Roadmap for 2011-2012

Today is the day to tell all of you waiting for our new games and updates what’s going on and what will be going on in the future.

November 2011 – Caylus

Caylus is the game we announced about 9 months ago and we’re aware that we promised to release it in September, which is now, but because of many things not fully under our control we need to delay the release until November. All I can say to justify this delay is we will do our best to make this game worth waiting a while longer. Prepare for One More Turn Syndrome in campaign mode and online multiplayer!

December 2011 – Neuroshima Hex 1.4, Neuroshima Hex for Android, Army of Frogs 1.1

Just two words is terms of Neuroshima Hex 1.4 update: ‘asynchronous multiplayer’. Do I need to add anything else?

Along with Neuroshima Hex for iOS update we want to introduce another version of this amazing game, for Android powered phones this time. If only releasing a game on the Android Market will be as easy as on the App Store this version should be available for purchase this year.

And last, but not least – Army of Frogs update. Along with fixing few minor bugs this update will also bring Push Notifications, so playing online will be even more enjoyable.

Year 2012 – Eclipse, Stronghold and Zombiaki!

We also have few new projects prepared and waiting for the upcoming year.

Eclipse places you in control of vast interstellar civilizations, competing for success. You will explore new star systems, research technologies and build spaceships to wage war with. You may design your own starships: each player has four ship types that they can build and design as they will. Eclipse has seven different species for you to choose from (with different characteristics and abilities). Customized star systems and the dynamic technology tree ensure that each session of Eclipse is unique! Based on the board game from Touko Tahkokallio and Lautapelit.fi. More about Eclipse.

Stronghold is a strategy game telling the story of a siege. Players take opposite sides, one has to defend the stronghold, the other has to break into the castle as soon as possible. The defender has a small amount of soldiers manning the walls, while the invader has an infinite legion of them! The invaders build war machines, equip their soldiers, train them and use black magic rituals to achieve victory. Meanwhile, defenders repair walls, build cannons, train soldiers and do everything they can to hold the castle as long as possible. Based on the board game from Ignacy Trzewiczek and Portal Publishing. More about Stronghold.

Zombiaki is a 2-players game.  It lets you feel emotions of desperate fight between zombies and humans. Objective of the zombies is to eat the people, but people want to save their own lives, which is possible if they survive until the sunrise. Game with humor and strategy. Based on the card game from Ignacy Trzewiczek and Portal Publishing. More about Zombiaki.

39 Responses to Roadmap for 2011-2012

  1. Besides Neuroshima Hex, will the other announced games released for Android?

  2. +1 Android Apps, Roll them out. Being iCentered is not cool, especially given Androids eventual take over. Android-Eclipse me!

  3. While I’m sure it will be fun to play, I plan to buy the Android version of Neuroshima Hex to show support for the platform. I really hope you’ll also create an Android version of Stronghold!

  4. We want to test the Android Market with Neuroshima Hex first. Android Market is strange with more devices then iOS on one side and (as other developers claim) only 5-10% of App Store profit on the other. As for now we’re not currently working on any other new projects for Android, but this may change if Neuroshima Hex for such devices will have decent sales.

  5. Shameful, but very typical, that these comments are being hijacked by the Android fanboys. You bought the wrong phone, boys — choose more wisely next time. Stop clogging up every iOS site you run into.

    Does anyone have anything at all to say about the actual GAMES being announced here? N. Hex multiplayer is a huge development. The Caylus update is welcome news. And two brand new iOS properties were announced; does anyone have any reaction to that?

    Or should we just bitch and moan about Android and its One-Stop Malware Shop?

    • Sad response ‘Dukester’, very sad. In fact, if you look over the comments, I would suggest you were the only fan-boy here – an iOS one at that. Urghh.

  6. @TheDukester, you call people asking about Android games fanboys? Your post was bashing Android. This isnt an iOS site. People were simply asking for these games on Android as well as iOS. Grow the hell up. Support what you bought, and stop bitching because other people didnt ‘choose as wisely’ as you.

    I cant wait for Caylus and Stronghold. Definately must buys for me.

  7. This isnt a STRICTLY iOS site. Not so long as theyre making Android games as well. Sorry to break that to you…

  8. Great news. I am especially thrilled about multiplayer for Neuroshima Hex (one of my all-time favorite boardgames), and the possibility of playing Stronghold on my iPad. I’ve always wanted to try it, so this will be an insta-buy for me if it the interface isn’t too crazy.

  9. Great news about Neuroshima Hex for Android at last. I am also hoping for Android releases of these others. I know that I, for one, will definitely be buying them upon release.


  10. What will the initial release format be for Stronghold (and Eclipse and Zombiaki for that matter)? Will it only be for the iPad, or will it also be released on the iPhone and iTouch? Please let us know! Thanks!

    Great news by the way–can’t wait for these to be released!

  11. Great job about Caylus, You plan to make it for android too ? (I hope!)

  12. No, for now we only plan to port Neuroshima Hex to Android. Everything else depends on how well will NSHex do on Android Market.

  13. Will Stronghold and Eclipse have single play AI?

  14. I downloaded iOS 5 yesterday for my iPad1 yesterday, and since then NH crashes a few seconds after GameCenter logs in :( Is this a known issue? Is there any way to disable GameCenter login to try and get around this problem?

    Looking forward to playing again soon!

  15. Please releaseva fix soon.
    NH is unplayable on iOS 5 ipad 1.
    Keeps crashing whenever i launch a new game or check game center.
    Latest patch. Ipad rebooted fresh.

    A little disappointed considering that Apple had already made iOS 5 available to developers for testing.

  16. Can you provide us with a Caylus update? I have been anticipating that release for months! Keep up the good work.

  17. Come on Caylus!!! We need it, we want our Caylus fix.

    • It’s still being made :) Just to give you few details, Human vs Human mode is 99% ready, network play is still untested and AI is in the works.

  18. Would ReALly like to see Caylus before the Thanksgiving holiday…please, please.

  19. Will the Neuroshima Hex multiplayer be cross platform? I ask because I have it on iOS, and my brother is planning on getting it on Android. It’d be great if we could play each other.

  20. 3 days to december… I presume that Caylus will delay. New release date?

  21. Still looking to submit to Apple in November?

  22. Caylus : mid 2012. That’s what I’ve been told yesterday when I asked a guy from Ystari one tric-trac.fr

  23. Mid 2012 sounds accurate if two weeks ago they hadn’t even touched online multiplayer and AI.

  24. I promise to buy Neuroshima Hex twice, once it is published. (Two Devices: one for my girl-friend and one for me.)

  25. so… it’s 2012, where’s the android release of NH?(

  26. I promise to buy Eclipse immediately when it’s available.

  27. So
    Can’t wait more to have nhx on my android !!!!
    please !!!!!
    or i will kill the cat !

  28. Sooo, any news on Android version of Hex?

  29. Any update on Eclipse?

  30. I develop Stronghold on ios in lua with Codea, but for the moment I have not experiences on AI… I expect Stronghold for compared version ^^

  31. Just read that stronghold will be on IOS made me very excited to look forward to this game. Just hope that it will be release in near future. Just can’t wait!

  32. I’m very excited to see eclipse at Coming soon!