Neuroshima Hex online multiplayer update available! Sale started!


Finally!!! You should now all be able to download newest update of your favorite iOS game! Don’t wait any longer – visit the AppStore and hit update button now!

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  • Neuroshima Hex: Puzzle $0.99 (normally $2.99)
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    Oh, also take a minute (or exactly 45 seconds) and watch this short teaser we’ve prepared:

    13 Responses to Neuroshima Hex online multiplayer update available! Sale started!

    1. Again – how about Android version. It was over 1 year ago when you announced Android version, then in september you told that if everything works good we can play it until the end of 2011. Then it was to be released after Google Play will accept polish developers to sell apps. It is over a month after that happened and we’re still waiting.

      You’re lucky you’re the only developer that has rights to release this app, if not I think there would be already 2 or 3 versions for Android. I regret that I’ll have to give you money in order to play this wonderful game online. Because of you wonderful FREE initiative of making NSH online was shut down so you just made everybody who doesn’t have iOS hardware wait such a long time. Shame on you.

    2. I just pee a little

    3. Witam, generalnie wszystko pięknie i w ogóle ale po aktualizacji nie mam zakupionych wczesniej armii Neo Jungle i New York… czy to jest błąd?? bo nie wiem czy wyjdzie patch czy na nowo będę musiał zapłacić za coś co już kupiłem. pozdrawiam

    4. Excited about the Neuroshima Hex online update, but the app is crashing on my iPod Touch 4G whenever I go to internet game… Went through the quick internet tutorial (like 5 screens) and every time no games show up and it goes back to my iPod home screen after about 2 seconds… I tried hitting “create game” real quick and it let me put in the game name, and choose private/public, but then after a second or two after I hit accept it crashed again. Sent in a crash report each time.

      Looking forward to playing online a LOT. Hopefully the crash reports help. I’m sure that if others are having the same problem you’re probably already hard at work on fixing it.

    5. Yay thanks for the quick fix, 2.0.1 fixed my problem noted in the previous comment. Just played my first online game, it was great!!

    6. Hey guys, I love the updates. One little thing. I played a bunch of games today and it did not add to my score. It did it once in a while before, but since the update, I have not had an update. I was playing custom–>3 player–>easy. Other than that, love the update!

      • Multiplayer is great, I’ve really been enjoying it. Thanks for all the hard work, it’s much appreciated.

        Like slickster indicated in his comment, I have the same issue: my leaderboard score has not moved since the update. Is there something I can do for a solution, or does this require an app update?

    7. Thanks for the update, it’s great!! The board background image still looks pixelated in iPad 3… Maybe a quick update with a high-res image? Anyway, everything works perfect, congrats for this great release!!!

    8. Leaderboards have a bug – it will be fixed with the next update. And while waiting for it, please enjoy the multiplayer :)

    9. Feedback on Neuroshim Hex post-update:

      - identities. This is good

      - fast battle resolution

      - stuttery. Game used to be very smooth. Now I get issues such as when “moving” a piece, it goes part way into place, pauses, then jumps. Everything seems to take just a little bit longer, and a little bit rougher.

      - quick game: irritates me slightly that I have to select identity every quick game. Would it be possible to set a default identity instead? Quick game is supposed to be quick, and everything that slows it down (select identity, wait for “starting game” spinner) makes it feel less so.

      - “tap in play area to hide tile drawer” no longer works. If it was confusing people, perhaps flash the “show tile drawer” button when the drawer is hidden.

      - would like a “medium” speed resolution phase. Something like “flash everything that is attacking, now flash everything that took damage, now remove them”. As it stands, I have a choice between “really slow” and “really fast”, and would prefer something in the middle.

      - iPhone 3GS.

    10. Sorry, but the really sensitive way the pieces drop onto the board when you are trying to turn them is unacceptable. It makes multiplayer useless since people on an ipad don’t seem to have this issue. But on my ipod touch with no undue function, no good.

    11. Are more armies still coming to NS Hex?

    12. Why can I not figure out how to get to the online multiplayer?

      I can play offline multiplayer just fine on my Samsung Galaxy S (Android), and we can make the online multiplayer work just fine on my friend’s iPhone 3GS, but we want to play against each other and I cannot find the multiplayer options on my Samsung phone.

      Your webpage clearly states that this game has online multiplayer, and I’ve checked multiple times and there is no indication that the Android version is crippled, so why can I not get this to work?