Eclipse coming to PC, Mac and Android

Eclipse on Steam Greenlight

It is really happening! Soon you’ll be able to play Eclipse on your favorite OS.

Those of you who sent us countless emails asking about Eclipse for PC/Mac/Android probably knew it already (because for some time now we’ve been replying that Eclipse is coming to their favorite platform), but now we’re finally making it official – the multi-platform version is finished and soon will be available for purchases not only on iOS, but also PC, Mac (via Steam) and Android!

We just need to polish up a couple of things and while we’ll be doing that you can help us by upvoting Eclipse on Steam Greenlight. All that needs to be done is clicking the banner bellow and voting “Yes” (you may need to log in to Steam).

We’re really counting on you to help us bring this amazing game to Steam, which should, along with Android, increase the number of players available for online matches.

Talking about online multi-player. Well, we rebuild it from scratch. We’re now using a third-party solution (GameSparks) which should be more robust and flexible, which means less downtime and more players’ requests we’ll be able to implement in the future. It also means cross-platform multi-player, so e.g. PC/Mac challenging iOS/Android players and vice versa – we’re really looking forward to seeing this in action!

So, once again, please help us get on Steam while we’re polishing things up, by following this link and voting “Yes”: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=740498175 and if you don’t feel encouraged enough, you can always watch this new gameplay trailer first :)

Of course, post your opinions and questions in the comments – we’ll try to answer those the best we can.

11 Responses to Eclipse coming to PC, Mac and Android

  1. Beyond the platform switch and new OSes, is there any new content coming to the game? Rise of the Ancients?

  2. Great to hear and glad to see you back working on the game!

  3. Hello.
    Could I get somehow test version of pc eclipse? Do you have some kind of beta or alpha testing via customers?

  4. Hi. Is there any updated thread for bugs?

    In iOS: I can’t use colony ships during the influence action.
    I don’t mean enabling them back on. I mean that if I place inf on a sector I can’t use my colony ships on its planets, so I lose the advantage of refreshing them.

  5. Love your Eclipse conversion. One question: how do I add AI players to online multiplayer?

  6. Cool! I hope that your next game coming to Steam is Neuroshima Hex. :)

  7. Any update on release date? I’ve been refreshing the steam page religiously :)

  8. Any news about release date on steam and android?

  9. The game will be available on Steam and Google Play on Friday, September 16th, 2016 :)