it works for me :)

      No, races from the base game won’t be IAPs (but in the future other ones will).

  2. Llooks great, cant wait to buy it :)

  3. I’ll put in a plug for an Android version. Love Neuroshima Hex on both iOS (iPhone) and Android (Asus Transformer Prime), sure wish more developers would look at both platforms.

  4. Looks great guys, great job. Please, use Gamecenter or some other solution for MP, though – Neuroshima Hex’s multiplayer is not good. I’m tired of having games suddenly disappear when playing against friends.

  5. Plus 1 for Android please.

  6. Looks impressive. Take your time testing. Once it hits the App Store it should prove to be extremely popular. Wishing you great success with this title.

    As a fellow iOS developer, would you mine sharing some insights into the development? Is this OpenGL? Are you using frameworks like cocos2d?

    You can reply to my email address if you rather respond there. Thanks in advance.

  7. I really liked the music in the demo. Is this going to be the real background music for the game? Please tell me yes!!! I cannot wait to pick this up!

  8. I’m new to the whole tablet market but this is making me really consider getting an ipad! Looks great!

    If this does come out for Android at a later date, can someone with Eclipse Android play against someone on iOS? Again, I am new to the scene so I don’t know how this stuff works.

  9. This looks awesome, but I’ll second Tim’s question. I own an Android phone and tablet and would love to play this game with friends, but most of my friends have iOS devices. Please don’t forget the rest of the market!

  10. Looks great! Is there a pass and play mode or does each player need his/her own device to play? Thanks!

  11. I’d buy the Android Version as soon as it hits the PlayStore!

  12. I have the board game. Played it a couple of times.

    I am soooooo looking forward to this app.

    Where is the music from, if not the game?

  13. Need on Android!

  14. Android, please!

    Also: Love the look of the combat resolution screens!

  15. Everything I’ve seen so far looks great. Please develop a version for Android, thanks.

  16. Any news about ETA? Is it still Feb.? Late feb or early feb? Cant wait :)

    • No news is never good news. I am trying to forget about this again so that I am not disappointed when it gets submitted to Apple in April.

  17. Another request for Android!!

  18. I own the Eclipse boardgame and it’s a huge hit with my gaming group. Everyone is very excited about the ios version. However we are worried about the plasma missles. Alot of people (including us) think they are extremely overpowered and prefer not to use them. Will there be an option to turn them off at all?

    • We haven’t included such option, but this sounds like something to think about. I can’t promise it will be added to the initial version, but we can add it with the first update.

      • Thanks for your quick reply. I actually bought my first ipad today just for this app (no pressure!) Im sure I will enjoy the game regardless of plasma missles. But if you could keep it in mind for an update that would be lovely. Im sure there will be a demand for it, as there has been an endless amount of threads complaining about the balance of the plasma missles on BGG in regards to the board game.

        I also want to thank you for your hard work and wish you the many sales you deserve.

  19. Very excited about this game! Any news on a possible release date? Has it been submitted to Apple yet?
    Will buy it as soon as it hits the store! :)

  20. I have heard many a speculation relating to the month that this game is he to be released,

    Checking this site every day has become my one fixed routine and its slowly killing me !

    I expect that you will not provide me with an answer – for whatever reason but you just provide us with a estimated release period !!

    For me –

    Greatest boardgame of all time
    Greatest game of all time
    To be the best game/app on iOS of all time providing it mirrors the boardgame + video !!

  21. Spelling mistake frenzy …

  22. Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

    (Posthumously – Android plz)

  23. At least a statement, if we are looking at weeks or months… At least a statement would be cool.

  24. I keep throwing money at my iPad, but it won’t take it.

    Can’t wait – the interface looks great!

  25. After you release Eclipse you should start programming for Railroad Tycoon.

    Just think of all the map expansions you could make.

  26. All is quiet…. Possibly doubt on the release? I think so… The majority will not hold it against you for an estimated release MONTH

  27. I really hope this comes out for iphone and/or android. I REALLY want this game but I have no intentions of buying an ipad.

    • my girlfriend just bought me an ipad…but I still want it for iphone//ipod just so its more portable….really hope they release it for all ios platforms. I think they should also do it for android = more players = more good times :)

  28. Just bought an iPad JUST to play this =) But don’t tell my wife, it was a “valentines day present!”

  29. Come on!

  30. When oh when? Give us some kind of a timeline :/ PLEASE TAKE MY MONEY!!

  31. Will this game be available in 2013?

  32. Shut Up And Take My Money

  33. End of Feb. and still no Eclipse…
    Still no words from devs…

    PLS give us an ETA.
    Or just a few screenshots.

  34. The pain of waiting for boardgames :/ shame how digital versions of these games live up to the unannouncable release dates of all boardgames … Absolutely no response puts question to whether this will be Anytime soon ?

    • Of course it won’t be soon. My money is on May or June. We are all fools expecting any differently. Isn’t it already several months delayed? That can only mean they are still struggling with something, which they cannot get to work and they have no idea how long it will take to fix. Hence the lack of a response to anything but a missile exploit. Can you tell I’m bitter.

      The terrible irony of all of this is that it really doesn’t matter. All of us will buy this iOS version whether it comes out in February ’13 or February ’14. Maybe they care. Maybe they don’t.

      • John, if we didn’t care, Eclipse would be in the App Store already – broken and unplayable. We just want to make sure everything works as it should, so you can enjoy playing Eclipse from day one instead of waiting for another update that will fix this or that.

  35. Hi guys,

    Sorry for no info, we’re busy as hell fixing bugs and making final changes. We’ll post an official annoucement this week.

    • Thank you very much for the response. I have to apologize for my comments. I was having a particularly terrible morning today and that bleed into my post. I’m glad that you do care and I really do appreciate the post! We all want this to be successful and are ready to support your product. Good luck with the ironing out of the bugs and I apologizing again for the underhanded tactics that I used to goad a response out of you.

      I was truthful though in my comments on the fact that either this month, next month or next year, you will get my money for Eclipse :) That you can count on.

    • Great news to have an update or final announcement this week! I’m really looking forward to this one, so I hope the announcement is something to cheer over! :)

      Good luck with the final changes, I’m sure it’s gonna be a great implementation (I can’t stop watching the video).

    • Thanks for the update! We look forward to this week’s announcement with eager anticipation!

    • Very excited. Thanks for the update (and for making sure we get a quality product).

  36. A statement when this is done, would be great.

  37. You take your time, it’s ready when its ready. I can understand why people are getting anxious, the impending release is very exciting and therefore silence makes the threat of delay seem more likely.

    However you seem to be creating a very good reputation for the quality of your board game conversions. Therefore I feel it would be a shame to risk your reputation with a rushed or unfinished product just to appease us. All will be forgiven on release day. I imagine it would be easier to sate your customers desire however if you chose to give them more updates regarding progress.

    Keep working hard, you are almost there. To everyone else, lets keep our fingers crossed for good news.

  38. I agree with Glyn. Take your time to make sure it’s ready. That being said, the sooner it’s ready, the better! And hopefully the announcement will be that it’s been submitted.

  39. Whats this written with? Unity, UDK, cocos2d? Thanks