March sale from Thursday to Sunday!

Another oportunity to save some money! All you need to do is just to log in to AppStore tomorrow (3/22/2012, Thursday) and download the following titles:

You can save up to $11! What can you do with money like that? It’s up to you to decide, but buying some more games sounds like a good idea :)

10 Responses to March sale from Thursday to Sunday!

  1. Doesn’t look like the expansion packs are on sale as of 4:00pm CST. Any idea if they will drop to 99¢?

  2. Oops, should be fixed in few minutes. Thanks for letting us know!

  3. I bought the two Neuroshima Hex army extensions on thursday, but I just got my bill at 1.99 each. Anything you can do to help on this one ? I waited specially for the sales to buy them. I tough that the purchase was a typo, since I knew the sales was coming on thursday as you indicate it.

    Still a very good game and playing it on IPhone is very cool.



  4. Hugues, as your comment shows you’ve made your purchase on Monday and sale was from Thursday to Sunday, so the price has changed to $1.99 again. I’m sorry, but I can’t do anything about it. Just to cheer you up try looking at it this way – your where two times more supportive than anybody who bought new armies during the sale. There’s nothing cooler than that and we’re all really thankful!

  5. We want more sneak peek of Neuroshima Hex’s next update.
    Shall you guys show us some?

  6. Any way to restore purchases of expansion packs on an iPad if you bought them on an iPhone?


    • Yes, just try to re-but them. You will be asked for your password, banner saying you’ll pay $1.99 will appear, tap yes and then a new banner will appear saying you own this expansion already and you won’t get charged. I know this sounds stupid, but that’s how it works on Apple’s side. We will add Respore button in the next update, so everything will work smoothly here.

  7. Any chance that achievement progress will be shared across devices in the update? For example, I played about 70 games on the iPhone before I bought the iPad. All games on the iPad do not move me closer to completing the 100 games achievement. I assume I either have to play 71 games on the iPad for them to start counting or I have to only play on the iPhone.

  8. The google play store is open for polish developers from 12th of April. When is it possible to have it there? Can’t wait to play :D