Neuroshima Hex available for Android


This is big news for us and hopefully for many of you, too! Neuroshima Hex has finally made it to Android. It wasn’t easy and costed us a lot of really hard work, but here it is now – sitting on Google Play, waiting to be downloaded :) Enjoy!

16 Responses to Neuroshima Hex available for Android

  1. Is it multiplayer-compatible with the iOS version?

    • No, there’s no online multiplayer in the current version. If this initial release sells properly, we’ll add new armies and online multiplayer.

      • Please add online multiplayer first, that’s all the game need to be PERFECT ;)

      • I cannot believe you released this without online multiplayer! I have been very frustrated for hours with what I thought was a basic feature of the game (as all my friends who have iPhone versions are able to play online).

        In any case, Google indicates you have sold “between 5,000 and 10,000″ units of this game since you launched it on July 13th. Is that enough to justify putting out the multiplayer feature for this game? What constitutes “proper” sales enough that you will take “proper” care of your existing cutomers?

  2. But it should be possible to make it multiplayer compatible when the feature goes live. :)

  3. Please make it possible to install it to sd card. It’s only a matter of one line in AndroidManifedt.xml and it will make users of older phones (like htc desire) happy.

  4. I found that the AI in Android Version is slightly smarter than it in the iOS…. Is it true?

  5. How many coppies did you sell on iOS? I want to know how many friends with android I must convince to beat it:)

  6. Hello. I’m playing Neuroshima Hex! since the first version of board game. You have done good work giving android users possibility to play this fantastic game. But to be honest I feel bad. I feel sad because Big Daddy Creations are showing us – android users, how they sympathise with apple. We bought your game, and we also want to see that you care about us. We want new armies, we want multiplayer! You are doing great job, really great job. But there is third upgrade for iOS versions, four new armies. Why can’t you give us the same? I’ll pay for new armies, I’ll pay for multiplayer if you want. But let me do this. Please…
    Sincerely Neuroshima Hex! player Szajber

  7. I cannot get the online multiplayer to work for this game! I have a good Samsung Galaxy phone, and I cannot connect to my friends who are playing online on their iPhones… did you cripple this program for some reason?

  8. Thank you for implementing a great board game for Android! The implementation is solid and has gotten me completely hooked on Neuroshima Hex! I am really hoping the game will sell well and that you can add more features and expansions :)

  9. Hello, I have a Samsung Galaxy s3 and version 1.4 of the game, in the bottom is cut, problem resolution, it can be solved?