Neuroshima Hex (iOS) v2.2 + Caylus v1.1 = sale!


Wait, what? Two updates at the same time? It’s just like Christmas coming early this year!

Yep, that’s true. Our both best selling games updated at the same time. And with great features. Neuroshima Hex is getting two new armies – Vegas and Smart (lear more on official Neuroshima Hex website) and Caylus is getting private online games using GameCenter, iPad Retina support and multiple bug fixes (more on Caylus website).

To celebrate and make your lives a bit easier (and cheaper :) ) we came up with a sale. Do the math and see how much you can save (spoiler: it’s $15).

7 Responses to Neuroshima Hex (iOS) v2.2 + Caylus v1.1 = sale!

  1. Gr8!!!
    What a wonderful surprise :) Didn’t expect two great news on one day! You guys do a great job and I can’t wait for other games from you!

  2. Is there some problem with the achievment ultrafast? I cant unlock it even when attacking in initiative 6 :/

  3. Any news about the multiplayer on Android version? Thank You!

  4. When is Eclipse for iOS coming out?

  5. I saw that you have Nueroshima Hex out for the Android. Any chance that more of your board game titles, like Caylus or Stronghold making the transition as well.

    iOS devices have had such a jump in the board game on portable devices space that it is nice to see some board game favorites starting to come to Android devices.

    Can you tell from your sales so far if further Android development is going to be worthwhile?