Eclipse coming to PCs, Macs and Android this Friday!


Update: Eclipse is currently available on Steam and Google Play!

The last month was utterly exhausting. Working 12, sometimes 14, hours a day, every day. Fixing bugs, testing, fixing some more bugs, testing even more, fixing bugs again, and so on. Not meeting people, not going out, not sleeping well. Work, work, work.

And suddenly it’s over. Suddenly all that’s left to do is uploading builds to stores, sending emails and finishing this post. We’ll better get on with it.

So the newest release of “Eclipse: New Dawn for the Galaxy” with cross-platform multi-player, improved performance and UI enhancements will be made available for you to purchase on September 16th, this Friday, in just three days. A free update for iPads will be coming as well next week.

Here’s the link to Steam store page: http://store.steampowered.com/app/522030

Enjoy :)

23 Responses to Eclipse coming to PCs, Macs and Android this Friday!

  1. Awesome! Looking forward to the new version…

  2. Gahhh I am dying here. Do you have the link to the android app?

  3. “Work, work, work.”

    Respect, thank you very much. Eclipse – the best board-game ever!!!

  4. Not compatible with the HTC One M9 or the Samsung S6 edge? :S

  5. You planning make Eclipse for IPhones or it remains only for tablets and PC?

  6. Game has been updated on my tablet. Cannot retrieve the games i was playing. How can i use my old login?

    • Łukasz Łazarecki says:

      I’m afraid this is not possible, we changed the multiplayer infrastructure entirely, so old games are not available.

      • I just convinced a friend to purchase Eclipse. He was impressed with my recounting on how much fun you’ve made this game for the Ipad.

        The problem is, we can seem to figure out how to create a 3 player private game.
        Game Center does not seem to do anything and I don’t do Facebook.

        None of us see each other we we create a game. There doesn’t seem to be a field for finding existing friends.

        I haven’t found anything on the posts or on your website on how to create a private game.

        Any help or suggestions you can lend would be greatly appreciated as I’d like to convince our other friends to purchase the app as well. Group Asynchronous play would be loads of fun.

  7. HI, I’ve been playing with the updated app and found the following bugs/features missing:

    - On Turn 1, there is no screen showing races and drawn techs, the game starts immediately. Also, the screen is not centered in the Galactic Center, but in open space, and have to scroll to find the playing area.
    - Is not possible to have an ‘open zoom’ to be able to see all the playing area together, zoom now has only two positions, far and close. If I wish to ‘zoom in’ with two fingers, it moves the screen also outside the playing area.
    - In some sectors, planets overlap with sector’s points, making difficult to know whether they are inhabited or not, and if they are common or advanced. Even in the ‘close’ zoom configuration is difficult to see it.
    - Battle animation is not clear (ie, missed shots don’t even appear), and dice results are not shown, which makes it difficult to follow the battle (at least for AI battles).
    - Planet images appear now to have some kind of horizontal hatch.

    I’ve posted this stuff here because i’ve not found any other place where to report.
    Other than that, congratulations for this update!

  8. Thanks for this, I’ve had a few games so far and I am really enjoying it.
    Had a couple of situations where I have been unable to restore a saved game though.

  9. I can’t seem to make the friends system work at all. I have connected gamecenter, facebook and google. I see no friends and don’t see how I can connect them. I can get over the games in progress being blown away but I am bummed that I can’t play with my Dad or good friend without coordinating with out-of-band, synchronous communication to join an unlabeled public game.
    I joined a couple of pub games but you never know who can tolerate the glacial asynchronous way I want to play. I’m sure that some can and I’m sure some are upset I’m not there ready for a full one-sitting commitment.
    I have been and still am playing on iPad but I could bring in friends if the other platforms and private games/friend list worked.

  10. Hi. It appears the tutorial is broken when playing the latest iPad version using iOS 8.3. When you get to the end of the first turn in tutorial and pass play to the AI, nothing happens! The AI doesn’t take its turn and the tutorial doesn’t progress. Game then crashes when I try to return to menu. Very fustrating! I have emailed your support but made a mistake in my iOS version – it is 8.3 not 9.0.2. Any chance of a fix please? Thanks.

  11. I’ve been plaging this since it came across on Android. There’s been a few hiccups
    Here and there with bugs, but I’m now experience something that has really affected the game play…. I now can not see any games in my gaming queue… the ones I’ve joined and the ones I have created are gone and I can not access them. And I don’t mean just the games that were created a few days ago. But also any game I create now will never show up in my game list… other players in the game can see and access the game and play, but I can not… I see NO games listed on any of the games lists.

    Samsung Galaxy Tab A
    Android version 6.0.1


  12. I’m also having problems with inviting friends for private games.
    The game is connected to Game Center but I can’t invite any friends…

  13. Hi thanks for bringing this great game to our tablets. Unfortunately I am also having significant issues.

    I am not able to start the game at all in iPad Pro. Pressing Offline game and tutorial buttons buttons don’t do anything and if I kill and restart the game for a second time after the first intro picture I can only see a black screen. Tried iOS 9 and updated to 10.1 still the same problem. Happy to provide further info if needed. Hopefully this can be resolved.

  14. This game is unplayable in its current state on iOS platform (9/10)

    This is a warning to new buyers- current build is 2.0.5,

    Game breaking bugs right now ruining a very solid game and good implementation
    Wait it out.