Wings of Glory – not a secret any more!

Wings of Glory - flight animation view

When we gave you a bunch of titles we’re going to do this year, we decided to keep one of them as a secret (why? come on, it’s a secret!). Today we want to reveal that secret and present you with few concept graphics of our future title Wings of Glory, to give you an idea of what this game may look like when finished.

Wings of Glory - planning

Wings of Glory - planning

Wings of Glory - flight animation

Wings of Glory - flight animation

Wings of Glory - target selection

Wings of Glory - target selection

If you don’t know that Wings of Glory is, you should definitely visit Ares Games website for more info. Their post about this iOS adaptation of WoG may be a good place to start.

Let us know how you like the graphics. And to answer the first question to appear in the comments – Wings of Glory is going to be released by the end of this year.

24 Responses to Wings of Glory – not a secret any more!

  1. OMG”!!!U guys R beyond Amazing!!!!!!

  2. Do not forget to emphasize that this game is the source of inspiration of the online game Steamirds. In the words of Steambirds’ developer Daniel Cook, “Andy [Moore] played Wings of War briefly at PAX and one day doodled up a simple prototype that he then showed me”: That’s the start of its quite succesful story…

  3. In any case, the graphics are great and I am eager to see this game. While I wait… I bought an iPhone, so I am ready! ;)

  4. Fantastic news! One of my favorite games from one of my favorite developers. Win-win.

  5. No Android version?

  6. Artwork looks great… Love the game… Can’t wait for the app. I got my iPad so I could play nhex. Now you app my other favorite game… Keep it up

  7. Matt Henderson says:

    I am so excited to see this for IPhone. I ran Wings-PBeM for a long while using mild automation and windows to run moves, send board updates, etc. I had always hoped to see a multiplayer version somewhere so this is amazing! Can’t wait.

  8. These graphics are just stunningly gorgeous. I bought the NHex game and love it. Now you are doing this one, too? Oh, I have died and gone to Heaven. Please keep up your good work.

  9. DO you guys plan on releasing the “X-Wing : The Miniature Game” version ?

    • And do you think FFG would like us to do it? :) We don’t have any plans to do it or contracts signed at this time, but we do realize that WoG is much like FFG’s X-Wing, so maybe this will happen some day :)

      • Well, one thinig is clear : they have only a handful of iOS apps, which range from good (Hey ! That’s My Fish !) to “Let’s rip off our fan base” (all the dice rolling apps). If your take on porting Boardgames on iOS is that it won’t cannibalize their boardgame business (which I sincerely think it won’t) then I think a case can be made, what do you think ? You CLEARLY demonstrated your expertise in doing this. And from my perspective, I will always want to have to actual boardgame to play with friends, but having my iPad to play Neuroshima on the go is just priceless. But I am not FFG (though I clearly contribute to their bottom line by buying blindly whatever comes out from them :-p)