Neuroshima Hex Online on the way

Yes, we’re still working on big update to Neuroshima Hex. Some screenshots of new features (profiles, avatars, online mode):

9 Responses to Neuroshima Hex Online on the way

  1. Ohhhh~~~I am so excitied that I just pee a litle…finally. Im gonna use the name nopeMe when the online version comes out.Add me !!!!!

  2. Good job, but what about the android release ?! i want to play it :x

  3. James Cunningham says:

    Awesome! I’m looking forward to it; this game pretty well begs to be played against real people.

    Without (hopefully) asking for too much specific info, do you still gauge a February release to Apple’s reviewers as likely or possible?

  4. would it be possible for android version users to play vs. ios?

  5. Any idea when this will be available?

  6. When I will get Neuroshima Hex for iPhone 4s and iPad2?

  7. Any news on Neuroshima Hex coming to Android yet?