Army of Frogs 1.2 Push Notifications problem

Probably most of you have noticed already that Push Notifications still don’t work with the current version. This problem is caused by invalid certificate we used to sign the app with. We’ll sumbit another version signed with the correct certificate and hopefully in a day or two this should be available for download.

Sorry for inconvenience guys, we just had a bad day.

5 Responses to Army of Frogs 1.2 Push Notifications problem

  1. There is other problems as well. Have tried to play Angry AI a couple of times now. Every time I put it in a situation where there is no way to stop me from winning the game the app crashes. He pulls a rage quit on me every time :) .

  2. Let him win once in a while :) But seriously, we have a look into that.

    • Thanks! Was able to pull off a victory after a couple of games. But it crashed every time when it was the AI’s turn with no option to block me from victory. Same thing with Ninja AI. There is no way to resume the game because of an instant crash. Only thing to do is start a new game. I submitted bug reports. Have a nice weekend!

  3. Crashes regularly for me after there are no more frogs available to place (i.e. all 10 frogs are out in each color). It may be immediately, it may be a few turns later, but it almost never lets me finish the game…the only way it finishes is if someone wins before everyone’s frogs are out.