Status update

Eclipse menu

Just a short status update to let you all know what’s currently going on here at Big Daddy’s Creations HQ :)

First of all, we’re working hard on new Neuroshima Hex update. As probably many of you already know this update will bring online asynchronous multiplayer to Neuroshima Hex and yes, answering an already obvious question, playing private games with your friends will be available, too. This update will also fix an extremely annoying bug that occurs on older devices and breaks UI controls layout. This update is planned to be available in April. Other good things to come with other future updates of NSHex are new armies, especially the long awaited Vegas and Smart from Duel expansion.

Simultaneously to working on Neuroshima Hex update we’ve been creating graphics to our next game – Eclipse. If this is the first time you hear this name or first thing that comes to your mind is vampires and werewolves (so wrong), you should definitely follow this link to BGG and read some more about Eclipse. And if you know it already or reading makes you tired check out UI mockups we’ve prepared to show you what Eclipse will most probably look like.

Eclipse menu

Eclipse mini-map with ships panel open

Eclipse galaxy map view

Eclipse battle view

Eclipse game configuration menu

Eclipse race description menu

Eclipse end game screen

Don’t forget to let us know what you think about these :)

80 Responses to Status update

  1. Will the neuroshima hex update include bringing the game to android devices?

  2. Android app will be a separate app for Android. This one will be available as soon as Google allows Polish developers to sell apps in their Market.

  3. Awesome! Love all the games from you guys! Want the new update of NH so badly!

  4. YES!!!!!!

    Eclipse is so awesome and it looks like you guys are on the right track. THANK YOU

  5. My money is waiting for Eclipse (boardgame and iOS)!

  6. Are you tired of answering questions about android over and over on every message board everywhere?

    Anyway, you guys make my favorite apps. I know nothing about Eclipse the board game but those mockups are excellent. Looks like tons of information is fitting on the screen cleanly.

    • Seth, believe me, I’m tired as I only can be :) But we’re also quite excited about all of this Android talk – maybe it means Android users are finally willing to pay for quality games.

      Great you like Eclipse (great you all guys do!). It’s a heavier game, but for someone who played any 4X space game this should be very easy to learn and feel very intuitive right from the start (at least it was like that for me :)

  7. This all looks amazing. Beautiful! I like the way you have walls to represent the sides of hexes with no wormholes connecting them. And battle screens! Oh my goodness I didn’t even consider the idea of battle screens.

    One thing I would love, but seems like it might require an incredible amount of extra work, would be graphical ship improvements. I would love to load a dreadnought with cannons or hulls just to see what it looked like.

  8. I have been playing Eclipse non-stop since I managed to get my hands on a copy of the boardgame and I can’t wait to throw handfuls of cash your way for the iOS implementation! :-D
    So excited for this!

  9. So, the million dollar question, what’s the estimated release date for Eclipse??????

  10. Eclipse mock-ups look great! I admit, I’m part of the Android crowd, but any talk of Eclipse on mobile get’s my attention. I’ll be looking for your apps on Android Market if everything gets sorted out!

  11. Thanks for amazing comments, guys! We’re very glad you like the artwork. Currently we can’t give you any release data nor any info about other platforms then iOS (but anyway, probably Mac OS X is more probable than Android). Remember to check our website once in a while or subscribe to our RSS feed as we will post some more pictures and news in the near future!

  12. Tim "Lord Gek" Jordan says:

    So will the initial release track any sort of single player vs. AI stats?

    • You always ask for this :) We will see. Online stats seem much more fun to me, but we haven’t rally reached the point where we make that kind of decisions.

      • Tim "Lord Gek" Jordan says:

        I do as I prefer to play single player and these stats are USUALLY forgotten. As if AI is there only to train for the multiplayer stuff.

        It isn’t just with YOU GUYS I harp on this point. ;-P

        • Well, most of the times when I think of AI, I think of it as something that’s there to train for the multiplayer stuff :) I also think you can learn how to beat the AI almost all the times after playing, let’s say, 20-30+ games.

  13. Hi, will this support multiple players over Game Center? Looking forward to this version of a great game!

  14. This just convinced me to get an Ipad! Love the graphics and choice of colors.

  15. I am stoked to hear you guys are making this game. I own all your games except Neuroshima Hex: Puzzle. Eclipse will be added to the list the day it releases. There are only two other games I am looking forward as much and they are Through the Ages and Summoner Wars. What an awesome year for iOS boardgames! Best of luck.

  16. What do you think about translation of the game? For example in czech.

  17. Will You guys enhance the Neuroshima Hex so as to fit the Retina display on the latest iPad ?

  18. NH is the best game and a UI all game developpers should pay attention to, among other qualities is the fact most of the interface elements are big enough that seeing and selecting options is seamlessly easy. What worries me about the space Sci-fi (Eclipse i think) UI is the amount of apparently small visual elements and the apparent small size of buttons and selection elements. I would prefer the use of zoom and sliding panels so that what we focus on at a given time is not cluttered, but easy to read and provides easily selected Big buttons. Thanks
    And btw i really look forward to Vegas and Smart factions.

  19. To give an idea as an example, the zoom in map is good but the action buttons appear to remain small and very close to each other, i would prefer the action buttons to be at least 50% bigger, the arrow edge panels about 20% bigger and the menu and back type of buttons about 10% larger. Imho

  20. Excited for the Eclipse release! I’m looking for a meatier game than Neuroshima Hex and I’ve played the board game a few times. Maybe after that you can take on an iPad version of Twilight Imperium? Great to see this. Can’t wait.

  21. Eclipse looks awesome! Cannot wait for it to hit iOS!

  22. As someone above said my money is waiting for this game. I love neuroshema hex so much I bought caylus with the sole intent of supporting you guys. I wasn’t surprised when I loved that game too. Anyways best of luck on eclipse!

  23. What about stronghold ? Has the implementation already begun ? (can’t wait for Eclipse anyway :p )

    Great job for all your other stuffs ! =)

  24. what about the retina resolution on the new iPad, will that be in the future update?

  25. I just bought my first iPad and love it. I am also a big boardgame player and Eclipse is one of my alltime favourite games. Now that I hear it is coming out on the iPad is like I got cake and icecream. I want this yesterday.

  26. By any chance, will the game include a way to just use your idevice as the progress/resource tracker for the physical game?

  27. Looks fantastic!

    Are you guys getting close to release? Really looking forward to playing.

  28. Neuroshima Hex is the single best implementation of a board game I’ve seen yet. It’s exceptional.

    Can’t wait for the release of the multiplayer update. That will make this the perfect killer app.

    Once Eclipse releases, I’d even pay ~20$ USD for it.

  29. Don Permezel says:

    Eclipse sounds great. Can’t wait to play.

    LOVE neuroshima hex – I sell it to all my friends!! Great to play a multiplayer game with people on the same device, it means I can play with my friends.

    Cannot WAIT for ‘Smart’ and ‘Vegas’. Would happily pay $10 each for these 2 armies.

  30. Any update on NS Hex multi? Last we heard you were targetting April and now it’s May. Really looking forward to playing with my friends across the country :)

  31. Hey guys, thanks for NS Hex, it’s an awesome implementation, I’m really enjoying it. Will the next update also include retina graphics for the new iPad? I’m looking forward to see this game in ultra high resolution :)

  32. Just a question for devs (about Eclipse)

    How do you plan on handling people quitting multiplayer matches. This is a big problem in TBS games with internet play. AI take over? Player just passes?

  33. Do you have an Android release schedule? Just got NH and really want your other gmes :)

  34. Any word on progress or a release date(month at least?) for Eclipse? The figures look beautiful – can’t wait to play!

  35. Please please please make Eclipse for Android as well. I’d love to give you my money to play it on my Nexus 7.

  36. Any idea of a release date for Eclipse, friend introduced me to the boardgame last night and here I am the next day looking for the iPad app. Your mock ups look great.

  37. Oh my, Eclipse looks great! As I never have any time to play with friends IRL this is so wonderful.

    An estimation for release would be great, though. But please, take your time and make it perfect.

  38. Eclipse … Oh my god … When …

  39. Any news when the game is ready? Particularly for Android?
    Just looking forward to buy this game for the tab


  40. I can’t give you any specific date yet. In a month or two things will be more clear and a release date should be easier to estimate.
    Michael, sorry to say this, but this will be available only for iOS in the first place. We’re not working on Android version now, but we will consider doing it after initial iOS release.

  41. I sure wish this app would come out so I could figure out how to play the effing boardgame, the instructions are bananas and there’s no walkthroughs anywhere!

  42. How is is possible on the Neuroshima Hex Leaderboard for players to have tops scores upwards of a billion points, let alone hundreds of millions.

    This seems broke and leaves me to suspect cheats in the game.

    Time to reset the top 25 scores or more.

  43. Really? Is Eclipse for iOS still in its early stages of development? When will it be released?

    • We’re in the middle of implementation, hard to tell what “stage” it is.

      • What do you mean by implementation? Is it the process of developing the user interface for the game, and getting it ready for marketing?

        • It’s the process of making a game :)

          • Cool. Will you guys implement an option in the In-App store that will allow the purchaser to purchase all the expansions at once? It just seems so annoying having to purchase every race individually.

            Are you guys midway through the development of the game? I’ll try not to put too much pressure, since I do care about quality. It’s just that Big Daddy’s Creations releases so many excellent electronic versions of board games that I just can’t wait until Eclipse comes out. Furthermore, there’s no other game like Eclipse, so that definitely triples the tension.

            Also, will Big Daddy’s Creations be planning to implement Eclipse: Rise of the Ancients sometime in the future?

  44. Will Eclipse also be for iPod touches?

  45. Do you think eclipse will come out 2012 or 2013?

  46. I’m super stoked for iOS Eclipse! I’m basically just waiting to give you my money!

  47. So, any approximate release date for Eclipse yet?

  48. I bought a copy of Neuroshima Hex for Android — wow, awesome job! I play it so often it’s definitely my biggest battery drainer :-) I’m also a big fan of Eclipse the board game, so I’m very much looking forward to its release on Android as well!

    Thanks, and be well,


  49. Is there an update on Stronghold?